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  1. Um, Darold did NOT throw an interception against the Niners and yet the offense scored just 13 points. The PROBLEM is that Gase is so controlling that he won't allow a third year QB the chance to audible out of a bad call.
  2. And I want NO PART OF THAT DISASTER. Kiffin is a bigger joke than Gase. My Gawd.
  3. I think Johnson fires Gase based on THE FANS recommendation. I doubt JD is going to throw the guy that got him the job under the bus. Although his silence may speak volumes.
  4. Gase gets number one ONLY if Jets go winless this season. No one tops Kotite for pure stupidity and incompetence. Gase will be number two (doody) if the Jets win a game or two this season. The rest of the list seems right, except I would put Lou Holtz in there for Winner who actually finished 7-7 one season.
  5. If the Jets are 0-4 after those games, they WON'T win a game all season. Who could they beat? Arizona? No chance. Seattle....please, LA Rams or Chargers? Nope. I doubt they beat Miami at all and even Cleveland seems head and shoulders better since they have gone to the power run game. Seriously who can these bums beat?
  6. Gase's offense is a thing of the 50's. No motion to allow the QB to make a determination of Man vs Zone. His screen passes are so telegraphed they have no chance of success and his downfield pass options usually end up with Darnold under duress. I gave Gase the benefit of the doubt last year when the team rallied to a 6-2 finish. I think the bottom is going to fall out this year. Other than Denver on Thursday night - without Drew Lock - I don't see a winnable game. I think Miami sweeps us and forget beating Buffalo or NE. Oakland looks like a contender as do the LA Chargers, so where is the win. Haven't been able to beat Cleveland the last few tries so, really I do NOT see a win.
  7. The network has blacked out all out of area stations.
  8. The GM is the ONLY good thing Gase has done. CJ is not going to fire Gase even if the team goes 3-13 which looks likely. I don't see a team the Jets can beat right now. Pi$$ poor tackling, occasional blocking, no healthy WR's and an offensive system that looks like it was made for the 1940's.
  9. He won't because he has no clue who to replace him with. I say go hard after Lincoln Riley.
  10. What a dumb a$$ thing to say. That Douglas should be on the hot seat is ignorant. Yes, he should have drafted a WR in the fourth round instead of the head scratching pick of James Morgan but that was his only glaring mistake. Gase is the architect of this atrocious offense and the defense is giving up big plays due to newness of players coming in from left field. To say JD should be on the hot seat is ludicrous bro.
  11. Taking Gase over McCarthy was a major head scratcher to me and seeing him coach I have to wonder what CJ thinks when he says Gase is a brilliant offensive mind is baffling. I know Gase coached Peyton Manning in Denver but how much coaching does Peyton Manning really need? He sucked in Miami and his players were happy to see him go, and I think Jets players will fell much the same.
  12. Darnold looks like he is becoming another Mark Sanchez. Lost and no clue of what to change and when to change it. Plus, he has a HC who is even MORE lost than his QB. Stafford is head and shoulders better than Darnold at this point. Something needs to happen to save this kid before he DOES become Sanchez. Like FIRING Adam Gase ASAP, which I know the gutless Johnson's won't do. How did Gase even get into the conversation for the job. Let's put McCarty's resume next to Gase and you see 125 wins, several division titles, several NFC Championship games, a SB win and then you have Gase who had a losing record and players that rejoiced in his leaving.
  13. It is NOT is Douglas hands. They are equals according to our retarded ownership and each reports directly to Christopher Johnson who clearly does not understand how to run an NFL franchise.
  14. We play the Colts in two weeks so we'll see how the Jets fare.
  15. Sam Darnold looks like he is regressing badly. Had some drops - four by my count - but he also looked antsy when pressured. It just never ends does it?

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