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  1. 1.5mil up to 4.5 million is cheap. If the guy can carry a clipboard and show Sammy how to be a better pro, we’ll all agree that this was a good investment. For those who are in disagreement with the choice, who’d you rather have Fales or Morgan as QB2? Or better yet, let’s bring back McCown ! (Who Macc paid 10 million) JD learned his mistake from last year.
  2. This. No need to trade him. The front office has all the leverage. Like it or not , He’s a Jet for the next 3 years. It’s as simple as that.
  3. Your probably right but anyone in their right mind can buy this stuff at the drugstore at half the price.
  4. Didn’t someone warn of the end of days if Macc was ever fired ? i got get out of the house
  5. The money is already ear-marked for Jamal.
  6. If healthy, this team can go places...oh yeah and Darnold not wetting the bed.
  7. Wow, a bye week between two Dolphins games. Never seen that before. I’ll go on record that 9 wins will win the division.

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