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  1. Sure, but this would have been done already if it was going to get done. Revis is now 24 hours from being a free agent - he's going to test the waters.
  2. wouldn't they have restructed then? He's getting to the FA market...
  3. Hoping you're right and I really think Cro is coming too. Not hearing his name anywhere - we're being quiet about but everyone knows it's done.
  4. I really think the Jets are in Revis or bust mode right now. They have the money and, like it or not, they're going to throw at him whatever it takes.
  5. Nothing new here but it's becoming clearer he's coming back.
  6. LOL - Lot's of people are going to get in lots trouble. Mac has stayed quiet. Nice.
  7. I get what you're saying but I'm not sure I buy into the whole "system" thing. They said that about Foles - The system is QB proof etc...until they had Sanchez starting and then fell apart. This is the NFL you need good players...losing Shady, Maclin and giving up DeSean the year before - would be a tough pill for me to take if I were an Eagle fan.
  8. This is all fine, but Revis is going to take the most money. This might work if the Pats were willing to match the Jets offer but I think the Jets are going to price them out.
  9. If we don't get Revis or keep Harvin - his deal might have to look something like that.
  10. I get it and completely agree, just curious about the rule and what it looks like.
  11. I don't know if this is true, but someone told me there's a limit to how much you can frontload a contract. Not saying you couldn't still spend a lot, just curious if there's any credence to it.
  12. Who is? I would think the Jets are the front runner right now.
  13. I honestly am really starting to think Chip is in over his head.
  14. Too early to panic. FA hasn't started yet. But we do seem to be interested in a lot of guys and haven't signed them. Revis, Cro and Lupati are still out there - if we land those three and some quality, young, additions - it'll be a good job.
  15. who's still looking for a QB? Assuming Hoyer goes - are we the last man standing in the crappy QB race?
  16. I totally agree with that...so no need to panick...But what I want and what our front office wants are two different things.... Are they targeting players and losing? Or is there basic interest but not primary... certainly hope for the later...and totally agree, not ready to panick at all just feeling out others thoughts.
  17. So is it a rumor or is there something going on?
  18. Yeah but he lost Maclin and Shady... I would say total - in the negative column for Chip.
  19. This sounds about right. Can't give him much more than that...especially considering we have Sheldon. Much more - keep him this year and try and resign before FA or let him walk.
  20. is anyone else getting concerned that we keep hearing that we're in the running for a lot of guys but not landing any? I know it's early...but it seems guys keep getting signed that we are "showing interest" No idea how real those reports are, or what it means... But I must admit I'm starting to get a little concerned.
  21. That's what I was looking for...thanks. Seems heavy but reasonable.
  22. You know what...You're right - This league doesn't have to follow any rules...people will complain for a week and it'll be over. Pats were penalized lightly because they really didn't do anything...just a mistake. blah, blah... I really don't like the NFL anymore...
  23. If the Pats are found guilty for Deflategate the penalty will HAVE to be huge. A second offense and clear and obvious cheating...very different than what Woody did. They either get hammered heavily or they walk away clean (I certainly think it'll be the later) Anyway, I really hope we don't lose too much for Woody being a fool.
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