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  1. Guilt has clearly been established as well as a franchise wide attempt at a cover-up.... Only question now is what will be penalties?
  2. They don't have a smoking gun - but it's pretty obvious to the people filing the report. That's the way I read it. He cheated, end of discussion. And when he gets suspended it will verify the point.
  3. BB will get suspended. No way they come out with a report like this and don't suspend BB.... Payton's suspension has set that precedent. Brady, Belly (even a game each) and a pick (at least a 3rd) - that's going to happen and I'll be satisfied, anything less will be too low.
  4. I think the only hope of a legitimate penalty is the other 31 owners. Yes, it will harm PR of the league but is there a point where they say - F-that, we've had enough of this S-bag cheating! If Goodell truly felt there would be enough owners to get him fired - the decision might be legitimate. Ultimately I think the owners will give-in but that's the only hope I have.
  5. I agree that there's no way the league can admit the Super Bowl champs cheater. But I think they'll be cleared of any wrong doing. Something along the lines of "We saw no proof to suggest the Patriots purposely deflated the balls in that game or any others in the past" That will be the end of it - Pats won't gloat or demand an apology - that will be Kraft's punishment (although Pat fans will)
  6. I am suggesting it could be. If he's as raw as they say he is, yet has the intellect and natural ability to be a legitimate NFL QB - I think it would certainly make sense to have him hold a clipboard for 2 years. I understand at some point you need to play to realize the full speed of the game but there's an awful lot to learn about being an NFL QB and the more time we give him the better for it he'll be.
  7. He learns how to be a better NFL QB... Are you suggesting that a QB prospects learns everything he needs to learn his rookie year?
  8. I think it's pretty clear they deserve it. They purposely deflated footballs to gain an illegal competitive advantage - and it sounds like they were doing it for years. Problem for the NFL is how to dole out punishment. If they truly believe they cheated they would have to hammer them with very serious penalties - multiple draft picks and likely a year suspension for BB....but they're not going to do that to the superbowl champ and BB - but a small penalty for such a serious violation would come across as BS - saying they cheated but we're only taking a 4th round pick next year. That would harm the integrity of the game worse... realistically the only thing the league can do is to say they did nothing wrong - or something along the lines of "we found no evidence to show that there was any wrongdoing" If anyone is expecting anything other than that - I think you're going to be disappointed. I, for one, will be officially done with the Roger Goodell NFL - but the league mostly won't be harmed.
  9. It is amazing - that their draft looks very much like any Jets draft in his tenure... If there was any question about how much influence Rex had in NY I think those questions are now answered. So glad he's gone.
  10. Thanks for posting...Interesting video. I'm excited about the kid. He's a football player...He seems to have the athleticism to play the position question is does he have the head - and we will see. He'll have to time to learn pressure free and that's exciting. I hope he's on the bench for two years....
  11. My guess is they knew it was coming - it was likely discussed well before that they would be asked to get through the draft and they would move on.
  12. I think Coples has a breakout year...13 for Coples!
  13. These are highlight films but yeah - it's actually not even close - Mauldin looks like a stud. He certainly seems to be VERY athletic and doesn't look slow at all.
  14. First off, I don't think anyone is going crazy... Secondly, at least for me, I'm just a little unhappy that it wasn't a good value trade - that's a lot move down in the third round, when there's so much value still left...Just seems like they didn't get value in return. If they got a 4th instead of the 5 and 7 - I would be okay with it (still would rather have had the higher pick though)
  15. Cumberland is terrible and really shouldn't be on an NFL roster. He can't catch, even if he's open you really can't count on him to catch the ball. I really, really hope he doesn't make the team.
  16. Another falsehood. Drafts are not made in the 5th and 7th rounds. Sure sometimes (rarely) you hit on an impact player or even a starter in those rounds but statistically the better players trickle down from round to round. You don't move 12 spaces in the third to get what they got. When when there was still do much value.
  17. That is true - but the Jets have a very solid O-Line. They were good last year and added a solid guard in FA and have a few younger draft picks that might be ready to move into starting roles this year. They might have concerns in a few years when Mangokd and Brick are gone - but they'll be solid this year
  18. I hope the Trade Down crowd is happy.. Moving down 12 spaces when there's so much value on the board - to pick up a 5th and 7th and just doesn't make a lot of sense. Seems to me like Mac got fleeced or as many said got a little cocky.... Maybe he learns a lesson here.
  19. Yes, take the WR - best player on the board...Have a great WR core.
  20. People keep saying that. But where are these holes? QB - that's a glaring one. Maybe a guard, maybe. Don't a dozen speed back? If this team had a legit QB they would be dangerous.
  21. He is and was accurate...People are making up a narrative to fit their case of not liking Mariotta. For some reason Jet fans simply don't like the guy. Maybe because we've been burned before, maybe because they believe is a jinx....I really don't know but most experts believe this guy is going to be a very good NFL QB - but the QB starved Jet fan wouldn't touch the guy with a ten foot poll...
  22. Exactly....There seems to be this overwhelming anti-MM agenda on this board...While most experts think he needs some NFL experience - they do believe he has all of the tools to be a legitimate NFL franchise QB... If our GM (who everyone seems to trust) believes he has the potential to be a legitimate franchise QB then he should do whatever it takes to get him.
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