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  1. I believe Sam never wanted to be here and its was a bad fit. He will be given another opportunity and we will know then if it was the Jets or him that was the problem.
  2. What sold me on Zwilson is the speed of the ball coming out of his hand. Lightning fast!!
  3. Don't like that leg injury for Smith. He is a walking miracle. I wish he would retire and just enjoy life. Hoyer works for me. Anybody but Sam. Lol
  4. There you go. This kid will be a star for the Jets. He is maniac who strives for excellence. Not interested in eating hot dogs and sniffing on Kate Upton.
  5. We all know the Patriots are just an average team without Brady. Patriots magic is over and Bill will not look like a genius anymore without Tom. Mic drop.
  6. I will say Robby going to Carolina may have helped getting Darnold off our hands and we got a decent return for a QB that did absolutely nothing here.
  7. James Morgan needs some live game action. Gase had no interest in him at all. Want to see what he can do this preseason.
  8. Sam had interception problems in college and interception problems in the pros. He was ranked at the bottom for starting QB's. I dont trust him with the game on the line.
  9. Jets have done a complete reset. I commend Joe Douglas for doing so. Sam was not the right fit for the New York market. Let's be real, Jets need star potential at the QB position. Charisma, looks, confidence and talent.
  10. You can't fix the fact that Sam has a low football IQ like his mentor Mark Sanchez.
  11. I think JD's greatness is alittle over inflated and he is trying to be too cute with this QB situation. We need to more on from the Darnold era. Sincerely, James Morgan.
  12. Darnold himself probably wants to get out of NY. The minute he throws one incomplete pass, this board is going to explode. This is a learning experience for Darnold. It's called accountability Sam. You play undisciplined football, you are going to take the heat. Don't screw up your second chance with another team.
  13. I was in favor of Fields initially but after watching more tape on Wilson, I feel Wilson is what we need. He has charisma and I like his motor, his mechanics, the speed in which he delivers the ball and attitude. Fields always looks stressed or ticked off. That's the way Sam always looked. I am ready for a fresh start.
  14. Joe's career with the Rams started off well. Then came the MNF game against the Bears. Joe had an early 13-0 lead in that game and then he completely fell apart and was replaced by Pat Haden. They ended up loosing the game and Joe never played another down in the NFL.
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