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  1. An Alex Smith type of injury would be far more satisfying. The he could take his "vitamin pills" and be better by next month.
  2. He is firmly in his suck cycle now. Second year is always the start of his suck cycle. I know this is a minor point and probably no one else cares but it peeves me to no end to here Tua called Tangovialoa. Why not call him TuNa as well? There is no 'N' in Tua but there is no 'N' in Tagovialoa either. IDK it just pi$$es me off.
  3. Isn't Orlovsky the guy that ran down the end zone end line for a safety in a game? I still like that he likes our guy Darnold because I do too. I think his career will dwarf Josh Allen for sure and Baker Mayfield.
  4. In my view none of these were "historically changing" as the firing of HC Walt Michaels who had the team on the cusp of a SB but was sacked for an OC who proved to be an ineffective HC and drafted O'Brien over Marino. If Michaels had stayed the Jets would have drafted Darrell Green and had their shutdown CB for the next 12 years. Michaels proved he was blackballed unnecessarily by the Jets because he had great success in the WFL with the Generals. Hess, as usual, was blinded by prejudice and not understanding that not everyone has to be a Boy Scout including the HC.
  5. Cashman has had three shoulder surgeries. Not good for a tackler that has to lead with the shoulder. Edoga sticks only if Jets do not sign Jason Peters or Larry Warford. If they do he is probably a practice squad guy.
  6. How about Bell underperformed behind a bad o-line last year which was no condusive to his slide and glide appraoch when the Jets o-line was being consistently pushed around. No more of that crap and both Gore and Bell should excel this season.
  7. And toss Van Roten or Lewis on the scrapheap? Warford is not that great an upgrade from the guys we now have and the guys we drafted. Rather go for Ryan which is what this thread is about anyway.
  8. Moore would be a solid choice. Fales fails just with his name. He should change it to succeed.
  9. I disagree. I think it was time for a change. The classic Jets unis are awesome but losing makes you resent them. I like the new look especially the black ones.
  10. Have you seen the highlights from last season? Gore looks much better than Powell, even at 37. Gore had nearly 600 yards rushing last season which was probably more than the entire Jets team.
  11. I think Gore's signing marks the end of Bilal Powell's Jets career. I think they keep Cannon since he plays on special teams as well as third down back.
  12. I expect Sam to surpass Joe Namath's 4,003 passing yds this season with close to 30 TD's and 9-15 ints. He will also have a 65 % completion rate.
  13. Do you honestly believe that? Rex is not now or was he EVER a good HC even with a good OC which Schottenheimer was. Rex went straight downhill after Schotty left. And oh yeah, Douglas does not have the authority to hire or fire the HC.

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