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  1. If the Pats are found guilty for Deflategate the penalty will HAVE to be huge. A second offense and clear and obvious cheating...very different than what Woody did. They either get hammered heavily or they walk away clean (I certainly think it'll be the later) Anyway, I really hope we don't lose too much for Woody being a fool.
  2. If don't end up locking up a true impact guy then Mac would have no choice but keeping him...It would look terrible if he missed on the all the big name corners again and didn't spend all the money. It's gotta be spent somewhere.
  3. What kind of pick are we talking about? I honestly don't know. Is there much a precedent for a seemingly harmless statement made by a mostly clueless owner? I can't imagine it being more than a 6...But this league often defies logic...
  4. If we don't end up with Revis there simply isn't enough high end guys to pay. Might have no real choice but to keep him. It would a fun offense to watch.
  5. I get the sense the Jets are all in on Revis...Feels a bit like Nnamdi right now... And the funny thing is with the Eagles now losing Maclin and their desire to fix their secondary and losing out on McCourty - they are now in the Revis sweeps and may be willing to beat us out. We may get stuck holding our d--- again. I sure hope not.
  6. whoa...it's way, way too early to say that. Free Agency hasn't even started yet.
  7. Starting to think Chip Kelly may be in over his head. I may be wrong - but right now if I were an Eagles fan I would be worried.
  8. Yes... For some reason people are afraid to spend our money as if we have an alternative plan. Saving cap money for the sake of saving cap money just doesn't make sense. I can totally understand if there's a long term plan because you have a young QB and want to build intelligently around him. We don't - Yes, I understand it's a long shot to win with a power defense, some offensive weapons and a game managing QB - but at least there's some shot. The other way you're sitting around, in good cap shape, with a team with no impact players, winning 4-8 games a year hoping you eventually hit on the QB. Point is, if you eventually hit on a QB - you'll have 15 years to build a team around him. So let's at least try right now.
  9. Yeah, the way it's stated doesn't seem like a trade or signing...Seems like something more bizarre. I guess we'll see today.
  10. Maybe they like Mariotta? looking to trade up? Unlikely as they're similar styles but you never know. I would take him over Foles if Mariotta was there at 6.
  11. What does this mean? if it's not Kaep, who is it? So there's a reporter that has a story but isn't reporting, just reporting that the knows something? Strange...
  12. But...Just because you pay a lot for a players doesn't always mean you're overpaying. Sometimes big names are big names for a reason.
  13. That's more like it.... It's not like they have an alternative. Fun while it lasted.
  14. This is a QB that has won playoff games - that has taken over games. A year ago at this point he was looked at as the next superstar QB - he had a bad year on a dysfunctional team last year. They were a mess all around... And now - Jet fans - that haven't had a franchise QB in 45 years - wouldn't want to trade of this guy. We can't hate everyone - If he's truly on the trade block - you give whatever you have to to get him. And don't look back!
  15. I would love to get Kaep.... I would give up a lot to get him...He would work very well in Gaily's system - we have the money to pay him just not sure what trade bait. If we're saying we'll be likely to give up a 3rd for Foles I would give up a 2 for Kaep.
  16. haha..threw it out two years ago! I just want to have impact players on the team, I've missed them. There happens to be one coming free, we've been tied to him and we have the money to spend on him . We can all hate him but the fact is he's one of the best defensive football players in the league and can help this team win...
  17. Even more reason to pay Revis...because he is one.. What OLB or OL do you want to sign this year? We have the money and as per the CBA have to spend it over the next two years. I'll say it again - Revis's deal won't be long term cap pain - it'll be all guarantees upfront.
  18. So? Under your circumstance you have no chance of winning...so in two years, unless you find a franchise QB, you're in the same spot you are now...The have cap space but don't spend space. Moreover, any Revis deal with be a two year - and over deal...you're not carrying bad space with him. At least I'm trying to make an effort to win. But I'll ask it again...who are we missing out on if we don't sign Revis?
  19. Good post... Totally agree - but for me, this is the time of year I think I'm most optimistic - particularly this year when we have a new HC, an entirely new Front Office, just signed a legit #1 WR - the number 6 pick in the draft and still have over $50mm in cap space with which to play.... we're 2 days away from FA starting. Someone telling me, let's not try and win because we don't have a franchise QB... There's a lot to be excited about - I'm pumped!
  20. First - the he's not great is a myth made up by Jet fans to deal with the loss. He's still a legit shut down corner in a league where they really don't exist. Second - Who are we signing that the extra $5mm we'll have to pay Revis is going to hurt? People keep saying it's too much but I want to know on who else are we spending this $50mm? What spot are we not filling if we end up giving Revis $15mm instead of a second tier corner $10mm?
  21. LOL - how'd that work out for the past 45 years. You build the best team you can with what you have and try and compete. I would say IF we had a young QB that we felt could be the franchise you can slowly build around him and spend when you think he's ready...but we don't have a franchise QB nor do we even have a prospect for one.... Get Revis, Mcourty and Cro ---- all of sudden you have a top 5 defense in the league... With Marshal, Decker, Ivory, Amaro - and find a way to get Foles and you have team that can compete NOW! Look, I realize having all of this happen is a long shot - but it is certainly in the realm of possibility. There's such a defeatist attitude around here, it's just sad ...
  22. who's whiny? Who's groveling? Why is wanting an elite player either of those things? I think too many Jet fans have been so comfortable without having elite players on the team that we don't realize how important they are. You need playmakers to win.
  23. Who cares what he thinks? The fact is he's, IMO, he's still the second best CB in football. And we have a HC that blitz's more than any coach in football...He'll be worth every penny of the $15mm a year we're going to pay him. We have the money - let's not spend scared, get impact players when you can..
  24. Why would you say that? There's very real possibility this all happens. By most accounts Jets are in the game for both Revis and McCourty...and I'm pretty sure Cro is already a done deal (he'll come cheap) We have the money for it - whether is does happen or not is yet to be seen but no need to make snarky comments ...
  25. Jets aren't his home? I'm hearing $10mm is what he's going to get...if we can get him and Revis for $25 we do it. I don't think the Giants can give him $10mm
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