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  1. I agree and I hope he takes less to go elsewhere. He is nothing but a Romo clone who can beat the bad teams and fails against top competition because he doesn't raise the level of play of his team.
  2. Geno Smith joins the flat earth “debate”

    Which shows that Geno is dumber than even the most ardent Jets fan thought.
  3. He cannot take on the point of attack because of his size and he doesn't seem able to hold the edge either. As far as coverage Lee is almost as bad as Calvin Pryor was. Bad angles and he is not as fast as Jets scouts thought he was. OK player, but draft wayyyy to high. Could have been had in late second maybe early third round. Mac has to do a better job identifying the round a player needs to be taken in and put a muzzle on Todd Bowles.
  4. Zoen blocking is NOT Carpenter's forte apparently. He didn't do well inS eattle with it. Time to cut bait.
  5. I ten to avoid Colin Cowherd. He's a jerk and a know nothing talking head.
  6. Thanks for that. I understand zone scheme's pretty well but you explain the depth of the scheme. I don't know if the current Jets OL is best situated for that move though.
  7. The fix should be simple..

    If the Jets throw nearly 30 million a year at Kirk Cousins then they are simply the dumbest organization in the NFL. This guy hasn't done nothing but put up pretty numbers. Has he made the Skins a winner? NO, which is why they want to let him go.
  8. Josh Allen

    Because he completed less than 60 percent of his passes. But he had a terrible cast of WR's and had to do more with less than any of the other potential draftees. I prefer Mayfield over Allen because of the Hackenberg experience. I don't want to go through that again with an inconsistent, inaccurate QB. They (scouts) say Allen has the most potential upside but like Bill Parcells I think potential just means you ain't done nothing yet.
  9. I also love the all white unifs. I would get rid of the green pants however. I never liked those and they remind me of Bruce Coslet who should be forgotten forever. I wouldn't mind a game or two in the 80's uniform. Can't stand those color rush things.
  10. Kirk Cousins is trash

    I relate him to Tony Romo. Great numbers but always coming up small in crunch time. He can throw for 350 yards in three quarters but in the fourth quarter he'll throw for 20.
  11. This was an Idzik draft, NOT a Mac draft. Mac's first draft brought Leonard Williams and (unfortunately) Christian Hackenberg. That draft you posted was a disaster with only Dozier still a Jet, and he isn't a starter.
  12. I doubt the Jets will want to give up second rounders or future first rounders to move to number 1. Even if the Giants take Darnold the Jets would still have a good shot at Rosen, Mayfield or Josh Allen.
  13. Perception of the roster

    Because that has been his pattern. Impressive numbers with not many wins. He seems to fade in the fourth quarter and is not clutch in crunch time. Overpriced and overhyped, he will blow up the Jets salary cap if he is signed which I do not want to see. The model now is to get a good young QB, develop him quickly and win while he is on his rookie contract. Teams with QB's making 20 mil are not winning SB's any more.
  14. He helped to rid the team of the stench of Rich Kotite and gave the Jets respectability, but left us all in the lurch at the end. He was a lousy personnel guy and really screwed up by not making a commitment to Peyton Manning.
  15. There really isn't a wrong choice between the two QB's but Mac needs to stay away from signing Cousins who will wreck the Jets salary cap for years while being what he always has been...a guy who puts up impressive numbers but not many wins. Tony Romo clone.