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  1. But I thought you are what your record says and no excuses?. You can't say sorry it doesn't matter you didn't have a good QB - should have won anyway... Then turn around and say - well, you were only good because you had a good QB.
  2. Mike Shanahan career - that's a pretty good winning percentage... 177–143–0 (.553)
  3. I don't know the parameters of Giacomini's deal - I know it was 4 years - something less than $20mm (I think ) - don't know the guarantee's and cap hit if cut. But I would love to upgrade there...
  4. I'm not sure calling him a mediocre coach is fair. He took over a terrible team and turned into a winning team (without a QB)...He also turned a terrible Syracuse program into a competitive one.... He's capable of winning...
  5. Agreed...Meh...But I would rather bring in a Kubiak, Shanahan and yes Marone than another first time HC... Let alone another DC.. I was just hoping to bring an "executive" that can manage a staff and players - that has a strong focus on offense. I'll get behind this guy and support and hope for the best.
  6. I'm confused? You don't think Jets have a lot of holes? and don't think they need to upgrade at OT?
  7. Are you honestly saying you don't see these similarities between these two as anything more than looking too hard for them? I see them as glaring. This move fell like Deja-Vu to me - when I was hoping for something very different. Forgive me for not simply lining up to accept it.
  8. Agreed - just letting him walk and not making an attempt to keep him would be terrible...But when it's your deepest position and you have a lot of holes, where are you thin, you do have to look at what else you can get for that same money. If you can spend it more wisely you should certainly consider it.
  9. So he was there before they good... left for two years at they began to get good - and then came back when the players were ready.... Just seems like a reach.... Or are you saying he was a player personal guy and that the DL coach was picking choosing the draft picks and FA's?
  10. I know i'm overreacting ... It's just I was really hoping the organization would go in the experienced and/or offense direction. This seems like this is it - and I'm just not happy. Quinn may very well turn out to be great (I know little about him) and I guess we're gonna find out.
  11. he's been there since 2013 - he didn't coach up anything.
  12. Okay skippy....and please don't take offense to the fact that I see many similarities and don't like it. The similarities are glaring and I was hoping for a change of focus within the organization. I'm tired of first time HC's - I'm tired a HC focused on D, I'm tired of HC's that have only had 2 years experience as a DC, I'm tired of a DL coach being the HC. Those are strikingly similar resume's...That's the point I was making and calling me ignorant for not having an opinion that aligns with yours is ridiculous- The actual ignorance is in ones ability to look through a non-literal statement and understand the meaning ...
  13. And maybe he'll suck even more... Just bringing in another defensive focused, first time HC - that was a former D-line coach... Who's been managing the most talent in the league - and had no part in building that talent... I just don't get the move...execpt or one reason and that reason aligns perfectly with Woody Johnson - It's a good PR move....hiring the coordinator of the league's best D...
  14. Why not just keep Rex then? This is actually kind of sickening to me...
  15. This large cap space that everyone's is making out to be an endless supply of money is going to get spent very quickly. The Jets have a lot of holes.... We need quality starters/upgrades at at least these spots ...CB, OT, Guard, MLB, QB, WR. $40mm doesn't go all that far when you have that many holes. If you give $12mm to Mo that least about $28mm for 6 players...
  16. He was actually doing well in Washington until RGIII starting acting like a petulant child...He also had RGIII playing well as a Rookie (hasn't played that well since) until he got hurt... I would certainly prefer to bring him in over any first timer...or any of the other retread's we're hearing. Rolling the dice on hoping to find someone special - it's just a big long shot...Bring in a guy that knows how to be an executive...
  17. I would take that as opposed to the almost 20 years of first time-defensive HC's...
  18. It's the nature vs. nurture argument... Are we three deep because he's coached them all to be good - or have we just hit on a lot of D-linemen ? People that believes it's the latter are high on Dunbar.
  19. I would be happy with this..... Shanahan Sr. as HC would be a smart move.
  20. Agree, nothing particularly exciting here - just another risky choice on a short term DC - with only 2 years as an NFL DC and no HC experience ....It's not like Seattle runs an elaborate defense - they just have an immense amount of talent. This choice really worries me.
  21. Feels a lot like Rex/Schotty to me... Wasn't bad the first couple of years....I'm just so much against another DC - especially one with all the talent he has...
  22. ESPN ... Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and the Cleveland Browns have agreed to part ways Thursday, a source confirmed to ESPN.com. Reports surfaced Wednesday that Shanahan was considering other options after he had soured on the job amid friction among the coaching staff and front office. Shanahan is among several candidates to fill the head-coaching vacancy with the Buffalo Bills. Quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains also will leave the Browns, sources confirmed to ESPN.com. FoxSports.com earlier reported the story. The Bills, San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders already have interviewed Mike Shanahan and would consider hiring the father-son duo with Mike as head coach and Kyle as offensive coordinator, Cleveland.com reported Wednesday. Information from ESPN.com's Jeremy Fowler and Pat McManamon was used in this report. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/12136623/offensive-coordinator-kyle-shanahan-leaving-cleveland-browns
  23. And how much did the defense miss him in those games?
  24. That's my point - I realize the position isn't designed to get to the QB - but the fact is that's not what he does and we know how far a top run defense gets us... Again - he's a nice player and I want him and willing to pay a lot but I wouldn't go a penny over $10mm a year.
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