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  1. Appears to be a coaching staff of either get your stuff together or get out type mentality. About time.
  2. McVay admitted he was out coached. Also, Edleman does it again. There was no answer for him. He is unstoppable.
  3. Nice to see the passive approach to coaching the Jets is going bye bye. Players better be ready. Things getting turned up a notch. It's about time.
  4. As of today, no one has been able to completely shut down the Patriots. They have a formula that works and Edelman is a keep part of the formula. He is Wayne Chrebet on steroids. He is unstoppable up to this point.
  5. Potential assistant coaches with Gase vrs McCarthy were more in the line with what the Jets were thinking so Jets went with Gase.
  6. Todd Bowels embarrased himself and the organization and now he is gone. I will never forget the epic fail in Miami a couple of years ago when we had the big lead in the 4th quarter. I think Gase was on the winning side for that game. I am sure he sent Todd a Christmas card that year.
  7. Todd wasted four years. This is not on the job training. How he got though the initial interview process is beyond me. He may be a class individual, but he misrepresented himself as far as his managerial skills, leadership skills and head coaching abilities.
  8. Thank you Todd for a waste of four years. You should be ashamed of the way you performed as head coach of the New York Jets.
  9. I feel Todd at this point is on his own and management including Macc are just waiting for season to end so they can move forward without Todd and his entire coaching staff. Todd did not do enough with what he had had to work. Same issues year after year. Todd let alot of people down.
  10. I think the Johnson's strategy is just let Macc and Bowels finish the season and let them dig there own graves so there is no doubt these two have failed miserably.

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