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  1. Reminds me of Leonard Williams - another slacker who only moderately improved after leaving the Jets.
  2. Your saying Maccagnan was worse than Idzik? Not possible. Gase wouldn't have had this team any better than it is right now. What kills me is that the offense - which was supposed to be Gase's strength - is firing on all cylinders but the defense gets pushed around routinely, especially in the run game.
  3. Saleh made a big mistake hiring a guy with so little experience and guiding a rookie QB but he had Knapp to oversee and provide insight that is lost now. Lafleur will learn but can the Jets wait on his learning curve? Saleh needs to bring in an offensive 'consultant' of some kind to help Lafleur speed up his learning curve.
  4. The Bengals showed patience while Jets fans have ZERO patience. What's worse is that ownership tends to cave in to fan impatience which is why we are where we are. I know Saleh made a mistake hiring Mike Lafleur to run his offense but he had Greg Knapp in lace to "provide insight" his death was the biggest single blow to the Jets offense and Saleh and JD need to bring someone in who can help Lafleur's learning curve. He doesn't know what he doesn't know, so how can he fix it?
  5. That shows the organization had a plan and the patience to see it through. The Jets - and it's fans - are going to have to show the same patience and hope JD made the right choices. What else can we do?
  6. I don't think Lafleur can come up with a game plan that could be the Kansas Jayhawks.
  7. The team I saw on Sunday in Foxboro bore no resemblance to a team that was trying to win. Gashed up the middle on the run and on the edges with the screen pass. The Pats only had to run two plays all day to beat these guy like a red headed step child. Jets looked like they were still sleeping and on their second bye week.
  8. Who is going to teach him? Hiring an inexperienced OC for a rookie HC and a rookie QB was a HUMUNGUS mistake and JD is going to have to answer for that. He should have stepped in when Salah was interviewing Lafleur and said "Wait a minute...let's think about this."
  9. And I don't think we have hit rock bottom yet. We are in the 10th year of a three year rebuilding program with our fourth HC. Pathetic.
  10. Unfortunately JD and Salah fell in love and targeted Wilson from jump street. That is concerning because you have to be objective and they were nothing of the sort. You have to second guess yourself and not be stuck on one guy at the most important position in football. It isn't Wilson's fault that the Jets front office has blinders on.
  11. Joe Douglas should have never allowed Salah to hire a first year OC to coach a rookie QB. That was unquestionably the biggest off season mistake. Losing Greg Knapp hurt obviously, but Lafleur has no clue. Coming off a bye week the Jets looked like they were playing flag football. Offensively they cannot game plan effectively as zero first quarter points proves.
  12. The rules regarding catching the football is what gets me. I watched a game yesterday where a WR caught the ball in the EZ, with both feet on the ground and control of the ball when a DB came flying in and swiped the ball loose. In the "good ol days" of football that was instantly a TD. Now you have to not only catch the ball with two feet down and control but if you go to the ground and the ball comes out it is incomplete. What ever happened to the ground can't cause a fumble? IDK. Plus, I watch our QB's get hit high - in the head - and low - below the knees - and NOTHING is called. Yet when
  13. In what capacity? QB coach? OC? Assistant OC? I think Mike LeFleur was a mistake due to his lack of experience but does Salah fire him so soon?
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