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  1. I think unfortunately I'm already there. If we don't get Mariotta I'm going to be unhappy with any pick. It's not that I love Mariotta all that much. just need a QB and gotta keep trying until we find one.
  2. Moving from 6 to 4 and give up a 3rd rounder? Still no? I would do that.
  3. They actually may need to get up to two. If Chip wants him that bad - he can probably get to two.
  4. Yes....agree. This happening is quite plausible. The only real issue is how much is Philly willing to give away to get him. You have to hope the Raiders really value the blue chip player. They'll likely be in a position to get either White or Cooper at 6...it might be worth it to them to pick up a 3rd or 4th...
  5. You guys keep hanging your hat on that one winning season. Rex Ryan had an 11 win season with Mark Sanchez. Doesn't really make Rex a great coach. There is no arguing with the numbers. I'm not saying BB is a bad coach, just that Brady is the reason he's considered exceptional. As a Pat fan you'll almost certainly have to concede the point that started this... If Brady leaves (and BB stays) the Pats will revert to an average team that will have good years and bad ones. If BB leaves and Brady stays the Pats will still win 12-13 games a year. The Pats success mainly falls on the shoulders of Brady and not BB....
  6. Their first six years as HC's...(the time without Brady) BB - record - 41-55 1 winning season (11-5) 1 playoff appearance 1 playoff win RR - record - 46-50 2 winning seasons (one of which was 11-5) 2 playoff appearances 4 playoff wins By every statistical number Rex Ryan has been a better coach in his first six years than BB.
  7. Correct, it's not like it's a small sample size....that's 113 games. Rex Ryan is a better coach than BB without Brady. He won 11 games with Sanchez...he went to the playoffs twice in six years....And Rex is a terrible HC...
  8. What does winning the Heisman Trophy have to do with how you'll perform in the NFL? I'm not saying because you win one you'll be good. What I am saying is you need a franchise QB to win in the NFL. There is no way around it - when there's a QB with the potential to be one (not a lock to be one) you absolutely MUST take him
  9. I'm out here too (central NJ) too far for NY sports to come in clearly) and Mariotta is pretty much the only thing they talk about. Most fans I'm hearing are ready to give away the house to get this guy. The NFL coach that knows the most about the player desperately wants him yet most Jet fans can't wait to trade him away. Kind of amazes me.
  10. I count 52 and 61. That's really not close. 36-44 with Cleveland 5-11 year one with the Pats 0-1 year two with Pats (Brady came in later) 11-5 with Cassel. 52-61
  11. Fact is he has a losing record as a HC without Brady. You can point to one year when he had a winning season all you want - but the fact still remains - he's not really even close to .500 as a HC without Brady.
  12. Thank you. When I say I would do it in a blink of an eye - it's not meant to be literal it's just that a potential franchise QB vs. a solid D-linemen is a no brainer to me. Of course you would have to do research on the player.
  13. No one's ass is on the line on this board - every opinion we give is hypothetical. but to be clear - if my ass was on the line as a GM of the NYJ - I make the move without thinking twice about it.
  14. I don't disagree - you have to like him and that you have to be right or you've lost another 4-5 years - But I have to ask the question, what do you do without a franchise QB? If you don't get one you're rebuilding again in 4-5 years. QB's are a crap shoot, but you have to keep taking the chance until you hit. It's an unfortunate function of Goodell's NFL. You do your research and if you think he CAN be (not sure he will be) a legitimate franchise QB you do what you can to get him. The reality is, in most cases, HC's/GM's get one QB...if they find a good one they're there for the long haul if they don't find one (or miss) they're out in four years.
  15. I think you need a QB to win in this league...and if there's one there that has, by most accounts, the skill set, intelligence and leadership skills to be a legitimate franchise QB I would give up the entire draft for him. And I would do that and not look back. If he fails - you move on...Cause I'll tell you what - with Cooper, Mo and anyone else you're going to draft - you're not winning a championship without a QB.
  16. worse than a JAG because he can't catch. He's terrible - I really, really, really hope he's not on the team next year.
  17. Would do this without blinking an eye...Tampa's on the phone - ask's for this deal - Yes, Absolutely. DONE!!!
  18. Bellichick retiring would be irrelevant to their success, (cheating aside) it's all about Brady. Brady goes this team becomes very average. BB goes and TB stays the team still wins 12-13 games.
  19. Not sure where Cooper goes but I'm pretty confident when all's said and done - K. White goes before him. Outside of QB at 6 - by far White would be my second option.
  20. Very good post...a lot of insight and effort.. BUT ...If Mariotta is there we HAVE to take him. We can NOT trade down, can NOT take a WR, can not draft an OLB/Pass rusher. We need to take the QB. We need to keep taking QB's until we find one. It sucks but it is what's necessary in today's NFL.
  21. Yes, everytime you see him do something like that truck, or changing a Tattoo or overpraising average players or talk about the defense and never mention the offense... It's just so obvious how much this is about him. He's not doing it to take pressure off the players (as many have often claimed) he's doing it because he loves the attention and can't control himself.
  22. I just can't express how happy I am that this windbag is gone.
  23. Batman and Robin back together. put Milliner in the slot...with a second year Prior... Bowles will be able to blitz away....We certainly have the money to pull that off... Plus sign the best WR on the market, plus the best guard on the market and pay Mo... And then we'll still have plenty of money to lock up the other holes with quality players.
  24. This is right, we had plenty of guys playing on the outside last year...all pretty much got beat up..but stick one of the better ones in the slot and they'll be fine. Plus I think they're going to bring in two starters (I think Cro is a lock and someone else) put Miliner in the slot and you're fine. I'm sure, at this point, Bowles knows what he's doing. My sense is day one of free agency - Cro signs. and then we'll see who the number one will be...
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