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  1. All of the greed will eventually catch up to them. Hasn't yet but it's really beginning to turn me off. I can say I'm not nearly as passionate about the NFL as I once was...
  2. Good post. I hadn't really looked at the schedule - in fairness we don't have a QB and other teams are saying "we're playing Geno Smith" but yes, it much, much better than the murder's row of QB's we faced last year.
  3. There's a current thread even bashing the cheerleaders.
  4. There are many ways the Jets can get a message to Revis's agents without sending it through the press... The whole tampering thing is silly...It happens all the time - Woody made a mistake - he was asked a question and essentially threw his GM under the bus - saying if he could have gotten Revis for that price he would have (he was speaking in the past tense) It's a joke that this is even an issue - showing how ridiculous this league has become. The NFL has lost just about all credibility with me.
  5. Nobody is giving up Rivers. When you find a QB that can win - you don't let him go. As Jet fans we know how hard it is to find a QB - so does every GM - two 1's and two 2's don't help you if you don't have a QB.
  6. I'm not sure it is....I mean they should certainly be in the bottom third - so maybe 20 is more like it but 26 isn't ridiculous. New OC and new system, New DC and new system, likely 4 new defensive starters, 4 new offensive starters...that's more than 1/3 turnover - all starting new positions in new systems.... And then, of course, No QB ---- Certainly an upgraded roster but it's going to take time for the team to sync. Anyone expecting this offense or defense to come out firing is going to be disappointed. This has a 6 win season written all over it.
  7. Won't disagree with that. I loved his potential - the times when he completely blew people off the LOS - was very impressive. Never really materialized... I guess the word Bust, to me, means something much harsher - especially for a 3rd round pick.
  8. No...Players want to come to us because we paid the most money.
  9. He was a third round pick that saw consistent playing time (when not injured) He certainly didn't turn into the all-pro we hoped he could be... But 3rd round picks that see regularly playing time are in NO WAY busts.
  10. What does Pete Carroll have to do with the Jets signings? They did spend reasonably and wisely. They built a team that can compete...They had money they had to spend and brought in good players at market rate...
  11. This is so important and often overlooked when discussing Rookie's. If you've ever learned something new - especially in sports - when you're thinking too much everything begins to breakdown. If you have to use a second to think about what you're supposed to do - on the NFL level - it's already too late. Add to that being out of position combined with a lack of veteran leadership, made for a rough rookie season. I think we're going to see a very different Calvin Pryor this year - and we'll see why he was picked so early.
  12. Ellis was no bust and certainly not Ducasse-like. Yes, he was often injured and inconsistent but he also had moments where he dominated. We happened to have better players but he is by no means a bust.
  13. Wow...that's hard to believe we didn't keep him for that..
  14. David Harris - http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-jets/david-harris/ Cromartie's contract has already been posted in this thread...and it's a relatively small cap hit in year 3 if they cut him...
  15. Are you in cap trouble? These deals don't have a lot of backend guaranteed money - The older guys deals are mostly two year deals with little cap implications thereafter. And we'll have cap space to spend next year. All good.
  16. Yes, Jet fans are amazing. Did anyone see the money being thrown around this offseason. We didn't overpay for anyone - we paid what the market would bare. We wanted a player, had the money to spend and paid more than what another team would offer....If Cromartie doesn't sign with us for that amount - someone else would have given him close. If Harris is let go - someone else would have paid him similar. There were simply too many teams with too much money that HAD to be spent. Everyone was in an uproar because we held the "value" last year - and now that we decided to outspend for players we needed - we have people complaining... It's okay to be happy with the things we've done.
  17. Today's dollars are very different than even few years ago. These contracts aren't hampering us at all. They all pretty much clear out in two years - and the cap will continue to go up. Go get the players you think can help you win. and don't sign deals that kill you long term - these don't.
  18. There have been posts all over this thread screaming NO...I'm the only one hear advocating for the move. Why the negativity about Jet fans?
  19. Agreed... I would think most agree that if the GM likes him he should take him - Ultimately the debate here comes down to - how much do you have to like him? Do you have think he's a lock to be a franchise QB? For simplicity sake let's use percentages (more would have to go into it) 1) What percent chance to you give him of being a franchise QB? 80%, 50%, 20% ?? 2) How much better of a chance do you put on him over whatever guy you think you can get in the 2nd, 3rd etc... - I lean toward the lower end of that spectrum - if you think there's a 30% - 40% percent chance this is the guy for the next 15 years (yes, 60-70% he busts) you should absolutely take him....
  20. I don't really disagree - but If you see a guy you THINK can be a franchise you HAVE to take him. I don't care where it is #1, #6 or the 3rd round...I would also say you don't just draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round because you want to try and get lucky. You take a QB you think can be your franchise for the next 10-15 years. If Macs looks and Mariotta and say this guy has the potential be that - he should take him and not look back. For the most part...the QB is the ONLY thing that matters - sure you gotta field a team and sure you want to put the best players you can around him but you'll have a decade and a half to do it. You keep taking QB's until you find one.
  21. What are the results of this team over the next 2-3 years without a franchise QB? Is Geno or Fitzpatrick leading us to any SuperBowls? If you think the kid CAN be, not lock to be, but simply CAN be a legitimate franchise QB you HAVE to take him.... It's a risk reward situation - The risk might be high but the potential reward is much higher...
  22. This is exactly right. Who's going to be there that the Jets don't - and the Browns or Saints love so much they're willing to trade 2 firsts. It only happens if Mariotta is there - but if he is, we should absolutely take the QB
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