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  1. How good would Khalil Mack look in green and white? Mac should have matched the Bears offer or bettered it. Mack is a HOF player who would have made all the difference on this team and Jets would probably be 3-0 right now and a scary defensive team. But, no the Jets NEVER make the bold move to put the team over the top.
  2. Not to mention wasted time outs. This team blows at least one time out per game because they didn't get the play in, lined up wrong or had the wrong personnel on the field.
  3. Ex-Rex


    I still cannot forgive the way BARF Scott hid in the AFCCG against Pittsburgh. He wanted NOTHING to do with Rashard Mendenhall and continuously tried to tackle him from behind.
  4. You don't cut him, you bench him for a half. Shame him in front of his team mates so that he knows....WTF am I saying? Bowles probably gave him a game ball.
  5. Yeah he gave him a game ball. Crowell too. This man instills zero discipline in his team continues to waste time outs because the team can't line up right or has wrong personnel in there. Happens every game, but our limp di*k ownership doesn't see it or can't decide what to do about it. So, it will simply continue and the Jets losses will pile up. I see another 5-11 season - his third straight losing season, but management will keep him in the Jets "family"
  6. Ex-Rex


    There is no excuse for Todd Bowles other than he is a bad HC. He doesn't know offense at all, is as clueless on that side of the ball as Rex Ryan was. In fact, they are the same guy minus the bluster. Bowles should have been fired after last season so that Darnold could start fresh with an OC that would be there a few years. If Bowles is canned after this season - which he should be - then Darnold will be saddled with having to learn a new system and that could set him back.
  7. Ex-Rex

    This Game Broke Me

    I lost all respect for Bowles during the Denver game last year when he quit with over a minute and a half left in the second period and took a knee. I don't feel drained at all by the loss. I expected it when they settled for a FG. I knew this defense was not stout enough to hold on. How would Khalil Mack have looked in Green and White? We'll never know because Mac doesn't have the balls to make a big move. Mack would have changed this defense in so many ways and the Jets would be players in the league. No guts no glory and that is the story of the NY Jets.
  8. Ex-Rex

    This Game Broke Me

    I knew when the Jets failed to score a TD and had to settle for a FG that this game was over. Jets D only looks good for a short time. When it comes to crunch time they wilt like a hot house flower. Run game was stuffed all night long until last drive when Hyde gashed them time and time again. It is a sign of a poorly coached team that consistently wastes opportunities. Bilal Powell was running like a mad man averaging 6.8 yards a carry and yet Crowell was in there down at the 11 yard line. Powell is faster and when he gets near the goal line he is a mad man and will dive in from the four where Crowell was stopped.
  9. Ex-Rex

    Why wait until the season ends

    Jets limp di&k ownership won't fire him during the season. Who would step in as interim? Bates? Rodgers? No, Bowles has surrounded himself with lesser lights that would do a far worse job than he is doing. At the end of the season he should be terminated immediately though.
  10. I am disappointed that Darnold didn't take advantage of his athletic ability and run with the ball. Not once did I see him run when he had a chance to make positive yardage and maybe even a big play. Instead he would throw the ball away and kill the play.
  11. My question for Bates would be, why take Powell out of the game in the red zone when he was averaging 6.8 yards per rush? Crowell got stonewalled and had to settle for FG. At that point I knew game was lost, because D was gassed and gashed by a run game they had held in check all game long.
  12. That is about the third or fourth time I have seen teams rip the ball from his skinny, weak arms. He is a one trick pony that can ONLY catch deep balls down the sideline. Throw him the ball over the middle and teams will strip him because he is a stick man.
  13. I noticed that Bates doesn't cover his mouth with the play sheet like every other OC in the league. I wouldn't doubt if he isn't giving plays away to opponents with this. Every team has spies that look for things like that. On a different note one thing that upset me about Darnold was he was reluctant to run with the ball when he had several chances to make good yardage if he had.
  14. Ex-Rex

    Final thoughts on Bowles

    He is almost exactly like Rex - who I also hated - except for the bluster. This guy is a mummy that says nothing of import and cannot motivate his team to play like their hair is on fire. Also totally disagree with ownership that says the record will not determine his fate because it should. It does for 31 other teams in the league outside of Cleveland but not the Jets. I give Mac a pass because I think Bowles has a lot of input into the draft and it is usually bad.
  15. Totally agree. Jets seem great at finding Bama players who can't play at the next level.

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