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  1. I've been a fan of this regime so far...and in their first big test, IMO, a disaster. Paying $7.5mm to in ILB that can't cover anyone is just horrible.
  2. Holy Sh-- That's gotta be a joke right? $15mm guaranteed over two years???? I'm concerned now.
  3. any number details? This is actually a pretty big test for Mac...what did he pay for Harris..
  4. He's correct is that Geno sucks and the Jets aren't going anywhere without a QB - but to say this is a bad because we don't have a QB is just silly...gotta try and make the team better, add weapons. He's not saying BM is bad just it's not going to help the Jets all that much...And he's mostly right about that. But he's just trolling Jet fans...it's the popular thing to do amongst all these sports hacks.
  5. I would say, at this point, anything is on the table when talking about a QB. Bradford should def. be one of the options. In an ideal world he's not your go to guy - but as far as the options out there - I would think getting Bradford would be a victory.
  6. Actually you said the problem was because Bowles had a say in it. Regardless if you like the move, I was curious why it was a bad thing that the HC was involved in the decision to trade for a player he knows?
  7. Yes, if Amaro can take a big second year step this will be a truly threatening offense. Can't load the box against Ivory either.
  8. What's wrong here.... You guys want perfection. Perfection isn't available. When you can bring in a legit #1 receiver talent, at a fair price, for a late round draft pick...It's a good move.
  9. Do what you say and the team wins 6 games this year again and into the foreseeable future. YAY! We have a manageable cap - good for you!!! You might very well be happy with that - I'm not. I would like to see the team win, at least attempt it. Follow your plan and there is STILL NOT ONE impact, game changing player on the entire roster (maybe Sheldon but even that's a maybe - he's not taking over games) That's not the team I want to watch every Sunday. One accepting being sh---y because we don't have a QB.
  10. Agreed. Once we find our franchise QB let's take the colts approach...take your time build the roster long term. But we don't have that....Take each year and put the best product you can on the field.
  11. In theory you are correct, except..We HAVE to spend all of this cap excess....and it's difficult to find long term, quality, impact players on which to spend that much. So I'll ask again, On who do you plan on spending all this money, without taking on older, yet still in their prime players? There simply aren't that many long term, under 27 year old, impact players available...The Jets do NOT have any truly impact players on this entire team (maybe Harvin and Richardson)
  12. Not to belabor the point - but with all this spending room - on who are spending $65mm? How are you "healthily" spending $65mm? Show me how you don't "eat" too much on a few guys that will be done by the time we're ready to compete.. Right now we have nothing. If Revis would come with long term cap implications I would totally agree, but he won't...He will not come with negative long term cap implications. And as for the bolded. It's not like we have a young QB on the horizon that we can say we'll be ready to compete in three or four years. Is it your suggestion we don't attempt to build a team until we find a QB? I think we should take the food we have and try and make the best meal.
  13. Who else are you getting to play CB? what 26 year old, shut down corner, are you signing? If you're claim is we're not winning, then we're not winning anyway - might as well field the best team and sign the sign a mercenary again when you are ready to compete. You're not giving Revis a long term contract. It's a year, maybe two. This fan base is absurd....You scream to fire a guy when he tries to rebuild and save cap dollars - then when the team wants to bring in high level, quality players we want to pass...because why?? He's too good (i.e. too expensive) Please - if you have a chance to sign the best player in the league at a position of need you do so and don't look back.
  14. What does that mean, build for the future? How are they spending $65mm on all stud 25 year olds. This money has to be spent over the next two years (league rules) - young studs that you can build around simply don't become available that often. It's okay to put hall of famers that are still in their prime - but only will be for two years - on your roster. And people saying in two years when the Jets are ready to compete - he'll then hold out...I say SO? don't pay him and sign all of these other studs you guys think we can get.
  15. This post was referencing a comment that we shouldn't sign Revis because we don't have a QB - As a rule if you don't want to sign all-world CB's in their prime because they're 30 is fine - but it shouldn't be because we don't have a QB.
  16. So what would you have the Jets do? Not field a team? If you don't have a QB you still have to try and win games. What it sounds like you're suggesting is what got Idzik fired.
  17. You guys are too much. Idzik tries to rebuild and people want his head. Now Jets are considering signing a hall of fame CB still in his prime, coming off a SB championship and we're complaining? If we can get Revis, $60mm in cap space and can take him from a team in your division - you do exactly what Schefter says...You pay him whatever he wants.
  18. if Bowles likes him, seems like good depth.
  19. Geno has been the statistical worst starting QB in the NFL for two years running. Barring injury there is no way he's the Jets starting QB.
  20. eh...Free agency will start and we'll have something to do.. but what else are we gonna do anyway?
  21. Really depends on how you value Foles. And/or how much more you value the player at 6 than 20. I would personally rather have the number 20 this year and their first next year (and Foles) than the 1 and 2 this year.
  22. agreed...gotta take the QB if he's there. Although Foles isn't terrible.
  23. I think without that it wouldn't be worth it. I guess I can go with the two 1's and the two this year and Foles..but anything less than that and it just doesn't make sense.
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