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  1. 4 years and 50 is just too much. We all love this guy and he's very good - but not as good as Jet fans make him..He's a good player but not worth $12.5 a year 4 years 40 - with 20mm or 5 and 50 with - 25mm That's a lot of money for a guy that doesn't regularly get to the QB...
  2. I wouldn't hate this but not love it either....First time HC/DC (really wanted offensive guy with experience) and an OC that would be on his 3rd job in three years, it's my experience that people that hop around in jobs so often is because they're not wanted in their current ones. Plus - the likelihood of this seems highly unlikely... 1) Quinn is likely going to the Super Bowl ... and is mentioned with multiple teams 2) Shanahan is still under contract with another team.
  3. Allowing the Ravens to play tight on the receivers will very much work in their favor. The tougher defense usually benefits most when the refs let'em play.
  4. He also continually drafted high risk, high reward type guys - guys that climbed the draft chart do to combine - and not their actual football performance...And they almost all missed.
  5. My fault...I didn't really McCloughan had been a GM prior...would certainly make me feel better. I would just like to see people with experience in these rolls for once.
  6. A dream of a first time HC and first time GM? It might work out to be good - but imho it's not a dream...far from it.
  7. Another guy maybe worth taking a risk on if you have an established QB - with a strong offense and a lot of skill players. For the Jets - he's the last thing they need.
  8. If Cumberland is on the team next year I won't be happy....
  9. All the Cleveland Torpedo his season is excuses and non-sense...He was also on his way to being fired in NE before Brady came along. But I will agree he was a great DC - hard to argue with that - even what he did with the Jets D - when he was DC was very impressive But we all know - great DC does not mean great HC...
  10. The team really is in pretty good shape next year.... Not a whole of free agents that matter - They have a huge amount of cap space and the 6th pick in every round of the draft... Of course QB is a mess...
  11. Bad coach is the wrong thing to say - but I certainly wouldn't say he's "great" - He has an all-time great QB and has done a nice job managing him. Peyton Manning is at a similar skill level to Brady - and he has a very similar regular season record - but has had multiple head coaches. Are all of Manning's HC's hall of famers? or is it that those coaches happen to have an all-time great QB? What's more likely? 1) BB has a very pedestrian HC record before Brady but all of a sudden becomes a great HC as soon as he's starting Brady? or 2) BB finds an all-time great QB in the 6th round which then has the Pats winning?
  12. For whatever it's worth ... http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2319491-10-nfl-teams-that-must-consider-trading-for-kansas-city-chiefs-qb-chase-daniel
  13. Due to his injury history Brandon Scherff should be undraftable.
  14. I agree with this... Another point in the "unprofessional" column.
  15. This is exactly why you can't judge a draft after the 1st or 2nd year. It's more or less a well known and accepted fact - except for Jet fans and the media that covers them.
  16. Yes, agreed. IMHO the spirit of the rule is a good one but in practice I can't imagine how it's helping anyone - other than wasting people like Lynn and Graves's time.
  17. It's not just what was done it's also what wasn't done. 1) Idzik clearly had a plan - Woody clearly approved that plan, 2) Woody gave Idzik very little public support when all that billboard garbage was going on. 3) Woody took no responsibility whatsoever, in fact he threw Idzik further under the bus by saying things like - He didn't require Idzik to keep Rex in year 1 (GM candidates know that not to be true) Woody's a bad owner and that's more or a less a fact - his handling of Idzik that will absolutely affect potential GM candidate decisions - that's all I'm trying to say.
  18. Anthony Lynn was a Rooney Rule interview. Nothing more.
  19. As Slats stated..I really don't want to rehash the Idzik argument anymore ... But even if you say he deserved to be fired - the way it was handled was just downright disrespectful, classless and most importantly unprofessional - and you're fooling yourselves if you don't think every potential GM candidate will take that into consideration when looking at this job.
  20. The 49ers season this year has nothing to do with the fact the BB was a bad HC prior to Brady.
  21. Except he wasn't really given a legitimate chance to succeed.
  22. Any legitimate football person understands Idzik was treated about as poorly as a GM could be. Moreover, they'll also understand he didn't do nearly as poor a job as most are making it out to be. He made some mistakes but also did a lot of good.
  23. I don't think it has happened - at least not yet...but it will most certainly be part of the thought process of any prospective GM.
  24. Can't really blame a GM for not wanting to come here after the way the last one was so unfairly treated by the media, fans and most importantly the owner.
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