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  1. I just think he is not wired to be an elite QB. When you really think about it, he has to have eveything setup just perfectly inorder for him to succeed. He does not really manufacture any great plays because his ability to see the entire field and react accordingly is not very good. That is something that can't be taught.
  2. I appreciate your loyalty to Sam. As you watch Jackson, Allen and Mayfield making play after play what is it about Sam that makes you think he is magically going to improve with a new coaching regime. Don't you feel after 3 years he should be showing more consistency? Watching and listening to Jet games and announcers saying guys are wide open and he doesn't get the ball to them. I really don't trust Sam with the heavy load of leading this team.
  3. This is hard to hear. He has done nothing but get lots of people traded or fired. He is somehow immune to the mistakes he continues to make game after game. His canned response of "I need to look at film and fix it" is the exact same response Sanchez used to give. The fan base has grown tired of him. He will be heavy criticized next season if we keep him. If he plays poorly early in the season, the new coach is going to have his hands full with fans and media and we will have shelled out 25 million for that privilege.
  4. I have never seen a QB cause so much drama than Sam Darnold. Someone who has done nothing, yet supposedly has so much potential.
  5. Do you think Darnold is going to be able to handle a third new system?
  6. Mosley will blow something out in the first preseason game and will be gone for the year. It's been two years. He's done.
  7. I definitely want someone with prior HC experience that has been successful. Tired of these coordinators who think they want to be a head coach. I would be fine with Pederson. Can't be any worse than Gase.

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