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  1. I completely agree, they've been doing this for years and the evidence is pretty clear - but I simply don't see either BB or Brady getting suspended for a season....BB 2nd offense has to also be taken into account... But realistic expectations...8 Games for Brady, 2 for BB and a 1st round pick - is the minimum enough to satisfy me.
  2. Actually there's a policy stating just that - players need to assist in any investigation. By not turning over his phone he chose to go against league policy.
  3. In this situation Peter King's words should be taken no more seriously than his lawyers and parents. Especially since the threat came down from BB - Peter King is their favored child - he's not going to turn on the Golden Goose. What is a shame is that many fans in other markets don't know King is a shill...So they'll take his word as a legitimate opinion.
  4. I think we're going to see a strong penalty. I think you're a little agressive...but my guess is a 1st round pick...8 games for Brady and 2 for BB... I'm one of the few that thinks BB gets hit here but I do believe he will... Should it be more, yes...but I would be happy with this outcome...
  5. Definitely take the over. I see no way the initial suspension is under 4 games....It's going to be 8...and BB isn't getting off either, he's going to get a couple of games too.
  6. People seem to forget Tom Brady threw 2 INT's....But with that said the ball deflation is most helpful in cold weather and rain....That's where they would see the largest advantage. Not deflating balls in those scenario's is going to hurt them. I'm not claiming that Brady isn't good, he is...but to discount the ball deflation as a non-entity is simply wrong. It offered a substantial competitive advantage that they will no longer have.
  7. This wasn't necessarily attaching to your post - but rather a string of post with people worrying about how good the Pats can be without Brady... Your point to this being less onerous - The only point I'm making is this is a team that would likely go 6-10 without Brady - Brady has carried this team for years (They had a very good defense early and had one last year) but the team this year isn't all that good. Without Brady they can have all the practice they want and no way they're a playoff team.
  8. Certainly they could...I don't believe they will. They don't have last years defense. They're going to give up points...and Brady coming in cold - no practice with the team....And no more deflated balls...
  9. Just yesterday that Lance Armstrong documentary was on - going over all of the lying that went on throughout his career, the arrogance of doing anything not to caught, throwing anyone and everyone under the bus to protect himself. Having friends, family close associates and an irrational fan base lie for him... This isn't that bad - YET - but it sure feels a lot like that situation. Brady is clearly an immoral man whose lying and cheating ways have caught up with him, but like Armstrong, he won't act like a man, accept he's been caught, apologize and move on. He'll continue to do whatever it takes to protect himself no matter who he takes down with him.
  10. Sudfeld over Cumberland would be my preference... I think Brian Winters makes the team.
  11. This is a joke OP correct? Why would anyone in their right mind want to continue to see that play?
  12. Pats without Brady - I couldn't imagine them putting up more than 10 points on either the Jets or Bills.....
  13. 2 I agree, 4 I think they miss the playoffs.. They're really not that good without him. The AFC East is going to be very tough this year.
  14. The suspension, from my perspective, has nothing to do with wins and losses (I would rather beat Brady) but it's about integrity and not allowing cheaters to get away with it. The NFL needs to make a statement that the integrity of the game is bigger than its stars.
  15. I still can't believe how many Jet fans buy into this concept of the Pats being a great organization. Or BB being a great coach. They lucked into one of the best QB's of all time (and now even that has to be questioned) without Brady the Pats will be lucky to win 6 games next year.
  16. This couldn't be further from the truth. They are not a well run organization. They are an unethical one, that cheats, lies, intimidates those who disagree and treat the game and its fans with no respect.
  17. Indoor teams vs. outdoor teams is a huge difference. The Pats dwarf any outdoor teams in fumbles.
  18. Yes...but I really don't think that's going to happen. Might be 2 (still a little light) but even still, the damage is done. By the end of next year the size of the suspension will be forgotten - but the cheating will be with him the rest of career and frankly the rest of his life....
  19. Well if Teddy Bruschi doesn't accept the report - then it should be retracted... These guys are all making fools of themselves protecting a cheater and losing all credibility (although he had none to begin with) The more of these people that makes fools of themselves protecting Tom the more of an A-hole Tom becomes. Really starting to feel more like Armstrong that I would have ever thought.
  20. That would be great....I would love to see them make Kraft walk from end zone to end zone just before the start of a Jet home game vs. the Pats...
  21. There is NO chance Brady does not get suspended. It's really just a matter of how many games. I heard on Mike and Mike (and they are mostly shills for ESPN and the NFL) that the suspension will be between 2 and 4 games.
  22. Yeah, I think there's no doubt it's on Vincent's (I'll just go with a last name this time) mainly for optics - but I think the penalties will be severe enough that we, as Jet fans, won't be pissed... We'll def. want more than they're going to give but I'm already way ahead of what I expected the outcome would be just two days ago... I mean, seriously...Tom Brady is about to suspended for cheating!!!! Just think about that (when all's said and done it really doesn't matter how long) He will be a convicted cheater...it's just awesome....the damage is done.
  23. The thing is I really think Kraft is out of the loop on this one...I honestly believe the other owners had enough of the culture of cheating by the Pats and pressed the league to do the right thing...it's also why this is on Faye Vincent's desk and not Goodell's.
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