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  1. Are you serious with this statement? So he's good at improvising...and the reason he's good at improvising is because he's bad at on schedule plays?
  2. Mike LaFleur is fine. He needs good QB play. When Zach's back, ML will look like a good OC again.
  3. What's interesting here is you got 4 people to upvote this as if you were serious. You know Zach Wilson did, in fact, play injured last year at times - yes, limping while playing. You are also smart enough to know Zach isn't dictating where he's sitting during the games - he's sitting wherever the Jets tell him to sit You also know - the kid is out there in practice because he WANTS to play. He's going through full practices and putting himself on the field to show the coaches and teammates he's ready to go. You know when the team was at about 30% healthy ZW went out there week after week and kept the Jets in games - with close to no talent around him. I know you KNOW all of those things to be accurate and are having a some fun, but the people that upvote this stuff believe you....
  4. Again...Almost had me until the last sentence!
  5. Was just about the type the same thing. Trying to watch the Mets too. Very annoying.
  6. Not exactly sure why. But that literally has me laughing out loud. Wife’s looking at me like I’m crazy. Just seems so true with the G Wilson nonsense we heard from ML today.
  7. I was just thinking. Why can’t the Jets do the same sh*t with Mims
  8. It’s more likely he wants to play but JD is being extra cautious.
  9. Honestly, do you believe any of this? Or is it just fun to say... So, last year they didn't play The Great Mike White because they thought he was too good? This year, they're not playing Zach Wilson because they don't think he's good enough? Honesty, is that your story? Or is it just fun to write and you're going with it?
  10. Just to add to this... To point out how that list really doesn't say much. As an example... In two years, when guys like Mosley, Fant, McGovern, Brown, Flacco, Joyner are all off the team, replaced by draft picks -- In all likelihood on paper -- the Jet will be a "younger team" They will be a far more talented and mature team.
  11. I know that's a data point people like to use - but it's really not expressing the reality of the situation. There is very little veteran talent on this roster. The reliance on young talent is what we're talking about I would be pretty confident is saying there aren't a whole lot of teams that had 8 or 9 of their 22 starters are 1st or 2nd year players (6 on offense alone - hence the offensive struggles) and another 6 in their first year with the team. So 15 of 22 starter are either 1st or 2nd year players or in their first year on the Jets. This is an exceptionally young and new team. We all need to stop just looking at basic data and dig a little deeper. Yes, as fans we're frustrated and have a right to be, but we also should try and face reality too. Blame Saleh all you want, but it's a tough situation he's faced with.
  12. Ultimately it's actually W's and L's.....Is the offense needs to keep the team in games. there are a lot of variables - keeping your team in a position to win is the most important. Sure, if you can run up the score great, but it's putting points on the board at the right time that matters. Yards and even points don't matter if the game is lost - It's about answering the other teams offense.
  13. Totally get it, Francessa is a blow hard - trying to find relevancy.
  14. We already had a multiple page thread beating him up for this last year.
  15. This is exactly the point Jet fans are refusing to accept. Even those Gase teams were trying to win, they were fielding the best team they could - just Mac was a disaster. JD's plan was to literally tear the thing down to the studs and start over - which is what he did and the team Saleh had last year. Surely he has to live with that record. But let's not try and change history here. This team is still exceptionally young but they need to win a bunch of games this year and be competitive in most of the ones they lose.
  16. He was good when he had a clean pocket.
  17. Would be pretty solid if he winning with those stats..as a 17 game average. 3978 yards, 17TD, No INT's...I would sign up for that - and feel pretty good that we have our FQB for next year. Assuming they're winning games and it's not garbage time yards and scores - which I wouldn't expect because that wasn't what he was doing last year over the last quarter of the season. He had them in those games late. Even the Buffalo game was 13-10 going into the 4th quarter. I think we can rest assured when Zach's back he's going to keep the team in games. It's about winning, not stats.
  18. He needs to become a top 3 guard to justify the value the Jets put into him.
  19. I doubt he's coming back until Pittsburg. Although, I think they expected Flacco to be better than he did last week when they said Pittsburg. If they get blown out this week Wilson is back for Cincy. if they play well, he'll likely get that extra week.
  20. Yeah, not a fan of that comment. Two reasons. 1) I think every QB at the NFL level would be good with a clean pocket 2) Because of 1 - Saleh is really starting to sounds like a used car salesman (really booming worrisome)
  21. Thanks again for note - really appreciate the insight. The key question I want to get clarity on is, from what I'm reading from you. Zach wants to play, but the team and his doctors don't - so he's not fighting it. As opposed to Zach being the one that dictating he doesn't want to play even though the team wants him out there.
  22. Yes. That is what I'm telling you. Zach Wilson's last 4 games last year, plus the camp he's had. Tells me he's the best player on this team right now.
  23. No, I said he's the best player on the team right now. Do you think people's rookie years are as good as they get? We should define everyone by their rookie year only?
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