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  1. WR T. Pryor Visiting Jets

    Agreed. Too bad, he'd be a good addition.
  2. WR T. Pryor Visiting Jets

  3. USC Pro Day on now

    Man, the guy gets no love, I tells ya! This team probably goes 5 -11 this year anyway, so chances are this is his last USC combine that he'll be attending as the HC of the NYC.
  4. USC Pro Day on now

    Sad but true.
  5. USC Pro Day on now

    All jokes aside, how does he look?
  6. NFL Scouts' Perception Of Baker Mayfield

    No clue what the so called "experts" think of this kid, but I wonder if he were e couple of inches taller, would he still be ranked at #4?
  7. I have a new scenario at #3

    From your mouth to God's ears Sar I but it'll take next year's #1 to move up, at the very least. Macc better hit a homer if he does!
  8. Josh Allen

    Don't care if it's either Larry, Moe or Curly. Can we FINALLY have a franchise QB over here?
  9. Good Day to be a Jets fan

    Rebuilding is fun.
  10. Best part about this trade?

    Boy, them bills fans take trolling quite seriously, reminds me of Canadian parliament lol.

    This is a game changer, no doubt! Macc had the ammo to move up and pulled the trigger. Good for him for not sitting on his hands while others run up the draft board and select what may become their franchise QB. My observation, fwiw: 1- the brownies aren't willing to trade out of #, or they simply wanted too much. 2- the Giants would NEVER have traded with their cross town neighbors. Plus, I don't think they'd pass on the chance to put in place a QB in waiting. Therefore, Macc's best available option was at #3, and he took it. I have no opinion as to who I think is the better option for I'm no scout. I know what I don't know, and I don't know scouting. and more importantly, not being privy to any of the all important interviews makes it impossible to know what any of these prospects are thinking "upstairs ". They're all physically able to play, but it's what's inside that counts. All i know is that as of today, the NYJ are going to select someone who I hope will be our franchise QB. I don't care who that guy may be.
  12. If his leg holds up, he's our starter.
  13. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.