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  1. I would take Ron over Gase any day. Could have beat the Saints with backup QB but kicker failed him. Feel bad for Ron but I am sure he will get paid for doing nothing now so good for him.
  2. Players were not ready. Nobody made a play. Got behind and Cinci knew Jets didn't have it today. Dalton played well and picked us apart.
  3. I totally agree with you 100 % but I don't need to start hearing about Darnold on Page Six. If he wants to be a true leader this stuff can't happen. You never know how other teammates view it. He just finished with this mono BS. If he wants to party then be discreet about it and we dont need to know about. I am all for him getting everything he wants and all the booty he wants but I dont want another Sanchez. The NY press will try to set him up. Keep your nose to your playbook. You said your focus was to win out the remainder of the season so I dont need to hear you're "wasted" after beating the mighty Raiders.
  4. Just a sickening loss. They looked like they didn't want to be there today. I blame this one on the players. Was surprised they did all that celebrating after the Raiders win. When I heard that they were partying, I knew they were going to lose this game. Sometimes Sam is really immature. I realize he is just a kid but he was the one talking about going to the playoffs so there was lots remaining to be done and unfinished business and no need to treat the Raiders win as Super Bowl.
  5. Just seems like too much of a coincidence that the moment Leo was removed from the team the pass rush dramatically improved. Of all the bad moves the Jets have made, this one appears to favor us for a change. Happy to see something work out for the Jets.
  6. Yes, Tru is lovin life. Not playing and getting paid to party and hang out with the cool kids.
  7. Still waiting for consistency. The Raiders game will show if Sam has made strides.
  8. So basically Peyton told Gase what to do and then Gase gets labeled a "Genuis". Sam going down the same path?
  9. Classic!! Gase is like "Run that by me one more time Peyton but say it slower".
  10. Let's give him a few more games. Seems like a nice target for Sam. Always seems to be open. Hoping he keeps this up against better defenses.
  11. Thank you Mr. Kalil. You along with Tru Johnson are co recipients of the 2019 NY Jets Fleeceman of the Year Award.
  12. I am sure Christopher talked to some of the players and did not get any major negative feedback. So far I have not heard of any locker room problems. Leo, Tru Johnson and Kalil not playing so maybe younger players are giving everything they have to make this thing work. Maybe players actually like Gase.
  13. I feel like the Jets will win this game. Suddenly we have a pass rush that coincides with Leo getting shipped out.
  14. Let's see if Sam gets on a roll in the second half of the season. If we win several more games, Joe will not be available. I personally hope Sam has a great game against the Redskins and shows consistency.

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