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  1. Coming out of what? Please, if that was the case the NFL and Pats woukd have brought this up Monday.
  2. You have to get the best free agent CB on the market overpay if you must. The position is too important. Bowles likes to blitz more than Rex. We need cover corners. Sign one stud and hope to fill the other with one of the many, many corners we ran through last year.
  3. This is correct. Woody making football decisions based on the hostile media and reactionary fan base has been the biggest problem with the franchise. Looks like we may have turned a corner with that. I sure hope so. Spend the money to get the top FA CB this year.
  4. Honestly, that's the biggest punishment they could apply. Tell the refs to no longer give the Pats favorable team status and call the games fairly. Between that and fully inflated balls and no video taping - you'll see this powerhouse become very pedestrian.
  5. In this situation Goodell is going to do what's best for Goodell. Not necessarily what's right. He'll do what he thinks will save his job. If that's kicking BB out of football or simply turning his back.... Kraft, Mara, Rooney are all in the same club and it seems Jerry Jones has been trying to get in - these guys weild all the power. Unless there's some type of revolt against those guys nothing's going to change.
  6. Who's going to fire him? The problem is his bosses are owners and he's doing their bidding. He's not making the call here. He's doing what the "power" owners tell him to do. Honestly, the league has become a joke - still fun to watch but I dont think I can take it seriously any more.
  7. The NFL network is in full fledge damage control right now. They will saying anything they can to slow this down... Unfortunately for the NFL the national media has picked up on this and most damaging is ESPN is currently allowing it's pundits to be honest - and if ESPN has turned there's a huge problem for the NFL ---- especially knowing how much ESPN is in the NFL's pocket.
  8. Watch this video and you will see this is clearly a HUGE advantage - anyone saying otherwise after watching this clip is simply lying... http://espn.go.com/v...egoryid=5595394 that 2psi is a MASSIVE advantage...
  9. Anyone who hasn't watched this yet should... Just watch when Bettis squeezes the ball and look how much more he can squeeze the ball than the legal one...It's clearly a HUGE advantage, this is not a situation where it's only a little difference...In the NFL a lot of games are determined by a play or two - this could very well be the difference between a 9 and 12 win season...If they've really been doing this for years this entire legacy is very tainted....
  10. Start a petition...I'll sign it.. If it gets large enough you may begin to see advertisers come out publicly against the cheating...then you may see some movement.
  11. Dawkins is pilling on too... WOW - ESPN is going at Brady and NE - this is awesome right now...
  12. Brunnell, on ESPN, is killing Brady...essentially called him a liar.
  13. So, to be clear --- He says he makes the ball as difficult as possible during practice and if anyone complains he makes them more difficult.... And then says...I have no knowledge of how the game process of the footballs works and don't concern myself with it... hmmm...
  14. Carton is a dice ace and has no right being anywhere near a sports talk show.
  15. Let's hope. The timing of the new leadership. Let's just find a QB and it can happen
  16. I don't expect anything to happen here...and yes it's fun to discuss how things can go down... But I totally agree...they'll be some token penalty but it will be backed up with a "we have no proof of who did it" but the team will be hit with a fine and 3rd rounder - maybe a 2nd if there's a lot of pressure... No suspensions whatsoever.
  17. Not if the owners are all behind this. Kraft will only make a move like that if he's pressured by other owners and in that case the other owners will agree, essentially to blackball the guy.
  18. Nice, great first step... Next step is we really need to put together something very public to press the issue and not let it just go away... And I say this not mockingly...Banners calling for Goodel to be fired and/or BB to be exiled. I thought the whole fire Idzik movement was stupid but I would donate substantially to this cause.
  19. While I do agree and that's why they'll throw some token penalty - but they will continue to do what they think it best for the popularity of the game - and BB is good for business. Until they think he's bad for business nothing will change. He's a villain and everyone loves a villain. The NFL is starting to become the WWE...
  20. Not to be argumentative - but I don't believe this will happen (it should) but that was said about spygate too - yet when anyone talks about BB he's continually reference as one of the top 3 coaches of all times and this Pats team as one of the greatest ever. That will not change because of this. The only way that will change is if the league comes out and says it was cheating, he has cheated and applies a penalty worthy of a multiple offender and someone who purposely ignores the rules and destroys the integrity of the game. It's not to the leagues benefit to do so, even though it's the right thing to do.
  21. Unfortunately, and I wish this wasn't the case, the NFL can do nothing and it won't change a thing. They'll make a full court press with the likes of Rooney and former players to say it wasn't a big deal...they'll throw some harmless penalty and say it's over... and the one thing they know for sure - it will not effect the popularity of the game....Will you stop watching? Will I? Until it actually begins to affect the money they will continue to do whatever they want... Heck, even the Ray Rice investigation was a joke - everyone knew it and knows it but no one's talking about it anymore...Put out a fake commission and essentially just kicked it down the road long enough that people stopped caring.
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