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  1. I don’t understand all the negative comments regarding Becton. They guy got rolled over. It was a fluke injury and he’s lucky that it wasn’t more serious. Moses will do well filling in. get over it everyone. Becton is the least of this team’s problems
  2. This GM is in charge for the next 3years, like it or not. ownership is finally staying out of the way and people here want JD canned. go figure.
  3. I don’t get it, we finally find our franchise punter and then we sign one? why can’t amendola do both, sore feet?
  4. The team did exactly what a young team should have done; look inexperienced. everyone else here who’s “disappointed“ with either the quarterback play, or the offence line play, the lack of running back play-making abilities, not enough sacks, or coaching preparedness, needs to pop a pill. It’s only game 1.
  5. Avery wasn’t that bad of a line backer. Why isn’t he on some team? Injuries?
  6. This was the first game. New scheme, AVT didn’t have much of a training camp either, so we shouldn’t be that surprised with yesterday. 6 sacks were too many but half of them could have been avoided if Zack got rid of the ball quicker. they will improve, let’s hope Becton isn’t done for the year.
  7. We need more rushing yards, we need sacks…did we even get one today?
  8. At least we FINALLY found our franchise punter.
  9. All’s I know is that he put up only 3 points in the 2nd half.
  10. That throw right there is the difference between Zach and Sam.
  11. It’s simple, just don’t watch any of the pre-game crap. enjoy the game.
  12. Enough with this Bless talk, they guy probably wasn’t good enough to play the zone scheme, and that’s that.
  13. That’s nice. Now go win some games.
  14. Has the ESPN machine predictor thing ever been right? Just wondering…
  15. I know, you’d think Mac would have had a “plan B”
  16. It’s very simple: 1- our starters need to stay relatively healthy because let’s all face it, this lineup still lacks depth. 2- our OL needs to be not only good, but great at protecting Zack. 3- Zack cannot see ghosts.
  17. Marcus Maye over Dalvin Cook. I mean Mac has Jamal ( who most experts predicted he’d go early) fall on his lap then he doubles-down on safeties with Maye. what the hell was he thinking?…
  18. Who gives a crap what he looks like! If Zach works out, the Jets will be a winner once again
  19. The season hasn't even started and people are already asking for JD's head! Typical SOJ fan reaction. Look, the guy is in the 3rd year of his 6 year contract. The guy knew what he was getting into which was a terrible situation with practically zero playmakers and no depth. And oh yeah, a QB that still needed to prove himself worthy. But leave all of that aside and focus one thing HE was able to do; He's managed to convince ownership to stay out of the way. AND he's the top dog. No more of this 50-50 power share with his head coach. I cant stress enough how monumental thi
  20. So it’s basically a contract year for him. Nice pick up by JD, hope he stays healthy and contributes.
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