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  1. Seems like a good guy and well respected in the locker room. Now if he can kick some ass and get them young kids to start playing harder, maybe the d line will get better.
  2. Dallas didn’t look unbeatable last Sunday. If Sam and Mosley are back, it’s possible
  3. Madone, you people. Like we were supposed to win the super bowl this year. Gase ain’t going nowhere.
  4. This is a good year to work on my golf game. The snow is coming you know.
  5. At least we jet fans are as stupid as this: https://mobile.twitter.com/420beachdad/status/1180899474333474817?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1180899474333474817&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fdailysnark.com%2Fbuffalo-bills-fan-nearly-kills-himself-trying-to-put-himself-through-a-table%2F
  6. This. Douglas gets a pass this year and by default, so does Gase. They need to weed out the weaklings/ bellyachers, amass as many draft picks as possible, and build through the draft. The 2019 NYJ just ain’t that good.
  7. I guess I’ll get to finally painting the basement
  8. “I’ve never been benched in my entire life “ poor baby. Millennials. Shut up and play better.
  9. Out of sight is out of mind. It amazes me how just how short most people's patience has become. Look, i'm sure that Douglas and Gase thought that the 2019 Jets were a potential playoff team...at best. If Sam can't play for the majority of the year, then you play to tank,so to speak. Sam isn't the reason why this team stinks. The core of this team is just too thin and void of character, leadership and experience. That's why they stink. Losing a whole bunch of games will weed out the weaklings. Douglas will do what Mac didn't do with a high draft pick, and that's to TRADE DOWN!!!

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