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  1. Don’t care about the Raiders, they can go throw themselves.
  2. This has Ernie Adams written all over it. 2 observations: Glaser said that the NFL wants to move swiftly with a penalty hoping to sweep this under the rug ASAP. It’ll be up to the media to keep this story alive by digging up the truth. Did that guy say that Glaser actually had possession of the 1st spy gate tapes? I thought that they were destroyed by the NFL? I wonder why he never went public with those tapes but just went public with these?
  3. Might be the first time anyone references cricket on this site. I’ll reserve judgment until Goodell comes out with his “findings “ which I expect will be after the Super bowl.
  4. 🤔 If Gase would have figured out how to use Bell more effectively, then you’d be right.
  5. Not true. One of our linebackers levelled him early in the first half. Eventually, he’ll get injured playing this way.
  6. Darnold possesses all the qualities you want in a FQB. Macc after trading up for him then did a piss poor job in protecting him.( Still a head scratcher) Let’s see what JD has in store
  7. Adams isn’t getting traded IMO. Bell I think, is in play but they’re gonna have swallow the dead money hit. He could be worth a third rounder, maybe a second?
  8. I bet that if asked prior to the season starting, most would have said Le’Veon Bell.
  9. The Jets had to play the perfect game to beat the top team in the AFC. we’re just not good enough.
  10. It’s probably high, when you don’t trust the run game, that’s what you get.
  11. Please, don’t bring up bad memories, we’re drinking here.

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