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  1. That just made me legitimately laugh out loud...people are staring at me in my office...
  2. Signing Skirine gives them some. Get Cro and if Revis doesn't come - not the end of the world.
  3. lol... As of right now - last year was better! Thing is though, we have $50mm we basically HAVE to spend. Thing will happen.
  4. Agreed, if he's paid like a JAG...If he's paid like a starter I care...
  5. Sounds like that one year deal was a lot more than he's worth. I guess we gotta spend it..
  6. It's a Jet fan thing too. For whatever reason Jet fans are in love with the guy....Nice player - but exceptionally average.
  7. I really do think the Jets are going to get him at 3/42 - 30 guaranteed. That, to me, is a good deal...and I think it's something the Pats won't match. If the Pats are willing to match that than they can have him.
  8. Powell is a #3 RB - No explosiveness. Hopefully that's how he got paid.
  9. So, He's going back to the Pats regarldless of the Jets offer? I don't buy it. He's taking the most money...I would take the opposite poitn of what you're saying - he's leaking that he'll take less from the Pats to up the Jet's (or anyone elses) offer.
  10. Agreed, but they also have to take some responsibility if they don't get the job done.
  11. So what's the upside to this? Just to upset Jet fans? They may not like each other but that's just silly. If the Pats had a deal in place with Revis they would have signed it already. Revis is getting to the FA market - he may still end up with the Pats but there's nothing sinister here. Revis wants the most money. and in all likelyhood - the Jets are going to give it him.
  12. Thanks for the clarity...I thought it was something like that... But they have the two years to spend it all at this point, correct? Which, I agree, is why a two year Revis deal makes a ton of sense.
  13. Cro's coming back...that'll be annoucned at 4:05 - hope it's a fair price...but I'll be happy with this.
  14. I honeslty don't understand the spend the money thing... All teams are required to basically spend the same amount as per the CBA... Isn't that accurate?
  15. Why? Because this franchise has been managed so well by the ownership?
  16. I wish I could agree with you but there are clear and consistent moves coming out of this organization that are entirely PR focused yet harm the football program. Mutliple FO's, Multiple HC's yet the same PR agenda driven decisions continue to be made. I hope I'm wrong - I think we'll see. If we end up with Revis in the $15mm range it can be seen as a smart football decision - a GM could make that call...I think much more than that and it's simply being forced upon him. I think this deal may end up in three years $16mm all guaranteed...and we'll know it's Woody.
  17. I hope this is the case and certainly should be the case....but Woody Johnson really worries me. I'm all for being aggressive with this - three years $42 guarantee $30mm in the first two = $15mm a year...But there is a line and I would likely draw it there. I get the sense Woody won't. But I would draw the line there...
  18. That's part of the job for a GM/Owner/HC - you gotta sell the players on joining your team. Some are better at it than others - it's a skill set...
  19. This is what needs to be done...sign two corners then make revis an aggressive but not insane offer and if he walks away, so be it. If he takess it, and we have one corner too many - great. carry one less LB.
  20. And the reason for the leak that they're not breaking the bank. Schwartz, Feinsod and Uncle Sean are licking their chops knowing the Jets are all in...At this point Revis can hold them hostage for just about anything - and we have to pay it.
  21. This is right and it's worriesome. I want Revis - but if we EVER want to build a winning culture and program we can NOT build the team around public perception. Woody needs to put the media behind him and let his football people make football decisions. This Revis or bust approach is clearly a Woody Johnosn demand and it's even clearer Woody Johnson has learned NOTHING from past experience. This team is managed with a focus on PR first and football second.
  22. That's even a lot for this year. Sounds to me like we kept losing out on the guys we wanted so we now have to way overpay to get anyone. Was really hoping people would want to come play for Bowles and our new GM could close. For me, it's time to worry.
  23. They will and they do... The reason they win championships is because they have one of the greatest QB's of all times. (that and cheating) It's not BB, it's not their drafts, it's not their schrewd FA signings...it's Brady! They cut their stars all the time... Revis is coming to the Jets - I'm not saying this as a fan or as a Pats hater...Just that the Jets HAVE to spend a lot of money, let a lot of big names go elsewhere - they are giving Revis whatever it takes. He's coming to the Jets....
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