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  1. You can blame Gase all day, but Sam is eventually reponsible for his performance on game day. If he still has issues with things like footwork and not seeing open receivers, he is getting to the point where he needs to get these issues fixed. He has been playing football pretty much his entire life. It is not rocket science. The constant apologizing after every game is getting old. Very Sanchez like.
  2. Sam has not seen many open receivers over the last several seasons. He seems to have vision problems as far as scanning the entire field and determining who is open and who is not.
  3. Sam can start by shaving that leprechaun beard and getting rid of the Shoney's Big Boy haircut.
  4. I feel we were totally caught off guard with the Allen rushing attack. I mean the guy could have put up 14 additional points if he doesn't fumble. Gregg Williams had a big part in this week one mess.
  5. 100%. Darnold says the exact same things Sanchez used to say after every loss. "I've got to get better", "I didn't play well", "I can't keep playing like this". Then next week the same. Starting to have my doubts about Sam. He just doesn't look comfortable and confident out there.
  6. I agree. Sam is not cut throat. All the great QB's are relentless. He makes the same mistakes over and over. Can't stand his throwing mechanics.
  7. 100%. They refuse to hire a proven successful veteran coach. They hire "wanna be" head coaches who have no leadership or management skills. The Jets deserve eveything that is going to go down this season with Gase.
  8. Jets have just had horrible luck with all of Maccs' signings. I mean just downright b a d. I was surprised Mosley opted out too. Maybe took it as an opportunity to fully heal but I agree, 2 years is a long time.
  9. Jamal Adams ran his mouth to bring Bell here. Wonder if Jamal did not recruit him, would Bell be somewhere else?
  10. Keep an eye on James "coming for your job Sam" Morgan.
  11. Cam can really come up with some bizzare quotes. Radio station in NC used to play classic quotes from his interviews. Russell Wilson and Cam. Two weirdos that are are full of themselves.
  12. Give Gase credit. He came in and immediately saw that Macc had no clue and Gase got him fired. Pretty gutsy move.
  13. The last Joe won a Super Bowl! Keeping my fingers crossed. LOL. Seriously, JF can still throw the long ball.
  14. You go GC. One man one hundred dollars and one track mind. One man one hundred dollars and a one track mind.

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