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  1. I doubt the Packers are doubting Jordan Love on such a small sample size. They want to delay this until June when they can knock 15M off their salary cap books. If the 13 pick was all GB wanted I would give it to them. There is plenty of o-line talent in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Hopefully Mitchell will come back healthy along with Becton and Vera-Tucker. Grab a center in 2nd round and a backup guard in the 3rd and the Jets are well on their way.
  2. As of now he has less than 30 minutes to decide and I don't think he is coming to the Jets. Why would a potential HOF QB want to come to a desperate, QB needy team like the Jets where the expectations will be through the roof. He will not risk his HOF status to try to drag the Jets to respectability. Go after Jimmy G. though his fragility is a huge issue. I would offer the Titans a draft pick or two for Tannehill.
  3. While Rodgers continues to waffle on what he wants to do. He needs to be happy you know.
  4. As usual Woody Johnson fu#ks up the works. Rodgers is NOT coming to a team so desperate that they bring the owner to the dance. BTW it was over a week since they met with Rodgers and what have the Jets heard? Crickets. I know if I took a girl out and we had a "great" time and then never heard from her again, I'm moving on.
  5. He is not coming to NY. I think the Raiders have been lying in wait in the bushes and that is where I think he ends up. Vegas is Rodgers kind of town and the expectations would not be as great as they will be with a QB desperate Jets team. I agree that he is a self absorbed narcissist prick that I would love if he did come here. Only 30 minutes left to make that decision however. At 12:01 I want JD to announce that they are signing Jimmy G.
  6. Rodgers is not coming to the Jets. It would take a level of commitment that he has rarely shown. He would have to be there from day one, talking to and getting to know the young guys and being a mentor of sorts, which has has said in the past, "It's not my job." Plus, the Jets are a desperate team that cannot draft a quality QB and would expect the sun and moon from Rodgers. Add to that the NY media and this is not a comfortable situation for a guy pushing 40 and sees himself as a demigod. He is NOT coming to the Jets.
  7. I have said the same thing. I think Rodgers screws the Jets and goes back to GB which pi$$es off Jordan Love, but what can he do?
  8. Did Rodgers work with Jordan Love? Said "It's not my job" so good luck him mentoring Zach Wilson. No, ZW is on his own with that.
  9. His skill set is that of a top 5 QB but I am concerned with his level of selfishness and his me attitude. I can see him coming to NY and acting like he is above being a guy who hangs with other players or is great in the locker room. He has a very ME attitude.
  10. Aaron Rodgers is about one thing and that is Aaron Rodgers. He is in no hurry to make this move because it is his life and he wants to be happy. If we get him he will play this season after reporting at the last minute, being a disinterested teammate, and then he will put the organization and fans in a tizzy next year as he decides..am I going to play? I dont know let me take my time to figure it out. HUGE MISTAKE LETTING CARR GO.
  11. Fire JD f-ing TODAY. The Saints took advantage of Jets malaise and signed the better QB option...which is Derek Carr. F-ing Rodgers is a flake and will drag this process out because he is laconic and thinks the world of himself and the Jets will end up with Marcus Mariota who I think is a better option that Rodgers. Even if the Jets can afford him, he will cost us players they need to cut and Rodgers is not exactly a "fun guy" to be around. Self centered and not really a "team player" he will probably report at the last minute, be disconnected with the locker room and not on the same page as the young guys. When it was reported this morning that the Jets had a second meeting with Carr and didn't sign him I knew he was gone. Now the Jets get to pay through the nose for a disinteressted QB 60M and lose at last one first round draft pick and while Carr may be a half step down from Rodgers he is a better fit, which JD doesn't seem to recognize. I AM SO F-ING PISSED RIGHT NOW.
  12. Rodgers is a drama queen par excellence and IDK if I want him at all. 40 years old coming off his WORST statistical season and wold have to learn the Jets roster, especially RB's and WR's. Why would he want to? And why do we want him?
  13. I agree. I can't stand Aaron Rodgers and his flippant attitude. I think he would be a cancer in the locker room. He will be 40 soon and he doesn't relate with younger players and the Jets are loaded with those.
  14. Saleh will never give him the chance
  15. I agree. ZW panics in the face of a quick pass rush so JD needs to draft and sign OL's that can give ZW some time. I think he can be functional.
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