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  1. I heard all Detroit is asking for is the number 2 pick. They will give Stafford and their number 7 for the 2. Given your arguments I think I would take that deal. I doubt if Houston is trading Watson and if they did it would be for an outrageous fortune.
  2. I still say a new HC with a high draft pick and legitimate QB's available would rather develop THAT QB rather than try to reclaim a QB that has regressed. Darnold looked MUCH better at the end of 2019 than at any time in 2020. The fact that Gase wouldn't allow him to change plays shows that Gase didn't trust Darnold to make the right decision. I trust JD and will try to put a positive spin on whatever decision he and Salah make.
  3. What makes you think that? If they wanted to stick with Wentz they would have put him back in there. I think they are going to stick with Hurts and ride out the Wentz contract, or try and trade him.
  4. Daboll, Arthur Smith and Greg Roman if the Jets choose an OC. Lincoln Riley or Matt Campbell - if they can convince either to come without Lawrence - if they go the college route.
  5. And how much time did he have to 'survey the field'? Not much the last two years and Sewell will help. I think the Jets should keep Elflein and develop Clarke into a solid guard. Draft a center and WR and a RB and a coach that understand's Darnold's strength which is throwing on the roll out and throwing quickly.
  6. Nothing says Jets like hiring a guy whose star has faded and is looking to hang on in some fashion. Pederson was given a franchise QB and he has turned into hot garbage, much like Darnold, Carson Wentz has become a turnover machine and reportedly is tuning out Pederson and his play calling.
  7. Why is Jim Harbaugh even being considered for this job? He has turned a top notch program at Michigan into one Tom Brady couldn't win with - in his prime - and he has left them in shambles. I disliked Harbaugh as a player and I dislike him as a HC.
  8. If you build the team first you will never get a franchise QB. They go very high in the draft and 8-8 teams don't draft high (or low) enough to get the best ones. Then you are stuck with FA washouts.
  9. Dick Vermeil left the league for 10 years and came back and won a SB. If you can coach, you can coach. It is not a skill that goes away for lack of use. I'm sure Cowher still digests many hours of game film still and like I said if you can coach you can coach and this man can coach. He would bring instant respectability to the Jets and would hire nothing but the best on his staff. I think he and Douglas would work well in finding talent to develop but I don't think it's going to happen. Cowher has had his opportunities to own this job in the past and has said thanks but no thanks.
  10. This is a no brainer that it is Cowher. WTF has Harbaugh done? He lost his only SB appearance and then left town and they will soon toss him out of Ann Arbor for the horrible job he has done at Michigan. Cowher would usher in a culture change that would be a breath of fresh air and would give the Jets respectability right away. I highly doubt this is going to happen though.
  11. You obviously haven't seen the Rams or Chargers.
  12. No doubt, that I would be banned as well for use of language not appropriate for anyone of any age. I live in Tennessee now and the Titans are looking pretty good to me. I switch between the Jets and Titans until the Jets are hopelessly out of a game - usually by the third period. So if a numbskull like Adam Gase is retained after an 0-16 season, then YES indeed I would drop the Jets after following them since 1968. I will have had enough of this never ending rebuild.
  13. OK but just for the sake of argument the Jets would have fired Gase at the bye if they wanted to win. Keeping Gase is the best chance for the Jets to lose. Plus, Gase knows he will be getting paid for at least one more year by the Jets to do nothing so why worry?
  14. I have seen the Jets struggle to get ONE YARD so no it doesn't surprise me that they couldn't get 10 yards and ice the game. Can't tank if you win.
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