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  1. He was a terrible GM for Cleveland, but he is right that Mac never did what fans wanted and that was to beef up the o-line, which is still mediocre at best.
  2. Mac definitely was NOT a top drafting GM that is certain and if Gase already has a handshake agreement with Joe Douglas then everything has been blown out of proportion. But this is the Jets and NOTHING is as it seems here. If Douglas balks at coming to NYJ then it is a fiasco and the team will struggle to find a capable front office guy.
  3. There is a guy in Philly that is friends with Gase and is rumored to be the next guy in the GM seat. Douglas - I don't know his first name but he is the guy mentioned.
  4. How will Gase reconcile with Le'Veon Bell now that it is out there that Gase definitely did NOT want him? It was Gase that leaked to the media that there was friction between him and Mac and then tried to act "pissed off" at such media irresponsibility when it was his fault in the first place. This kind of stuff is what got him a ticket out of Miami and I didn't like the hire in the first place. Johnson needs to call Mike McCarthy and ask is he is still interested in the Jets and kick Gase out on his a$$. This is going to be a locker room disaster as Bell was expected to be the Jets best offensive player and now he may not be a player for the Jets at all. How can he and Gase now co-exist? I'll wager Bell comes into camp late, has "hammy" issues all season and is shipped out at season's end as a disappointment and all because Gase is a whiny little bitch. The locker room will surely fracture over this as players will take sides for sure and mostly I think they will side with Bell. Insubordination will run rampant as Gase's HC power is diminished by this poorly timed and poorly handled firing of the GM.
  5. The problem that NO ONE is pointing out is that when Mac was there it was RUMORED that Gase didn't want Le'Veon Bell. Now it is OUT THERE and Mac was canned over it. How will this affect the HC/Bell relationship? I would say that ship has sailed and I wouldn't doubt if Bell demands a trade or comes in as a sullen/pissed off player who now really doesn't want to play his best. That filters into the locker room as players take sides on the issue. I say Johnson has to fire Gase as well now. He is the one who leaked it to the media that there was a rift between him and Mac and now look at the mess it has brought.
  6. IMO the Combine is the WORST way to judge a football player. You want to get measurables for sure, but it tells you nothing about the kind of player the kid is. Look at the busts that have come out of great Combine workouts - Vernon Gholston is at the top of the list and Mike Mamula is not far behind. Just look at the tape and this kid jumps out at you. The Jets got a sure fire steal.
  7. Ex-Rex

    2018 Jets Defense

    I agree that Bowles lack of instilling discipline - especially on defense - led to a lot of bad tackling and guys that didn't hold the edge. I think that infuriated me more than missed tackles was a LB letting a QB or RB get outside contain. No excuse for that except that Bowles never held you accountable. He will never see another HC job.
  8. Ex-Rex

    2018 Jets Defense

    Lazy Leo is what I call him. Not that he doesn't have talent, he just wants to put it on cruise control.
  9. Ex-Rex

    Jachai Polite

    I live in SEC country and he IS the real deal. Bad Combine be damned, look at him on tape and you see a quick twitch, bend at the waist edge rusher who gets there and usually causes havoc when he does.
  10. Ex-Rex

    Gase did NOT want LeVeon Bell-Cimini

    A lot of what you say is true talent wise, but Bell is NOT a leader and is more of a "me" player than most. If you are newly signed to a new team you go to the workout just to introduce yourself and make yourself comfortable with the team. Bell did not show and I don't think he will last his contract before he wears out his welcome.
  11. Ex-Rex

    4 Trade Options at Corner

    Johnson will play much better under Williams than he did under Bowles who really was the defacto DC.
  12. Looks like many of Mac first round picks don't pan out. I don't think Leonard Williams is long for the Jets either which would mean that BOTH of his first first round picks have not panned out. Not a very good way to rebuild a team.
  13. I like the last part..let him walk. Wave bye bye to Lazy Leo. If - by some miracle - he should play up to his talent in a contract year, I would NOT sign him long term. Can't trust a guy that only plays well in contract year. His numbers over four seasons are incredibly low for a number 6 pick in the draft. I know Bowles allowed him to be Lazy Leo, but if he was any kind of a man - or football player - he would have motivated himself. DIDN'T.
  14. Ex-Rex

    Cimini: Summary of the draft

    He went on their potential when they come off injury. The only problem there is that once injured the risk is always there of getting hurt again. But look at RB Frank Gore. When he came out of Miami U he had two knee injuries but in the NFL has never been hurt and has lasted more than 10 years.
  15. Ex-Rex

    How can we justify drafting a DT at #3?

    It won't be. The Jets already have a bunch of interior D-Lineman types and adding another simply means the number three pick in the draft will have to share time with an established player. Unless the Jets trade or release Leonard Williams before the draft, I can't see picking this guy when a Nick Bosa or Josh Allen will likely be on the board at three.

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