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  1. The AFC East is finally stepping up. Not An easy 6 wins for the Pats. Bills have a lot if talent right now.
  2. 4 of us. Cumberland is terrible
  3. Great post. It's pretty clear these guys know what they're doing. This is how good teams are run - it's really nice to know we're in good hands. Man if we hit on a QB
  4. Fitz will be the starter. Gene is done. We'll draft a QB to sit on the bench for a year, maybe two, and learn the profession properly. As soon as Geno's rookie contract is up he'll be cut. Until then they'll keep him on the roster as a #2 or #3...
  5. Yeah, that's kinda weird...Is he acting stupid on purpose?
  6. This... Gotta take him if he's there... He's going to TN. anyway.
  7. Yeah...I was concerned with how much they paid Harris...Wrongly. I doubt he's going to have all that much cover responsibilities. He plays the run exceptionally well. They're gonna wanna stop the run with 6...and let the 5 DB's cover everything. with our D-line and DB's - we should be able to accomplish both...
  8. A defense like that is scary....Really exciting. Means we'll be every game. Let's just hope Gaily can work some magic!
  9. Problem with Geno is two fold... 1) Yes, he turns the ball over a lot - and that's enough to say he's not an NFL starting caliber QB 2) I and think even more important - he doesn't make enough plays. Sure he throws completions - but he's often inaccurate and doesn't often enough make plays that make you say - wow!!! This kid can be good. I've only seen a handful of those in the two years. We should be seeing a handful of those a game.
  10. I just feel like everyone is forgetting about Coples...I would think we're going to see a lot more 4-3 type...with Prior and/or Allen coming into the box - playing more of LB type role. When Coples has his hand in the dirt he is a very effective pass rusher. I'm not saying don't draft one - but we do already have one on the team.
  11. If Bowles is smart (and he is by most accounts) with all of these DB's - we're going to be able to put Coples hand in the dirt. He is a weapon.
  12. With Cro signed - this would be the final piece of this massive defensive upgrade. get it done.
  13. I hope you're right...but I tend to say it every year...yet they win 12 every year. Brady is showing no signs of slowing down. I do, although, think we can beat them twice this year....and Rex always plays them tough - so they can split. Maybe your'e right!
  14. Not coming off the injury..at least not worth anything giving him...Would be my thought anyway. I haven't completely given up on the kid...If he gets hurt this year again - that's another story.
  15. NICE!!!! Now I'm pumped!!! This defense can be very good. We know Fitz has done well with Gaily...If Fitz can be in the top half of the league I like our chances to be a team that can scare anyone.
  16. Any news here? I still really want him. The defense really can be special with him.
  17. In the literal sense you are correct - as he was threatening to - which is the reason he had to be traded. If we didn't pay him or trade him he threatened to hold out. I think we're dealing with semantics here....But I hear ya...
  18. Unless we somehow find a QB - Unfortunately, I would have to agree... and the Pats still win 12 games.
  19. agree. What Philly gave up and the way the deal is structured - seems like Bradford is their guy. They'll try for Mariotta but they're not going to get there. TN. is taking him anyway.
  20. This is correct. Many if not most of Geno's sacks were his fault. He's gotta get rid of the ball sooner.
  21. After he was drafted, middle of his rookie contract, year he was traded....
  22. yeah, WTF.. My hands started shaking when I read the title...I was ready to start screaming and wake up my kids.. Terrible disappointment.
  23. This ^ Woody should have kept his mouth shut and they could have gotten him a few million less...The Jets were essentially negotiating against themselves - Revis knew they were all in.
  24. I really don't like the guy. I'll pull for him because he's a Jet - but not a guy I'm ever going to love - or even consider a Jet. I don't want him to go into the HOF as a Jet. It's just things like that ... Team just paid you $70mm - they drafted you...you held out three times - win a Super Bowl with their hated rival... You know what - as your first message - leave the Pats out of it. F Him
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