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  1. There's just no reason to think you have any idea what Maccagnan is thinking. If he does like he him and beileves he has franchise QB potential he should absolutely go up and trade for him.
  2. Little to no doubt Mariotta goes 2 - to the Titans.
  3. This is right.... You NEED a QB to win in the league - there's simply no way around that. If you find a QB you have a decade to build a team around him..... If the GM believe's (and that's a big if) that Winston has legitimate franchise potential - then you absolutely give up your entire draft if you have to...
  4. Then Geno shouldn't be on the team - if you don't have faith in him to be the back-up then you shouldn't carry him at all. If you're committed to seeing what Geno has - I would rather bring in another project and keep only one vet...
  5. No need to panic - a ruling will come, they're not just going to ignore it. When the ruling comes back with either a slap on the wrist or more likely the sought after apology - then it's time for outrage. But I'll hold my judgement until then...Gotta be before the draft.
  6. It's certainly not myopic. In fact it's quite the opposite for a number of reasons... 1) You have limited reps you can give a QB - the more QB's the less reps available to judge the others 2) There's more than enough film on these guys to determine their abilities - what are you going to see from them during summer sessions that's going to tell you which is better? 3) Signing anyone still costs money. whether they make the team or not 4) It's a waste of coaching resources that can be applied to helping Geno and Fitz. The team made their decision on the "vet/former crappy starter" signing. Certainly trade away or cut Fitz and sign Schaub but you don't keep both.
  7. I honestly don't believe the Jets will get hit for a pick - too many people clearly broke the rules during that legal tampering window that they're just going sweep the entire tampering thing under the rug this year.
  8. What they have in common is they've been second rate NFL QB's, they're old and you're not winning anything with them. That was my point...We simply don't need another back-up level QB on the roster.
  9. I'm starting to get the sense...these penalties are coming out first - and they are lighter than I expected...so they'll announce deflate gate penalties shortly thereafter - they'll be a little worse but nothing serious and that's how they'll justify it.. maybe 3rd rounder and $1mm fine. No suspension.
  10. I thought we already had Matt Schaub - except his name was Ryan Fitzpatrick?
  11. I don't know what the numbers were prior and they probably were a little worse - but I've been watching NFL football a long time and I can't remember a time where the XP wasn't considered an afterthought. The extra points been gimme for ever - no need to keep messing with the game.
  12. I promise you, it will be for me.... and it won't be a protest thing - it'll simply be because I would no longer be able to watch an NFL game and believe it's fair. I'll become one of those crazy conspiracy theory people blaming all the Jet's problems on the refs and the league....I don't want to watch football like that. The evidence in this case is just too damning and the advantage was too big to be ignored.... They either find them guilty (which has to mean major penalties) or they exonerate them completely - I don't see a middle ground there.
  13. Yes, you don't draft a QB - in any round - to be a permanent back up. If he doesn't have NFL arm strength there's simply no point in wasting a pick on him.
  14. I couldn't agree with you more....But I think the more likely scenario is they're going to say there's not any evidence to prove wrongdoing - take some heat a week (the ESPN machine will kick in with its - it didn't matter anyway BS) and it'll be over and forgotten within weeks.... I, for one, will be done with the NFL....but not enough will be and as long as it doesn't affect their bottom line it won't change the way things go.
  15. I don't think they can get away with that....The precedent was set two years ago when the "I didn't know about it" excuse didn't work for Sean Payton. BB needs to be suspended - I just don't see any way around it.
  16. at least.... Needs to be a 1 and a BB suspension. Doesn't need to be a long suspension but certainly needs to be one. 1st round pick and 3 games - while still not enough it should be the starting point.
  17. He's absolutely correct but I do find it interesting that former Patriots loved to sh-- on the Jets... You would think a team so dominant wouldn't have such contempt for a team they routinely route.
  18. It actually means there's a 50% chance the team will be set at QB for the next 15 years. What if we take Fowler and he becomes the next JJ Watt? How has Houston been? By the way, your also assuming whoever else we take at 6 is a lock. Which, as we know, is exceptionally far from the truth. It's simple risk and reward. The reward of hitting on a QB is massive. Which means it's worth taking a Larger risk.
  19. If you think Mariotta has even a 50/50 chance to become a franchise QB you take him...even if he has to sit on the bench for two years....
  20. I think when all is said and done this is going to be the pick...and it'll be a good one... I would prefer White over him (but Fowler over Cooper) and while I don't think he gets past 2 - you take Mariotta if he's there.
  21. Cumberland is awful and should be cut. I would MUCH rather have Sudfeld than Cumberland. and, to me, it's not even close.
  22. deflated balls... The turnover ratio of every team and the Pats is off the charts.
  23. Yes, 1) You try and trade down if you can 2) if you simply don't have time to make a trade happen - you draft him at the moment and try and trade him and recoup picks 3) You keep him... But if he's there and the 2 QB's and 2 WR's are gone then you have to take him....
  24. I want Petty....If we can get him in the 3rd gotta take him...would consider a trade down in the second.
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