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  1. The Harris move is a D. The Marshall deal was a good one for the Jets. May also be good for the Bears. But a team with a lot of cap getting a producing WR at a reasonable price for a 5th round pic. That moves a b+ at worst.
  2. Which opens up the window for them to trade back. I still think they take Cooper/White - if not either they'll take Chip's draft...
  3. Cromartie....I think that deal is already done.
  4. I must say...that game was gross...one of the worst NFL football I had seen in a long while.
  5. Had we lost to TN. and Miami we would be I the two spot. Holding a powerful hand.
  6. I want both. Locking up ILB and WR. We can afford it.
  7. Raiders will take White or Cooper. And so they should. They like their young QB and should supply him with an elite young WR - take the best shot at the best prospect.
  8. So, in other words he's going to take the highest offer. Nothing to see here.
  9. If you follow the "where's there's smoke there's fire" line of thinking - there's a very good possibility that Foles will be the starting QB of the NYJ's this year. (I personally don't think MM gets to 6 but I hope I'm wrong) EDIT - didn't realize you said before the draft - yeah....I can't see a scenario in which that happens.
  10. Agree with what you're saying, but there's another line of thinking and it has to do with what happens next. They wanted to maintain the run defense assuring it continues to be one of the best in the league. They already signed the #1 WR...which leaves them the ability to get very aggressive on the DB front in FA... I already know your feelings toward Revis - but let's say (for arguments sake) you do put all your money into McCourty and Revis (leaving some for a guard, draft picks and Mo) - you can move Pryor into the box more often - further stiffening the run defense and taking protection pressure off Harris....You now have the makings of a defense that can be an elite unit. Get some average play from a QB - and this is a team that can compete this year - maybe not for a Super Bowl - but certainly a playoff spot ...
  11. No doubt they overpaid - but I'm sure they looked at the market and made a decision that they weren't going to be in a position to upgrade. Made an estimate as to what Harris would get on the open market - realized they had a ton of money and simply took the safe route. At least I hope that's what happened - the alternative is truly frightening.
  12. If the QB isn't there - Still take White. White's going to be a stud.
  13. I honestly believe the Harvin deal was absolutely a Woody decision. It was contrary to everything Idzik had done to that point and t's straight out of the Woody Johnson playbook. That trade served one purpose and one purpose only - PR.
  14. Agreed...Revis knows how much free agency money is out there this year. You better believe he's going to test the market.
  15. Yeah, I think my initial reaction was a bit overboard. I heard they re-signed him and I was thinking a good deal would be the $8mm for 2 year range...then when I saw that number I almost jumped out of my skin. While i still believe he's over paid - it's not the end of the world. Would have rather filled the role with someone younger for half the price - but Harris is solid.
  16. exactly....DB's are waaaaay more valuable than ILB's...
  17. Don't disagree - but this is where this ridiculous Harris deal comes in... If Harris gets 7.5 what are you going to have to pay Maxwell or McCourtney? $20mm?
  18. If I'm to assume that our GM is not a fool...and at this point I"m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt (flooded or not) an explosive player like Harvin getting $10mm is nothing compared to a 31 year old, slow ILB getting $7.5.
  19. I just don't know.... If guys like David Harris are going to get $7.5mm how does Percy Harvin not get $10mm... Giving Harris that contract would make Harvin at $10mm seem like a steal.
  20. Spiller - Lupati and I would be very happy... The QB is a whole other discussion.
  21. This is being stated a lot on this thread...and I certainly hope you are all correct. If, at the end of FA, this Harris deal looks fair then I'll be the first to say I was wrong. But right now I am beginning to get concerned with our new front office. I think when FA is over this will still look like a bad move. Not panicking but this move seems illogical to me on many fronts.
  22. Sorry, at some point a LB has to cover RB's/TE's...that's the job. You, of course, want to try and protect the player when you can - but when you're paying an ILB $15mm over two years - you expect him to be capable in both coverage and running game.
  23. I can't imagine there is any expectation to win it this year. I think he was likely told to try and build a team that can compete and that's what he's doing.
  24. outside of today (the OT, DE and CB were depth players, not starters) the WR was a good one but the Harris deal seems like he heavily overpaid. Not sure this tells us anything yet.
  25. Sorry...he's terrible...will never be good - was statically the worst starting QB in the NFL for two years running Fact is, the Jets do not have a starting caliber QB on their roster right now.
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