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  1. Thank you Korn/Ferry.
  2. CanadienJetsFan

    Bates On Darnold

    The kid has come as advertised. Can't wait to see him in live action.
  3. CanadienJetsFan

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    This. Thanks
  4. Cautiously optimistic that we’re on the right track. Not to sound repetitive, but 2017 was the beginning of a rebuild where drafting a QB was priority one. Having Darnold fall on our laps may go down as the one event that makes us turn the corner. We probably won’t be that good this year, but there’s no more excuses for this management after that. Now that we have our QB, Everything, and I mean every action/move/ decision that’s going to take place MUST be made with Darnold’s future prospects in mind. We’ll see...especially with Bowles.
  5. There’s actually a website tracking this? What's next, www. nflpaternitysuits.com?
  6. There goes our playoff hopes.
  7. Yes, we are more talented than last year. Now will the coaching improve? Stay tuned.
  8. When you're hanging around with the"beautiful people " of the F1 circuit instead of attending OTA's, it's over. Still, nice throw and an even better catch who thinks soccer when the word football is mentioned. V
  9. CanadienJetsFan

    Excellent Bucky Brooks Article

    Macc ahead of the curve? Can't be.
  10. Macc made a good signing? Can't be.
  11. CanadienJetsFan

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    This was done the right way, like ripping off a bandaid. Sam is the future and there’s no upside in having Hack hang around. Every move Macc makes going forward must be made with Sam Darnold’s development in mind. Today he traded a guy who simply wasn’t in cards anymore for all of the QB coaching MUST be used on Sam. Good luck to him though, but seeing he’s going to an AFC rival, not too much!
  12. CanadienJetsFan

    Jets OTA’s Day 1

    Thanks for doing this!
  13. When there's nothing interesting to write about, these so called reporters make things up.
  14. Woody should have demanded his money back from idzik. D-?....more like an F.