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  1. CanadienJetsFan

    Bowles taking back some playcalling duties

    Good on Bowles. Be the guru that you do so well. God knows this team needs all the help it can get.
  2. I thought I’d never see the day!
  3. CanadienJetsFan

    New York Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles, 9.21

    God help us it’s gonna be a long season. We’ll see how tough this team really is for there’s going to be many more of these crazy games to come.
  4. CanadienJetsFan

    4 years of undisciplined football.

    Young players press too hard and the end result is usually lots dumb -ass penalties. i thought Bowles had it all under control with all them push ups he had them doing in training camp? i wonder how many he’ll have them doing today!
  5. CanadienJetsFan

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    Last night all of his shortcomings ,game planning, halftime adjustments or lack there of and lastly discipline, or lack there of, came out to bite us in the butt. That falls squarely on the coach. He’s too much of a players coach and when he needs to bench people , he just doesn’t. Last night he had a few opportunities to bench people but he didnt. Now as for the personnel,Last night once again proves that this team isn’t good enough to win the “ugly “ games. It’s as if they have to play a perfect game to win anything. There just isn’t enough depth on this team. There isn’t a Number one receiver on this team. There isn’t a pass rusher on this team. And lastly the offensive line just flat out is no good. Bowles and company just cannot seem to out coach their opponents. Yup, my patience is running thin.
  6. That was a respectable reply from our offense. Even now if the Browns do score a TD, at the very least we can still get the ball back with some time left and three timeouts.
  7. It's becoming blatantly obvious that if this team doesn't play a perfect game, they cannot win. Now there's one quarter left and a game is tied it's not out of our hands to win this . Let's see what this team is made up of
  8. With Robbie fumbling, Kearse no where to be found, do you blame him?
  9. Turnovers and penalties=our demise...thank god this defense is on tonight. Now the offensive needs to pay back the defence with a long sustainable drive

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