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  1. Was "Sleepy Joe" able to stay up for the game?
  2. Up to this point the defense is holding it's own. The offense is a mess. I feel it is more offensive coaching then talent of the players. I guess what I am trying to say is the OC is making the rebuild look bad.
  3. Hiring this guy may have been a hugh mistake. I need 4 more weeks to evaluate.
  4. Newbie OC is the main problem with this coaching staff. I will give him another couple of weeks to figure how to manage Zach.
  5. I just watched Zach's post game presser. The guy is so incredibly composed with his responses. There is no doubt that he has to figure things out by himself and when he does, watch out.
  6. I did not see any of the game but sounds like Zach was as bad as his stat line shows. Move on to next week and we will see if he shows any improvement. That is the only thing we can hope for.
  7. He is such a well spoken young man. Way beyond his years. I truely believe this guy is a leader and players will respect him. I hope the New York Jets don't mess this up.
  8. Hopefully the O Line issues get fixed this week and we establish the run against the Pat's. Would prefer Zach does not have to drop back as much as he did at Carolina. BB is going to make it difficult for him, but excited to see how Zach handles his first encounter with Grumpy Bill.
  9. Like the positive attitude. Let's hope it works out.
  10. This is a scary thought. Jet management bamboozled again. Was Peyton Manning involved in this signing? I grade him F for the first week. QB was almost killed in his first start of regular season.
  11. Joe Douglas good at drafting and signing injury prone athletes.
  12. Zach showed enough in this game to prove he is going to be a play maker.
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