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  1. Thanks again for note - really appreciate the insight. The key question I want to get clarity on is, from what I'm reading from you. Zach wants to play, but the team and his doctors don't - so he's not fighting it. As opposed to Zach being the one that dictating he doesn't want to play even though the team wants him out there.
  2. Yes. That is what I'm telling you. Zach Wilson's last 4 games last year, plus the camp he's had. Tells me he's the best player on this team right now.
  3. No, I said he's the best player on the team right now. Do you think people's rookie years are as good as they get? We should define everyone by their rookie year only?
  4. What's your point here? Zach Wilson had a rough rookie year? How original to bring that up.
  5. Nah... I mentioned it prior to week 1. And we saw one of the most least energy offense I've ever seen....and thought it was worthy of mentioning again after that performance. Again, you don't have to agree with me - but telling me I shouldn't be making the point because I'm not actually going to affect change with Jets management is just a strange take.
  6. So? If you're not going to play him anyway, why does it matter if he gets hurt. I mean Fant has just as big a chance to be a turnstile with Flacco QBing...Why would that change with Streveler - in fact I'll go further and say - Streveler is far less likely to be caught off-guard with a sack due to his mobility...Moreover, I don't think you would be bringing in Streveler to do 5 steps drop backs... I must say I'm confused by this response. Maybe I'm misunderstanding.
  7. The bolded is a strange statement. I mean that's what we do here all day and year. Discussing the Jets, with opinions on what they should do is a major function of this forum. I just think with Flacco the offense gets flat and stagnant - having a spark to come in and out makes sense. You don't have to agree, but posing the questions isn't unreasonable on a forum to discuss the NY Jets.
  8. Because from what I saw at the end of last year and camp this year - he is the best player on the team. Quinnem "no impact" Williams - isn't the guy. As of right now Wilson has had more impact games than Williams has had - one. Lawson, who's played one game with zero sacks? There's certainly some potential on this team like Sauce, G. Wilson, AVT, Moore to be impact players - but none of those guys has done much of anything to show me they're better than Wilson.
  9. This is precisely why you don’t draft interior DL in the first round. You can be the best rated in a week and have no major impact on the game.
  10. That is correct. That’s why I asked the question again. Does anyone think it’s a good idea now.? Few did last week, but curious if the stagnant offense changed things.
  11. Anyone wanna change their mind now? Having a spark might have really helped, no?
  12. Rationally it is way too early. He was playing next to a LT that just literally started playing next to each other a week ago. But I must t say, I am worried.
  13. There's a lot to like with the youth on this team. Two things need to happen... They need to learn how to play together (particularly the OL) That's ultimately on Saleh They need to get Z Dubs back
  14. I think the "Why" is probably two core reasons. 1) The biggest reason is an over abundance of caution 2) I believe yours and many other position are correct. The OL was not ready to protect a QB. Which is also tied to the over abundance of caution. I just do not believe for a second that it was Wilson demand. As for don't trust the organization or inside sources, I don't disagree - but taking the position of Zach did this - would be the literal definition of conspiracy. They would have to get all of these groups to lie - all to protect a person that is being overwhelming selfish and self serving. The real point I'm getting at is there simply no evidence ZERO to say this is what happened but a pretty good amount and anecdotal evidence to support that it's not the case.
  15. Is anyone agreeing with yet that having a Streveler package might have been a good idea? If it's clear White isn't someone they think is better than old man Flacco - then why not? When things get stale like they did yesterday you can bring him in for a spark and not actually be benching Flacco.
  16. Honestly, and I'm not trying to be a dick about this, but I think that's the biggest conspiracy theory of them all. Allowing sponsors to dictate personnel would be insane. Only reason I could agree is Woody is a mess of an owner.
  17. No doubt. But with the becton injury, the Brown injury, the musical chairs and lack of real time practice together is what I'm taking bout.
  18. It's a good question. My guess - is it was a JD decision. For the reasons that have been mentioned - just not Zach's call. I've seen nothing from Zach to think he would make a decision like that. If anything he's shown the opposite. Moreover, all of the comments coming out of the Jets are it's their call. Zach said he would play if it was up to him. @football guy said it's an organizational decision. Saleh said the same. So sure, the organization can be lying, Zach can be lying, our one inside source here can be lying...I concede that point. But based on the little history we have of Zach, the lack of leverage he has to make such a decision, what's coming from the organization - it would be the definition of a Conspiracy.
  19. You said you found it impossible which is the part that I was really referencing. I would ask, who on this offense would you say should be captain?
  20. Why, because you want that to be case? Another conspiracy theory. That's three in this thread alone - with absolutely NOTHING to support any of them.. Not even logic to support it. In fact, any reasonable logical thought would say those theory's are weak at beset. Zach has been nothing but a good teammate. He traveled the country to work with his receivers, he played with that awful roster last year, by all accounts he put a lot of time in the film room, he added 15 pounds of muscle in the off-season. He's shown to be a good teammate and one willing to put in the work to win. He's well respected.... The only reason to "Find it Impossible" he was voted captain - is because it fits a narrative you want to hear.
  21. What is it then? The worst statistical QB in the league last year-where many of his team's fan base have already turned on him (Judging by this site the FAR majority celebrate his failures) he simply doesn't have any ground to stand on to dictate if and when he plays. Moreover, he's shown nothing AT ALL to say he would pull anything like this. I realize a lot of people want that to be true - because it's just another reason to hate Zach Wilson - but honestly, it's ridiculous to really think that's what happened.
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