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  1. AFC Championship game 2011 - Steelers late 4th down conversion in Jet territory. We win that game if they come up with the stop.
  2. Tape doesn't lie. agreed that it's a highlight film but those weren't always wide open receivers and no question he very smooth with his progressions... btw...why do all these highlight films have to have that loud hip-hop music in the background? So off putting...
  3. The whole premise of your point is that you don't have faith he's going to be good enough. Whether it be your opinion or basing it on the opinion of others. You don't think the Jets should draft Mariotta because you simply don't think his potential is good enough to take at 6. For every example you can point to about a team not taking a QB early and they found success you can point to one where they did and it worked. MM is different than Flacco as much as Wilson is different from Flacco - you have to look at each player and each situation on their own. Of course you don't need MM to win a Super Bowl, but you do need a quality QB and there's a better chance of him hitting on MM rather than someone else you would get in the 2nd or 3rd round. It's all pointless anyway because he's going 2 and the Jets aren't trading up to get him....
  4. $12mm a year is a lot of money for a good/not great interior d-lineman. Especially when you already have a better one on the roster.
  5. I do understand what you're saying - there's tremendous risk with taking him at 6 (a QB busting is a much bigger problem than a DL busting) ..You can play this out however you want but without a QB you're not winning a championship. '16, '17, 2020 - those are all throw away years unless you have a franchise QB. Ultimately it depends on the GM's assessment - you're clearly not high on him. I honestly don't know enough about him - but I do hear many experts (for whatever it's worth) saying he has all the tools. The only point I've been trying to make is you can NOT be scared to take him because Geno failed or because Sanchez failed or because he won the Heisman and you definitely can't wait for a "lock" to come around. If someone's there that has a chance to be special you HAVE to take him. Yes the Risk is very high - another wasted 3 years but the reward is tremendously higher - 15 years of perpetually competitive football.
  6. This is true. It's also why Mariotta doesn't get past 2. It might not be Tenn. but there are teams that want him and willing to give up a lot. Either Tenn. takes him or Tenn. takes the best trade offer on the table. There is no way Mariotta gets to 6.
  7. The numbers are crazy. Assuming we get something of high quality in return I would have no problem trading him. - very good player, not great - I think this fan base over-hypes him a bit. Don't get me wrong, I like him a lot but it's a position of strength for this team and if push comes to shove I would much rather keep Richardson over him.
  8. I think that's a very high threshold...I'm not saying throw caution to the wind - I am by no means suggesting to simply take a QB no matter what - but if there's guy there that you believe has potential you take him. Ultimately the difference between your opinion and mine is the risk level. Our GM will do an indepth dive into the MM and he'll come out with an solid assessment. If he believes there's a good chance this guy can be a franchise (not necessarily convinced he will be) he should take him - or even trade up for him. He's going in the two spot one way or another.
  9. I'm not sure what you're talking about. All I said was the Jets defense will be good enough to keep this team in a wildcard hunt with Fitzpatrick. You're not winning anything with him (which was in my post) but the point was you can afford to keep Mariotta in the bench for a year - as the team won't self destruct this year.
  10. I just don't see how so many others don't clearly see this. This is a league of have's and have nots - If you have a franchise QB you're in contention for over a decade...if you don't you're drafting in the top 10 every few years. Is Mariotta a risk - sure - but if he pans out it's franchise changing. You take that chance every opportunity you can...
  11. I doubt they'll move up too - but I think it's mostly because Tenn is going to take him. When you need a franchise QB and there's a potential one there to take - you take him. There is no trading down...It's also why if Mariotta is there at 6 the Jets will take him. (he won't be) I think people look way too much into this ulterior motive thing. Nobody believes what anyone says anyway - A good GM will look at other people's needs and make assessments based up what they need not what they say....
  12. I think he sits the entire year if they take him. This is a team that can be competitive now with Fitzpatrick level QB play (not winning anything but can be a wildcard hunt) I would go as far as saying he should be the #3 - so even with an injury he shouldn't be playing..
  13. so touchy....didn't mean it offensively... I know what you meant, what I was trying to say is as a new GM we really have little insight into the way he thinks. You could look at what he's saying and see your thoughts or actually take them at face value - Likely by next years draft we'll have a better feel..
  14. This is such a ridiculous argument (I know it's not just you - it's all over this site - and I know a lot of people believe it) But you don't assume a player is going to be a bust because he was voted the the best players in his sport...Becoming an NFL franchise QB is incredibly rare, just because you win the Heisman doesn't mean you're going to be star but to rule them out is just downright silly... Would you pass on Winston too?
  15. I think the most important piece to this is - who cares what the players think...From the perspective of - this team isn't winning with them anyway, without a QB - you have to keep taking them until you find one., If a thread like this wants to make a case for not drafting Mariotta because they don't believe he's any good - so be it.... But the Jets are still in desperate need of a franchise QB - and the ONLY reason not to take a potential one is because the GM think's he'll be a bust, ALL other reason shouldn't even be discussed - as they have NO relevance.
  16. There's just no reason to think you have any idea what Maccagnan is thinking. If he does like he him and beileves he has franchise QB potential he should absolutely go up and trade for him.
  17. Little to no doubt Mariotta goes 2 - to the Titans.
  18. This is right.... You NEED a QB to win in the league - there's simply no way around that. If you find a QB you have a decade to build a team around him..... If the GM believe's (and that's a big if) that Winston has legitimate franchise potential - then you absolutely give up your entire draft if you have to...
  19. Then Geno shouldn't be on the team - if you don't have faith in him to be the back-up then you shouldn't carry him at all. If you're committed to seeing what Geno has - I would rather bring in another project and keep only one vet...
  20. No need to panic - a ruling will come, they're not just going to ignore it. When the ruling comes back with either a slap on the wrist or more likely the sought after apology - then it's time for outrage. But I'll hold my judgement until then...Gotta be before the draft.
  21. It's certainly not myopic. In fact it's quite the opposite for a number of reasons... 1) You have limited reps you can give a QB - the more QB's the less reps available to judge the others 2) There's more than enough film on these guys to determine their abilities - what are you going to see from them during summer sessions that's going to tell you which is better? 3) Signing anyone still costs money. whether they make the team or not 4) It's a waste of coaching resources that can be applied to helping Geno and Fitz. The team made their decision on the "vet/former crappy starter" signing. Certainly trade away or cut Fitz and sign Schaub but you don't keep both.
  22. I honestly don't believe the Jets will get hit for a pick - too many people clearly broke the rules during that legal tampering window that they're just going sweep the entire tampering thing under the rug this year.
  23. What they have in common is they've been second rate NFL QB's, they're old and you're not winning anything with them. That was my point...We simply don't need another back-up level QB on the roster.
  24. I'm starting to get the sense...these penalties are coming out first - and they are lighter than I expected...so they'll announce deflate gate penalties shortly thereafter - they'll be a little worse but nothing serious and that's how they'll justify it.. maybe 3rd rounder and $1mm fine. No suspension.
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