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  1. It’s only 2 games. Joyner hasn’t played in what, 2 years? As the play more together, They’ll improve…they can’t get worse.
  2. His fumble recovery was huge. The guy looked like he was shot out of a canon on that play. So far, he’s been quite the bright spot.
  3. IF ready, Zach plays. This is his team, not Giuseppe’s.
  4. Well, at least we could say , thank you God for not making us Browns fans!
  5. You’ll be needing, what am I saying, we’ll all need some of this as well:
  6. It’s taken 22 freakin’ years for Woody to FINALLY stop meddling in the football operations and NOW most want him to sell? In the words of Mike Francesca himself , “I’ll pass.”
  7. Lisa, if you’re ready this, I think you’re hot.
  8. Conspiracy theorists here on JN will conclude that only Zach’s mom will decide when he’s ready to play, but what do I know…
  9. That’s the funniest thing you’ve said in a long, long, time. You have no possible way of knowing what players think of Saleh.
  10. I never liked the hire not because of the man, but because of the lack of head coaching experience. In fact, The entire coaching staff lacks experience ( first time head coach, first time offensive coordinator and first time defensive coordinator) So, it’s obvious that growing pains were expected. I haven’t changed my opinion of him for for me, the jury is still out from day 1.
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