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  1. Zach Wilson should be on the bench, Zach Wilson fell apart in that second NE game. Got to a point where it was clear he was literally afffraid to throw the ball - and the oft chance he did it was wildly inaccurate. His head was a mess. I do not believe he should play another down this year and for his sake not another down as a Jet. I'm not talking about Zach. You want to continue to attack our 3rd string (possibly 4th) inactive QB. Mike White should be the starter and he should be for the rest of this season. Win or Lose.
  2. There's just no way they should lose to that team at home.
  3. My mistake - it turns out Dan Marino has quite a bit more wins than those other guys...but honestly, it doesn't matter. wins and losses aren't a QB thing. Records: Dan Marino: 147-96 Brad Johnson: 106-71 Joe Flacco: 99-82 Nick Foles: 38-31
  4. I agree and you only had to go back a quarter century to make the case.
  5. Because QB's aren't responsible for winning games. It's not a data point we should focus on with them. Their stats are what's important. The team simply played better for the other QB they hate.
  6. It's simply not a big deal. Playoffs are irrelevant. Wins and losses aren't important - it's all about the stats.
  7. Don't you know? Everything Zach Wilson does is bad.
  8. Can't go Sunday but beat Detroit and I'm going Thur night.
  9. I've just been told that around that I guess I'm a believer now. You guys have all convinced me. QB's don't help their team win, wins and losses have nothing to do with the QB's performance - it's solely about the team around them. QB's stats are what's important. And if a QB doesn't put up a lot of yards because they're winning and they lean on a successful running game, yet they're winning games - that QB must not be good. Understanding that reality, how could Bock Purdy possibly deserve rookie of the week?
  10. I think this is right. Can we put up more than 20? I think that's is the bigger question. I see no reason why we shouldn't - Assuming the rest of the offense doesn't implode - with the level of QB play we're getting - hard to imagine not putting up more than 20.
  11. Y'all really gotta scroll down on that page and click through the winners all year. It's funny - 9 of the 13 Jets... Let's make it 10 of 14....and the 4th Jet Rookie to win it.
  12. You've been an absolute conundrum lately. I just can't figure out where you are in all of this....
  13. Nope, I agree. Zach had bad statistics last year too - it was a bad year all around. Losses and bad QB play - it was a bad team. I think most all of us would agree. This was a good team this year...We had bad QB play for 7 weeks, yet won. And now we have great QB play but are losing. Win Loss record has nothing to do with the QB. It's not really on him to win or lose with that position. QB's are about statistic. As long as they put up good statistic we as fans should be happy. Eventually the team will get back to playing at a higher level - Especially understanding how much the team loves Mike White, I suspect that high level of play will come very soon and we'll start winning again.
  14. Oh, sorry. So his team took a lead and then they relied on the running game - and that negatively impacted his stats. Gotcha.
  15. He threw for 185 yards. That stat line is garbage. It was all running game and defense.
  16. You keep piling on a defeated person and I'll keep calling it out for being Weak.
  17. Nah, the guy has been benched and humiliated. This piling on crap is just annoying at this point.
  18. Because he wasn't nearly as bad as y'all are making him out to be. He really struggled against NE and Denver (Note bad weather in Denver and one NE game)...otherwise he mostly played solid, winning football. Consistently executing when he was asked to do so.
  19. I must admit, Breece Hall had a great game in the win against Buffalo.
  20. Of course he does. The lack of execution was on the RB's and OL.
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