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  1. Can't wait until he is off the team. In my mind he was a back pick for the amount of money we dished out.
  2. Nowhere. Until this team hires a seasoned veteran HC we will continue to struggle year after year. At this point I would actually be ok with bringing Rex back with a seasoned QB. Nothing , I mean nothing has worked so far.
  3. What can you expect with these idiotic newbie wanna be head coaches we keep hiring.
  4. Defense needs to straighten up before this team moves forward. RS needs to only focus on this right now. This is a lost season, so get your defense fixed dude.
  5. Sam got Adam fired and will probably get Rhule fired. Sam is in his own world and is uncoachable. The honeymoon is over in Carolina and the media and fans are upset. Jet fans knew what the deal was so they are not shocked. I think Gase deserves another shot.
  6. They are going ballistic on the Carolina board: Imagine trading a 2nd, 4th, and 6th to pay this guy $25 million guaranteed and still keeping your job.
  7. Mike White gives us hope. Team seems to like him. Made some nice throws with pressure. Jet fans coming to game against Buffalo want to see him. Let him loose and see if he can light it up against a strong defense.
  8. Mike White has time to let that arm get ready for next week. Like the 6.45 height and release of this guy. Seems to have good field vision. He needs a good supporting run game. Hoping he is the diamond in the rough we have been looking for since Willie Joe.
  9. Looking forward to seeing Mike White next week.
  10. White seems to recognize what the defense is giving him and acts accordingly. Darnold never looked comfortable and so far, Wilson doesn't either. Seems to me this is a god given talent and you either have it or you don't, however I am still on the Wilson bandwagon.
  11. Sam working his magic. Wherever he goes, doom settles in.
  12. Was "Sleepy Joe" able to stay up for the game?
  13. Up to this point the defense is holding it's own. The offense is a mess. I feel it is more offensive coaching then talent of the players. I guess what I am trying to say is the OC is making the rebuild look bad.
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