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  1. I’m in. But I’m not dying my hair blonde…..until he wins us a super bowl that is.
  2. This. another reason why Macc’s pick of Maye after having Jamal fall on his lap made ZERO logic. Dalvin Cook says hello
  3. Max, as a fellow cancer survivor myself, my thoughts, prayers and positive energy are with Lauren, yourself, your kids, and all. You’re asked to be her rock once again. stay strong!
  4. After this year? More like after training camp. seriously, if he drops anything in the pre season, he should be shown the door.
  5. Let me be the first to say, trade down!
  6. Islanders- Canadiens would have been a dream scenario, it would have brought memories of times passed. THE CUP’S COMING HOME!
  7. This is great news! where is everyone? watching, dare I say, the hockey game?
  8. No one got seriously injured. I’m pleased.
  9. Just trade him and be done with him. We’re rebuilding and I’d rather see one of them young kids get the reps.
  10. It’s crazy how this stuff gets leaked one drip at a time
  11. So maybe that’s why JD hasn’t signed a vet QB, he’s going to trade next year’s treasure trove of draft picks for DW......huh?,huh?
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