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  1. I agree. He would be an upgrade at the position.
  2. Ex-Rex

    Update on Justin Houston

    Then draft Josh Allen and have dual pass rush threats the like the Jets haven't seen since Gastineau and Klecko.
  3. Ex-Rex

    Justin Houston

    His price will come down the closer to the draft and OTA's. He is asking for too much for a 30 yr old, oft injured pass rush specialist, but I would sure like to see him in green and white.
  4. Ex-Rex

    A.J. Green

    I would keep 6 and hope Josh Allen falls - could happen - and trade 17 for Green. Gotta get a center though. Harrison isn't terrible but he is not what we have been accustomed to at that position through the years. Schmitt, Fields, Sweeney, Duffy, Mawae, Mangold have all been great centers.
  5. Missed out on the two best so I don't see where they are getting one unless they find a decent one in third round. Paradis should have been a priority considering he signed for just 27 mil over three years. I would have liked to see Mac go 4 yrs for 40-mil with 22 guaranteed.
  6. Ex-Rex

    Quinnen Williams vs Josh Allen

    The Jets have nearly an entire team of DT types and you want to add another one? I don't see it. Allen has something you can't coach and that is speed. In any scheme speed is preferable to power.
  7. Ex-Rex

    Brown or Bell

  8. Ex-Rex

    Mike Pennel Released

    Not another interior defensive lineman PLEASE!!!
  9. Ex-Rex

    Jets Release Spencer Long

    He played well at guard. Not so much at center.
  10. Ex-Rex

    Shaun 'Andy Reid' Mcvay

    He left his BEST player to rot on the bench while his offense could get NOTHING done. A true offensive GENIUS would have found a way to run the ball or get the ball to Gurley in the passing game. I think he became hynotized by Maroon 5's crappy performance at halftime.
  11. Another example of a media talking head thinking he is a shot caller. That is not far fetched with SAS since he thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread and his ego is WAY out of control. He should mind his own business or Jets management should be talking to his superiors about realizing the difference between your opinion and tampering.
  12. He was injured and couldn't snap the ball, but he played well at guard proving he can play. I would take the small hit and hope he is healthy in 2019.
  13. Anyone making excuses for Leo is NOT watching him play. Look at Henry Anderson..who has far less natural talent but plays hard unlike Leo who coasts through most plays. The thing is he thinks no one notices because Bowles never took him to task over it.
  14. If you watched him play the last two seasons the Jets would be LUCKY to get a fifth rounder for this lazy bum. Talent, he has, production he does not and effort is something he has lost the last two seasons.
  15. I agree totally. Guy has underachieved massively. Not just in the pass rush but as a leader who hustles on EACH AND EVERY play, which he rarely does. In fact, this guy takes OFF more plays than he actually shows effort. Let him play out this season because there is not much else you can do because the 31 other teams all watch film on guys before trading for or signing them and they will see what Jets fans saw...a very lazy guy.

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