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  1. How much "dead money" would the Jets have to absorb if they do trade Bell? Are his guarantees fulfilled? Not sure about that. I happen to like Bell and hope Gase gets his head out of his a$$ and decides to utilize Bell to help Darnold. I want a Jets team that runs the ball and imposes it's will on it's opponent. Maybe that is too much to ask from the "offensive genius" Gase, who is so determined to prove he is just that - but he can't see the forest for the trees.
  2. Please don't compare Gase in ANY way with BB. He went 5-11 with a team that knew they were moving to Baltimore the next year. The year before he had them in the playoffs. He went 5-11 with NE with a rookie QB - Drew Bledsoe.
  3. I would take the guy in the plastic Burger King head over Gase, so yeah I would like the hire. I prefer the Jets keep Gregg Williams and promote him to HC. He deserves a shot and the Redskins will come after him hard.
  4. Gase is a total jackass. He has Le'Veon Bell - a guy he didn't want - so he doesn't utilize him. Sine when do you have to like a guy in order to take advantage of his skill set? Any HC that would rather let a guy rot on the vine because he didn't want him should be relieved of his duties but Woody and Chris Johnson don't have half a brain between the two of them.
  5. They also won with Edoga in there. I think Compton is capable but the Jets need two tackles. Shell is a guard more than a tackle if he is anything at all. If Winters comes back healthy the Jets would be fine at guard with him and Compton. Lewis is more a run blocker that struggles in pass protection. I would like to see the Jets get the Georgia tackle.
  6. Rex and Idzik actually drafted Prior and he didn't last until the Bowles era. But it was a stupid pick much like many of them. It is beginning to look like the last two Mac drafts were not bad. I think Douglas knows his personnel and will select much better that the last several GM's we have had. He comes from a very analytical background so he won't be reaching.
  7. I think the Jets will finish 6-10 with wins over Washington, Miami, Cincinnati and Buffalo. If they play well in losses to Oakland, Baltimore and Pittsburgh the Johnson bros. will bring Gase back. If, however, the Jets look like hot garbage it is curtains for Gase even after one season. His decision making is terrible, twice losing valuable timeouts on replay calls that he could never win.
  8. Coming from the fakest a$$ CB in the NFL that is a compliment. Yes we are fake a$$ fans that hate your fake a$$ play and will continue to hate your fake a$$ play until you take your fake a$$ play elsewhere.
  9. He was responsible for the Fins first TD. Left his guy in the end zone to move forward and cover an already covered TE. This guy makes dumb look smart.
  10. McCarthy also brought a winning record and a system that worked while Gase brought nothing but an endorsement from Peyton Manning who obviously hates the Jets.
  11. The NFL is a totally corrupt league that pulls rule interpretation out their a$$es whenever they can. And they screw the Jets particularly bad. I wish all football fans would join me in doing something ELSE on Sunday for the rest of the season. I know it will hurt, I will probably drink myself into a coma, but I WILL NOT watch or go to an NFL game. I am tired of arguing about officials calls when I know when it concerns the Jets we are f-cked. They make up the rules as they go along, mostly to satisfy the bookies is my theory, but I can't prove it I just see it every week. See you all next season maybe. I hope Walt Anderson makes good money out of taking a fine touchdown pass reception away from Ryan Griffin.
  12. This is a guy that beats his chest when he makes a play with his team down by 15 points. And he made no plays while his team was getting beat by 15.
  13. He is 24 years old and a three year veteran player NOT a kid. He is however immature.
  14. He has shown flashes of brilliance but not consistency. He can make a great play one minute and a bonehead play the next so comparing himself to steady, productive superstar players is delusional. If I am Adam Gase I tell him "no more" or you will be benched or suspended. Time to forget your "hurt feelings" and try to help get this team a win.
  15. Bull crap. The Jets front office does not have to answer to any player, especially a guy like this who makes a great play one time and then several poor ones. He has a very high opinion of himself which I do not share. I agree that the Osemele thing was handled poorly but Adams case is different.

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