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  1. BB did virtually everything you highlighted with deflate gate. The Pats knew people had complained about deflated ball prior... Bellichick got up on national TV and gave some ridiculous science explanation that was so obviously a lie.. When finding out about the quotes from sources internally (which he had to know via the phone results) he didn't come out and tell the league of wrongdoing.
  2. Is that an actual quote? Because if it is, there's simply no way you can let BB off the hook...
  3. Yeah, they're going to have to err on the side of aggression rather than going soft. There's a lot of public pressure and they won't want to risk a backlash of negativity as they gone too light before.. And Goodel thought he was cute when he ridiculously punished Payton - it's come back to haunt him - he now has very little choice but to suspend Bellichick.
  4. This! To all people that say it didn't help and no big deal...Question, Why did he do it? He cheated which resulted in a serious competitive advantage, then lied about it, then tried to cover it up.... Now he's making equipment guys take the fall, having his father protecting him and unwilling to act like a man and simply admit what he did. This is a bad guy, no other way to see it.
  5. Here's what I think is going to happen (and has already happened) The other owners have had enough and they put enough pressure on Goodell to treat this investigation cleanly. This is clearly not a white wash and demands strong and obvious penalties. They will be handed out strongly here. I won't be surprised if they both get a year and lose a #1... This is worse than BountyGate..
  6. This makes Brady even more of a douche....Allowing his father to make a fool of himself in protecting him. Brady should act like a man, suck it up...Admit what he did and apologize for it. America is forgiving. The continued denials will turn him into A-Rod.
  7. I can't get to a TV - ESPN is coming out against the Pats and not protecting them? If that's true - awesome.
  8. The SuperBowl MVP CHEATED, lied about it and then tried to cover it up... That's a serious suspension. No way around it.
  9. Yeah, I gotta admit - I'm pretty happy right now... I'll be happier when Bellichick and Brady get a year and they lose a #1
  10. Yes...I was absolutely one that thought nothing would come of it...But I thought the report would be BS... This report is real and bad for Brady and the Pats - which leads me to believe the suspensions will be real.
  11. While I would have agreed with what your saying just a a few hours ago - I expected this report to be a joke essentially clearing the Pats.... This report is really damning...It's hard to imagine a light suspension at this point. The SuperBowl MVP purposely maninpulated a football to gain a substantial advantage, lied to a national TV audience about it and then tried to cover it up.... If the report was allowed to come out as is - they're going to suspend him with a fair penalty - that has to be a full season.
  12. Sounds like a petulant child that got his hand caught in the cookie jar. Be a man Kraft...sickening.
  13. A season each for Brady and Bellichick and a 1st rounder. Has to be equivalent to the Saints...otherwise it's weak.
  14. And the rest of Kraft's press statement was disgraceful. There is no way to look at the report and come up with any other conclusion than they cheated and Brady orchestrated it. he should be embarrassed for continuing this level of denial.
  15. That is exactly what it should be. Tom Brady should not be able to play a game next year and BB should be a minimum of a 4 games....#1 pick.... But any suspension for both I would be okay with - signals a ruling by the league that they are guilty and not "probably"
  16. before Jastremski surrendered his cell phone to the Patriots later that day for forensic imaging
  17. Honestly that report is pretty damning. I think the penalties are going to be relatively strong. My guess is both Brady and BB get suspensions (short ones but suspensions nonetheless) and at least a 3rd rounder. With that report those have to be the minimums.
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