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  1. And go after Trey Flowers in FA along with a center or guard. Then draft Jonah Williams after trading down with the Giants at six while picking up at least a second rounder.
  2. Amen brother. I want the Pats to set a SB record for losses that can never be matched. Right now they are 5-5 all time. 5-3 with Brady and BB. I want them to lose so bad they will be embarrassed to play next regular season.
  3. I love you guys that try and see into the future. Gase is HC right now, Gregg Williams is DC right now and Mac is GM right now. The only future portend I want to see is who the Jets get in the draft and FA.
  4. Ex-Rex

    Would you rather . . . ?

    I would prefer Hunt. Bell will demand top dollar while Hunt is still on his rookie deal. Yes he will probably serve a suspension but he would give the Jets a young, versatile back for years while Bell would be a two years and done guy.
  5. The Jets will need someone with experience and enough cache to run the defense because Gase said that a lot of his attention will be on and for Darnold, so he is going to need someone who can run the defense effectively without much input from the HC. That man is Gregg Williams. Jets need to sign him before the Redskins do.
  6. Ex-Rex

    Would you rather . . . ?

    I would love to see the Jets go back to the 4-3. I wanted Rex to do it when he had Williams, Coples, Wilkerson and Richardson. I think that could have been a great d-line, but Rex was too inflexible and tried to smash square pegs into round holes and it never worked. For guys considered defensive "gurus" neither Rex or Bowles was able to get the Jets defense to play consistently well, especially Williams who seems to be mailing it in every week. A 4-3 might be just the ticket to revive his career.
  7. Ex-Rex

    Adam Gase Presser - Monday

    I was hoping for him to produce a napkin saying he resigned as HC of the NYJ
  8. Is that pole up your bum causing your eyes to bug out like that?
  9. Ex-Rex

    Press Conference

    Check out the big brain on Gase....and the buggy eyes that can't seem to focus directly ahead. This guy is gonna LOVE his weekly pressers and what the press does with him.
  10. I would have been turned off by that staff as well. McAdoo is a total jerk and Philbin is one of the reasons the Packers offense went stale.
  11. Ex-Rex

    McCarthy Context

    My feeling was that I think the Jets need someone with cache as their HC. Someone who can come in and say, I have done and and this is how it's done. His offense could have been tweaked and improved upon - I am sure he knew that - but I think he probably wanted more say in personnel than Mac was comfortable with. Bowles had a lot of say in things and that was very uneven in results.
  12. I also voted Williams and I hope he gets the job but I think Vance Joseph has the inside track because he worked with Gase in Denver. Coaches like familiarity in their coordinators.
  13. The Ryan's are the most OVERRATED DC's in NFL history. They left NY and went to Buffalo, where Gregg Williams had just left with a top-5 defense and turned it into one of the worst units in the league. They are too rigid and unbending and try to force personnel into roles they are not good at or used to. They think their scheme is infallable and they are WRONG.
  14. Ex-Rex

    Francesa Says...

    I would like Gregg Williams or Vance Joseph as DC, and since Gase calls the plays get a solid QB coach. I would even say McCown might be a good candidate.
  15. I think what quashed the McCarthy hire was he wanted too much power and say over the roster, which given Mac's track record they should have given him. I will give Gase the benefit of the doubt, but if he stumbles out the gate, it is over for me as a Jets fan. Can't take it no more, this never ending search for respectability. It shouldn't be this hard.

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