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  1. Are we sure this guy is telling the truth? Zach seems like he is so well grounded and knows what he wants and seems like the kind of guy who will do whatever it takes to be successful. I am thrilled with the guy even though he has not thrown one pass yet. I am ok with him refusing a selfie once in awhile.
  2. 1. Sanchez - had his moments. Lead several 4th quarter wins. 2. Geno - showed flashes. Needed better coaching and locker room incident did him in. 3. Sam - did absolutely nothing. Uncoachable. Did what he wanted to do.
  3. Well whatever he is taking, Sam needs a bottle.
  4. Spot on. Zack is well spoken and focused. Watching Darnold was like a kid without his ADHD medicine.
  5. Exactly. So refreshing to not have to listen to Darnold struggle with answers like he did. He always looked like he was in pain, not enjoying his job and not having a clue what he was doing and what it took to win. Zack is a natural born speaker and leader.
  6. Go Pack.  Looking for a solid year from Leary.  They should be really strong on offense this season.  Been a WolfPack fan my whole life.  Class of 82.

    1. southparkcpa


      My older daughter went there.  I am a big fan.  It;s like being a JETS fan.  Can be tough at times!!!!

  7. Say "No" to So. Cal airhead quarterbacks.
  8. Some of Jaguar vets might be saying "WTF". Urban's response is "all he do is win win win".
  9. You are really going to be happy with Michael Carter at RB. I am an NC State guy but UNC's Michael Carter is an absolute beast and ran with power. I am very excited about this pick.
  10. I honestly think Joe would have kept Adam if we had won at least seven or eight games due to loyalty but Adam made it so simple for Joe. Even Adam was probably saying "what are you waiting for, I got my money, fire me". Adam Gase's coaching performance in 2020-2021 enabled the Jets to finally get on the right path for success. It was painful, but it all worked out.
  11. Great pick. The guy is a load and difficult to bring down and has speed. A+
  12. Correct. That's his mom. What an incredibly uncomfortable question for a 21 year old to answer. He probably is saying "what have I got myself into". He probably is already anxious with all his hype and pressure to succeed here and now he has to deal with this?
  13. This pick was a comfort pick for Trevor Lawerence. Same with the Tebow move. All to assist the transition from college to pro for Lawerence.
  14. Fear not. Bellichek will never win another Super Bowl without Tom Brady. He thinks he has another Tom Brady but there will never be another Tom Brady. Never.
  15. Justin Fields needs a new hair style. The Kid n Play is out.
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