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  1. Just don’t break anything but records. ps, I’ll have whatever he’s having.
  2. They keep shooting them selves in the foot. bad optics. TD’s above everything.
  3. Madone...training camp hasn’t even started and people are already bailing? SOJitis is running rampant!
  4. If they truly want 18 games, just back up the brinks truck already.
  5. Dividends = wins, or vice versa Let’s see him win some games before saying that he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  6. He’s a head case. We’ll need to first figure out just how much or how little a P.I.A. Bell will be. Pass
  7. Hit up these guys for some add space
  8. Until the Johnsons finally get it right and win a super bowl, The Jets will always be labeled as dysfunctional by the media. It’s low lying fruit. Deal with it. So now they’re praising the CJ’s work...shocking! How else are they gonna get their foot in the door and get stories? By licking boots! Just don’t read their crap.
  9. Ok now that we got “our guy”, do we give this guy a pass for this upcoming season after we go 7-9?
  10. We always win the off season. We’re the undisputed champs of the off season. i’m tired of winning the off season.

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