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  1. When did this place turn into a Browns forum? Who cares
  2. CanadienJetsFan

    OTA Thread

    The “Gotham Green “ is sharp but whomever came up with that colour must do his thinking in the shower
  3. CanadienJetsFan

    Jerry Reese

    You folks are cracking me up!
  4. CanadienJetsFan

    Jerry Reese

    Why not this guy for GM? 2 Superbowls in 10 years as GM, decent draft record and is only 55. Any clue where he ended up? thoughts?
  5. CanadienJetsFan

    OTA Thread

    Finally a thread about football. Oh, wait a minute...
  6. CanadienJetsFan

    Gase not done yet: Adds WR Deonte Thompson

    The power has gone to his head, lol. Relax, these are just possible depth moves something of which we all can agree has been lacking for many many years. Cimini nailed it, how dare he tinker with this roster!!!
  7. Welcome to the site. Nice idea but makes too much football sense so you know that the Johnsons will never ever do it.
  8. 1-Hire someone who actually knows football and make him President. 2-Have the president find a GM, preferably one who’s 100% in sync with Gase. 3-Take an extended holiday/sabbatical to Tahiti.
  9. “Johnson and Gase were intimately involved in this years FA and draft processes, Mike Maccagnan a mere puppet doing all the dirty work at their behest. “ I think you got it all wrong...Gase gave Macc enough rope to hang him self with come draft time. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-sports-jets-behind-scenes-adam-gase-mike-maccagnan-20190517-wnaoganfijefdi452rtuxb4tsa-story.html
  10. Kudos for getting the scoop, but get over yourself. We all know that ownership is incompetent. time to set up a gofundme account to buy them out.
  11. CanadienJetsFan

    Mike Lombardi takes a dump on Mike McCagnan

    In Lombardi’s experience, Gase is “very good at denying stories that are completely 1,000 percent true.” Let’s all bank this kernel of information!
  12. CanadienJetsFan

    Albert Breer gets to the bottom of what happened

    No way. The HC picks his staff. No Jets GM has such power. Gase’s father in law goes all the way back to the Saints Days with Williams. They’ve apparently made up. Gase is 100% in charge.
  13. CanadienJetsFan

    Bad start for gase, SOJ (merged)

    Another simple answer. Because it’s obvious that CJ doesn’t know what he’s doing. Ownership...oye
  14. CanadienJetsFan

    Bad start for gase, SOJ (merged)

    Simple answer, he didn’t pick Gase,,CJ did.

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