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  1. I know what you meant - sorry for the confusion...I agree 100% with what you're saying... I was just taking it a step further...
  2. I would go as far as saying they wouldn't have nearly as impressive... Assuming those fumble statistics are due to the cheating (which I believe they are and must be) and you would also have to assume dropped passes to be a factor... If that lack of fumbling, lack of dropped passed cause a two or three game swing each year (and we all know most NFL games come down to one big play or another and turnovers are killers) That turns a team that win 12-13 games a year to a team that wins 9 or 10 games a years...all of a sudden they are very average... To say it doesn't matter is simply wrong....
  3. I think we're going to get our answers today....I'm holding out hope only because this report seems fair and the only way that happened was because the other 31 owners must have really pressed the league to do a legitimate investigation (unlike the Ray Rice video investigation or SpyGate evidence destroying) Based upon former precedent and the pressure from other league owners I expect the penalties to be relatively serious.
  4. Great post and this is exactly why I expect the penalties to be relatively harsh.. Brady will def. be suspended (just a question of how much) and the team will def. lose a draft pick (just depends on which) There will also be a fine but that's mostly irrelevant.
  5. I really hope you're right on Brady - I would be satisfied with 8 games... I really don't care about the money as it's irrelevant to the team/Kraft (take salary cap money and that would be interesting) and a 2nd rounder I could live with too.
  6. Seriously, you guys are pissed about this? It was funny...Wasn't comedy gold but it made me chuckle. It's not just the Jets history it's also the rivalry between the teams.
  7. Mike and Mike this morning were saying it'll likely be between 2 and 4 games - My guess is the NFL is leaking that to gauge fan reaction before making the decision. It'll end up being 2.
  8. I think the issue of guilt has already been clearly established - virtually everyone except Brady's father, agent, team owner and a few hold-out Fan Boys are the only ones still making excuses... The real question now is - What will be the punishment? Brady - Should be a year - will be 2 games Bellicheck - Should be 4 games - will be none Draft Picks - Should be a 1st - will be a 3rd Kraft - should be fined - I have no idea how much is appropriate.
  9. Agreed. I am sorry but if this was a Jet I would be calling him to come clean. As an example and know it's not the same but - I was a big Rex fan but his BS hit a point where I learned who he was an conceded his problems as a blow hard. As a fan you have to have integrity too. You want to support him, fine. He made a mistake but I'm still a fan, I can live with that but these denials and continued cover ups are simply discraceful.
  10. You can not compare baseball to football - two totally difference scenarios... First of all - Football has 16 games vs. 162. Secondly, when the player gets caught he almost certainly accepts his punishment and takes it like a man...Third, they've been doing this for years and have gained a substantial advantage. Additionally, so much of this is about the cover-up and lies and lastly, this is about the culture of cheating that has been going on with this organization for over a decade. The other 31 owners have clearly had enough and are throwing around their collective weight to overtake Kraft and the commissioner he has in his pocket. The penalties will be serious and well deserved. This is about so much more than deflating balls...
  11. I really think you're wrong about this. I was the first person to say they were going to get away this but that report is damning evidence, they not only cheated but also orchestrated a cover-up... They are going to be penalized relatively harshly. multiple game suspension for Brady, 1st round draft pick and likely a short suspension for BB... The commish has to come down hard here - he has very little choice.
  12. might be closer to the end of the day - but yes, I agree - it'll happen tomorrow and it'll be substantial. Maybe not as much as we want but it will be strong.
  13. We're gonna find out soon enough. My guess is tomorrow - they'll want to get it in before the weekend so the story fades a bit.
  14. I have to believe BB will get some sort of suspension too...probably a game. Brady will likely be 8 games - BB 1 game, 1st rounder and $500k fine... If I had to guess that's where I would go.
  15. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25177527/report-tom-brady-could-be-suspended-for-up-to-one-year According to the Miami Herald, Brady could be suspended for up to one year thanks to the part he played in Deflategate. "Everything is being studied. Everything is being considered," an NFL source told the Herald. Now, that doesn't mean that Brady will be suspended for the year, but it does mean that the NFL is at least considering it. Brady's punishment could end up being a shorter suspension, but the source told the Herald not to dismiss the possibility of a year-long suspension. The Patriots quarterback, along with locker attendant Jim McNally and equipment assistant John Jastremski are the three people most likely to be disciplined, according to ESPN.com. The 243-page Wells report found that Brady was "at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities of McNally and Jastremski involving the release of air from Patriots game balls." The report also found that "McNally (the Officials Locker Room attendant for the Patriots) and John Jastremski (an equipment assistant for the Patriots) participated in a deliberate effort to release air from Patriots game balls after the balls were examined by the referee." In the report, Wells also noted that Brady refused to turn over his cell phone and other personal information for investigative purposes.
  16. Jeff Cumberland. He keeps sticking around yet he can barely get open and almost never catches the ball...
  17. As part of any payment they almost certainly had to sign an NDA - but with that I imagine just the existence of that NDA should be further proof of a cover-up
  18. What's most pathetic is Brady is letting these locker room attendants take a fall for him - he has his parents and owner sounding silly protecting him.. And he still hasn't taken any responsibility. The whole world (except a handful of Pats fans) knows he cheated, knows he lied about it and knows he tried to cover it up. He really should act like a man - take responsibility and this would all likely pass. But he's a coward and it's sad.
  19. http://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/n-f-l-sentences-brady-to-a-year-with-the-jets MAY 6, 2015 N.F.L. Sentences Brady to a Year with the Jets BY ANDY BOROWITZ FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (The Borowitz Report) – In what football insiders are calling an unexpectedly severe punishment, the National Football League has sentenced the New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady to a year with the New York Jets for his role in the so-called Deflategate scandal. The punishment drew howls of protest from Patriots fans and management, with many calling it the harshest in league history, but N.F.L. Commissioner Roger Goodell defended the decision as “a necessary deterrent.” “We need to send the message that this league has zero tolerance for cheating,” Goodell said. “We believe that a year of playing quarterback for the Jets sends that message loud and clear.” Brady was reportedly in a state of shock when he heard the news of his punishment. He later met with reporters in a hastily called press conference during which he frequently seemed on the verge of tears. “I am going to fight this decision with every fibre of my being,” Brady said. “This is America. You can’t force a person to play for the Jets.” At a sports bar in Manhattan, the reaction to the impending arrival of the Jets’ longtime nemesis was muted. One Jets fan observed, “Look, Brady’s a dick, but even he didn’t deserve this.”
  20. The thing I find interesting about this - If this was a criminal court - this alone could be enough to get a jury to convict - beyond a reasonable doubt. It's tough to look at this reasonably and not believe it was to cover up the deflation...
  21. the situations aren't analogous - The Pats cheated - the Saints didn't... But certainly you can see BB committed similar offenses as per the quote you used to declare BB innocence. And the report did NOT exonerate BB - It simply didn't mention him - While it's unlikely he didn't know he was certainly part of a cover-up and didn't do anything to stop it once he knew about it (assuming he didn't know prior - which is highly unlikely) Make all the excuses you want - the organization is corrupt from ownership to the Head coach to their QB all the way down to equipment managers... It's a disgrace to the league and they should be punished severely.
  22. Disagree - no penalty will mean the "Probably" didn't hold weight.
  23. and his affirmative decision starting in prior weeks (a) not to inquire into the facts concerning deflated balls being used by his team; b. to falsely deny that the balls were deflated; © to not reveal facts he learned about what happened from equipment managers within the organziation (d) to ignore instructions from the league office and in conjunction with club ownership to deny that no such program existed.
  24. Once again...Exactly. I could take each one of those accusations and apply an incredibily similar accusation to BB in the deflate gate scenario...
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