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  1. The last Joe won a Super Bowl! Keeping my fingers crossed. LOL. Seriously, JF can still throw the long ball.
  2. You go GC. One man one hundred dollars and one track mind. One man one hundred dollars and a one track mind.
  3. Bring it on. Its time to stop the hand holding and start taking control of the AFCEast.
  4. Just a shame. Every move Mac made backfired. An attrocias track record for this guy.
  5. I have no problem with the pick. He stands tall in the pocket and has decent accuracy on the long ball. Sam seems to struggle with long ball accuracy.
  6. 6.2 and turns his head. Great pick. Happy to have him. Trumaine Monte Johnson who?
  7. He is worth a shot based on all the extra picks we had. There is always a chance he might actually be able to be a starter.
  8. "Amazing speed on the edge" is what one announcer said. He is a monster and the foundation for Sack Exchange 2.0 in my words.
  9. Can't believe it. Great size and speed. So used to the Jets drafting midget wide receivers. Sam Darnold must be ecstatic!
  10. I will have the Lamb. Great choice sir! Seriously, he will be the pick. Star power in New York. No knee issues. Robby who?
  11. Jamal will never be happy. He always has a bone to pick. Unfortunately he has mouthed his way out of New York.
  12. Yes. Wonder if Robbie and Gase were on the same page.
  13. I have a sneaky suspicion that Joe is not going to sign Anderson, Adams or Bell. On the outside "yes", but behind closed doors "no".
  14. Lol my man. Priceless. I have no clue how he pulls this off. Can you imagine if Gase breaks out the 2020 season with one of those?

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