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  1. Yes, but there's a team that is likely to pay more than the Jets..If you're Harvin you make the Jets cut you and get the best deal you can on the open market. Maybe it ends up being the Jets after all but you test the market. Either $10.5mm or a become a FA. That's the smart move if you're Harvin.
  2. Kerley's going to be the slot guy. Kerley is fine, relatively cheap and is a good player. He had a terrible QB throwing him the ball...slot receiver routes require a lot of accuracy and that's simply not something Geno possesses.
  3. Agree with the OP... There's a lot to be excited about with this team going forward. We're not winning anything next year but the team is in a nice position to build a quality roster over the next few seasons. I'm looking forward to free agency and the draft this year. We're going to see a lot action. Fact is likely over 1/3 (7-9 starters) of the entire starting 22 will be different this year than last. That's HUGE turnover.
  4. I'm getting the sense Elway is getting a little Cocky. Just the way he handled the Fox thing (like if they don't win a Super Bowl it's not good enough) and now rumors that they might not want Peyton Manning back.. Like they have another QB that's going to take them to the SB.
  5. That really wasn't the point I was originally making...Was really just using Revis as an example. My point was if we're going to heavily overpay Harvin I could think of better ways/better people to overpay. Just because he happens to be on the roster doesn't mean we need to overpay him. Let's go and take that $10mm and add it to potential signing bonuses on guys we really want to help get us over the hump in bidding wars.
  6. I don't think he'll come here either but I don't agree when you say no way...Moreover, we know Revis will take a one year if it's enough money. They're not spending $20mm on Revis and if he's going to restructure he's going to test the open market. 3 years at $12 each the Pats might offer...or $16 for one from the Jets. He takes the $16 for one.
  7. While it didn't work, the Dimitri Patterson signing wasn't a terrible one at the time - Missing out on every good CB and being stuck with Patterson was the bigger of the problem. The Harvin move on the other hand made absolutely NO SENSE - to waste $7mm in cap space on a team that was already finished is done for one reason and one reason only - PR.. And managing this team for PR purposes is what got us into the mess in the first place.
  8. If we're going to overwhelming overpay someone there are a lot of better options. For instance, I would rather give Revis $16 million (over paying by $4 million or so) and assure you get him than pay $10mm for Harvin who's likely to only play half the season.
  9. The problem with the deal wasn't the 4th or 6th round pick...it was the wasted $7mm...If we don't make the trade the team now has another $7mm in cap space. I honestly believe that was the worst of his moves and I don't see a close second. The only point of that move was to stem to negative PR...
  10. Are you guys serious? Why would you not want the best back in Football? This team is devoid and talent and you're going to turn him down...We're going to have to overpay if we want to get real talent in here. I love Ivory but they're on two very different levels. He's not leaving Seattle anyway
  11. Agree with the OP... except Carton is unlistenable. Every once in a while I end up hitting the WFAN button on my way to work in the morning, foolishly hoping something changes or Carton is off...When you listen to him - it typically doesn't go 3 minutes before he makes it about himself. Boomer used to be good and honest but he's become a shill...I think Woody pissed him off and now he's like Francessa and goes out of his to bash the Jets and support all things not Jets.. Heck even Francessa doesn't buy into the Pats BS...
  12. The NFL doesn't have to hold itself to the same standard of the court system. He was clearly guilty of this offense and the NFL had the right to suspend him.
  13. I would be very comfortable giving up a 2 for him....We need a QB and we need one that has the potentially to be a franchise guy...RGIII has to get his sh-- together but he has the talent. Washington isn't giving up on him this year so it's not going to happen.
  14. The thing is with him is you're still going to need a number 1 WR, someone to play opposite Decker - if paying him means you can't sign the WR you want then you absolutely have to let him go. If you're not going to get another top flight WR (there will be a few in FA this year) then keep him...but I would prefer to overpay someone in order to get him to come to the Jets than overpay Harvin.
  15. Sorry, but I simply don't agree at all with what you're saying... The point I was making about Marriotta was - you do your research, meet this kid and if you think there's a CHANCE he can be the next Aaron Rodgers (or anything close) you absolutely HAVE to take him. You're never going to know how a QB is going to pan out but you HAVE to take that chance if there's a shot he can be the franchise for the next 15 years. If you don't find a QB you're out of a job in 3-5 years anyway because you're not going to win. Finding a franchise QB does take some luck and to say otherwise is simply wrong. Even look at your point about Seattle - they loved Russell Wilson so much that they waited until the 3rd round to draft him? They got lucky...They hit on a 3rd round QB - good for them. I think you're minimizing the importance of the QB position. it's almost impossible to win without one and even if you find a way to win one year (and it's a huge long shot) The teams success will not have longevity. I want a team that can compete year in and year out. You take a QB and if he busts you take another one - you keep taking QB's until you find one. Year in and year out the teams with the best QB are the ones that win - it's always the same teams at the top... I don't like it this way but Goodell and the owners made it this way - it's a passing league and the QB is the single most important position in all of sports and there's not even a close second.
  16. 1st - what does being black have anything to do with it? 2nd - He does have a live arm but he's incredibly inaccurate - he overthrows and floats the ball way too often 3rd - His ability to read a defense did not progress over the two years and there's little reason to think it ever will. He was literally the worst starting QB in the NFL for two years running.
  17. This is exactly the reason why you would have to take him and why he almost certainly won't be there at 6. When you have a legit weapon/franchise QB you are a contender for a Super Bowl every year. When you don't you rely on an awful amount of luck just to get a wildcard and hope for a miracle run. You roll the dice and hope he's closer to the Aaron Rodgers end of the scale. The best WR in the draft is still only as good as the QB throwing to him.
  18. I place very good odds on this. It's actually a very good choice. Sanchez will be highly sought after this off-season. Of all the potential QB's available he's up there.
  19. It's 12 of the last 20...if you include Dungy, Gruden and Shannahan. Fact is retreads aren't bad decisions. People get smarter and learn and being a HC in the NFL is very often a function of circumstances. QB play and talent. I, personally, would have loved to have Kubiak. I'm not unhappy with Bowles and certainly think he was the best coordinator hire but I was really hoping for someone with experience.
  20. The last 20 years - 12 of the Super Bowls were won by retread HC's - that's not Cherry Picking.
  21. If we want him we may need to trade up for him. If we don't Someone else might. What would it cost to go from 6 to 2?
  22. Are you legitimately trying to claim the NFL allowed this story to explode the way it did - on a national and main stream media level and did nothing about it? Simply decided to let an anonymous source ,3 days after the Super Bowl, come out and say it all wasn't true? Are you honestly saying you accept this as even remotely possible?
  23. Why in the world would the NFL have lied? Why would the refs have lied? Why would BB and TB have not said the balls were inflated? Why would Goodel have no come out and said they weren't? This is going to be the excuse? It's not even remotely plausible.
  24. Certainly sounds like Harvin is an ideal fit for Gaily's offense.
  25. I was, but I was able to present a different view of myself when I went to work.
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