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  1. Bowles has put together a staff that has no clue what to do. Inexperienced, they look to him to make adjustments and help them out when things are not working, but he is looking to them, so nothing gets done. Bowles really should have been fired after last year and an offensive minded HC brought in to develop whatever rookie QB the Jets drafted. Bowles, by all accounts is a nice guy, but we know where nice guys finish.
  2. Hearing some Jets fans calling for Rex Ryan's return.
  3. The Ravens - much like the Jets - have seen struggles mostly on offense. Even with Joe Flacco and a solid run game the Ravens seem to always struggle offensively. Harbaugh won a SB with the best defense in the league with leaders like Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs. The Jets have no such leaders, so I would say nay to Harbaugh.
  4. Ex-Rex

    Fans are outraged. Ownership...

    That's funny, but really don't you think they would benfit from receiving "football advice" fro Polian and Casserly? Look what a great job Mac and Bowles have done to date.
  5. Ex-Rex

    Fans are outraged. Ownership...

    We ALL know that Woodrow Johnson is the biggest problem, but you can't fire the owner, you can only hope that he eventually hires the right combination of GM and HC that they win IN SPITE of him
  6. Ex-Rex

    Fans are outraged. Ownership...

    Be realistic there are still six games left to play. Then Bowles and his entire inept, inexperienced will be put out to pasture. Who would run the team if the Johnson's fired Bowles, Maccagnan and the HC and OC as you say they should? No, let them all suffer like the rest of us with the hot garbage they have put on the playing field until the bitter end.
  7. I don't think the Johnson's want the headache of hiring a GM. Nor do I think they would trust Bill Polian or Charlie Casserly to "advise" them on who to hire. I think they would rather have Mac make the decision and live with that until it proves out or not.
  8. I agree. He is responsible for this hot trash so let him suffer with it like the rest of us. 3-13. Maybe a win over Buffalo, but I don't see them beating anyone else on the schedule. Darnold MUST be given an innovative, imaginative OFFENSIVE MINDED HC next season.
  9. It will still be the end for Bowles because you can't say he has done his job "developing" Darnold. Especially if he uses an injury as an excuse to eke out a win or two.
  10. Other than last year 1980. In the 81 draft the Giants picked Lawrence Taylor with the second pick and the Jets took Freeman McNeil third.
  11. I don't think Mac has been that bad. At least not nearly as bad as Bowles has been as HC. I doubt the Johnson's will clean house because of their own lack of confidence in picking the right guys. I would prefer to have Mac hire the next HC or hire a guy like Mike Shanahan and give him full autonomy.
  12. Blind squirrel syndrome. One lucky year then disappear.
  13. Ex-Rex


    Yeah and dumbass Todd Bowles fired him for being too pass happy in a pass happy league. Wants a run game with a poor OL and not a great collection of runners. Bowles is bashing his head against the wall and still can't get the damn thing to move.
  14. Ex-Rex


    No way is McDaniels coming to NY. Belichick would never forgive him and I don't really like him anyway. I prefer a coach with experience like Mike Shanahan or if we have to have a first time HC I prefer Pete Carmichael of the Saints.

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