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  1. My question is how will Bowles handle Darnold's development. We all know that Bowles is more about winning than building, so if Bridgewater or McCown are winning games, Darnold will sit. How this affects his development is anyone's guess, but I feel that Darnold should be inserted into the lineup by the bye week. If the Jets are 5-5 or 6-4 that won't happen as NE comes in after the bye.
  2. Ex-Rex

    Updated Roster June 6

    Hansen seems to be doing well, but I think Stewart is a bust.
  3. You have Jameis Winston AHEAD of Rivers, at 14? You must be joking.
  4. Jets scored 62 against Tampa Bay in 1986.
  5. The Jets always surprise. Whenever the media says they will suck they actually are pretty good and when the expectations are that they should should be good they underachieve. I hope these young leaders change that aspect. 8-8 should show enough improvement to actually have the media predicting playoffs in 2019.
  6. If Bridgewater is healthy I would sign him to an extension and let him battle it out - first with McCown - then with Darnold and may the best man win. Good QB's don't grow on trees and where would the Eagles have been without Foles last year? Gotta have two capable QB's these days, so I wouldn't trade him at all.
  7. No reach. Either the guy makes it or he doesn't. Jets didn't lose anything by giving the guy a shot and who knows.
  8. Many coaches and GM's of the Jets before Mac have swung and missed on QB's. Dick Steinberg failed to get Brett Favre while Joe Walton took Ken O'Brien over Dan Marino. The list goes on and on to Bill Parcells failing to take a chance on Peyton Manning to Mike Tannenbaum not heeding the advice of Terry Bradway and selecting Russell Wilson. I even read a story that said a Jets scout was extremely high on a skinny kid from Michigan - can you guess his name?
  9. Once again, some of you guys don't understand how Woody Johnson has this organization structured. Mac has NO POWER over Todd Bowles. He drafts the players and if Bowles doesn't like him he doesn't get to play. Mac also has NO POWER over the structure of Bowles staff. So keeping Kacy Rodgers is Bowles call. I totally disagree with the structure of the GM and HC each reporting directly to the owner as it brings chaos and lends itself to back stabbing. Development of players is the coaching staff's job and NOT at all the GM's.
  10. Ex-Rex

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    If they can find a way to push Bowles down a well shaft it would be perfect.
  11. Optimism running rampant. I don't see more than an 8-8 season. Let's not forget that this defense - while young - is not very good at getting after the passer and that is a big key. The secondary will be better and they can get some coverage sacks but against teams that get rid of the ball quickly the Jets are in a mismatch. They need to improve at tackling 100 percent. Plus, they have Todd Bowles as HC. Need I say more?
  12. It is easy to be great when you know what's coming. You think the Pats have stopped cheating? Think again. They stole the SB against the Rams by spying on their practices so Brady knew what was coming as soon as he got to the LOS.
  13. Him and Daryl Lamonica were the first in the AFL to really open up the game. Len Dawson was a short passer but Joe and Daryl would uncork a long one every series.
  14. I was 12 when the Jets won the SB so I remember Joe Willie. Before 1970 Joe was surprisingly agile and Aaron Rodgers is the one who he reminds me of in his prime. Joe threw more ints because he was supremely confident that he could get balls in even the tightest window which is somewhat like Favre.
  15. There is a warrent out for him for missing a court date. He will "make us proud" from a Fla jail cell.