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  1. Knew this was coming. He just did not look like he was going full throttle and he was not ready and had lingering issues. Nothing going right this season. Still don't know how we beat the Cowboys.lol
  2. Network thought it was a good idea to get his perspective. When you have the mike on you better be careful what you say. Patriots are not the best team to have the mike on.
  3. Does anyone have Peyton Manning's phone number?
  4. I'll admit, it's pretty bad. Interesting to see how Gase responds. He just looks like he does not have any control of the team. Total failure across the board.
  5. Little known fact. Sam's mom originally wanted to name him "Paul Bunyan".
  6. I just hope he doesn't get hurt in this game. I know Gase would never forgive himself if something bad happens to him but Gase knows it's a guaranteed loss if he doesn't play.
  7. At this point I would take Rex back as HC with a seasoned OC to work with Sam. Rex hopefully has learned a thing or two from his time with the Jets and Bills.
  8. Gase and Douglas talk a big game during initial hiring. Now reality has set in and not as easy as they thought.
  9. Leo Williams and Ryan Kalil running the meeting and telling everyone that all is good. Lol. Someone should have stood up and called both of them out and told them both to return their paychecks.
  10. So disappointing. It really can't get much worse. Gase must be wondering what he got himself into. You should know what kind of coach he is after the next 3 weeks with the assumption Sam will be back for the Dallas game. At that point, if things have not improved, I would assume you will see Chris Johnson going to Joe Douglas and asking him what is going on and who is responsible for this mess and if Adam Gase knows what he is doing. Not a whole lot of dialog coming from Johnson or Douglas on the state of the Jets. I am hoping Gase has what it takes to make this work. I don't want to start over again with another coaching change. Please let Gase be the genius they say he is.
  11. Wow. Just Wow. I hope Chris Johnson and Peyton Manning are happy the Jets got their man.
  12. It starts with the offensive line. If Gase can some how put a patchwork unit together for this week, we will be competitive. I don't care who the coach is, they don't stand a chance with this line. Not a chance.
  13. Appears to be a coaching staff of either get your stuff together or get out type mentality. About time.
  14. McVay admitted he was out coached. Also, Edleman does it again. There was no answer for him. He is unstoppable.

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