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  1. Due, you are laying blame on a HC because you wanted someone else not because of the job he has done. Look at what he has had to work with behind a sieve of an offensive line. Not making excuses just saying, it is early in the season and the Jets were not a playoff team coming into 2019 no matter how much we thought they might be. We knew they had little to no depth which is the fault of the previous regime. I hate losing but I am not going to start the usual "can the coach" chant just yet.
  2. A good place to start would be in his chronic habit of being conservative on third down. A lot of Jets third downs have been 3rd and 10 or worse, so conservative is the way to go. Pretty tepid article if you ask me. Must be a Gase hater.
  3. Gruden gushed about this guy on Hard Knocks, and I find it hard to believe that they cut him. If Jets can get him I am all for it.
  4. Darnold was FAR BETTER when he rolled out and moved in the pocket. Gase better make the adjustment because I don't see that he is an "offensive genius" when he really had his best success with a veteran Peyton Manning and got Jay Cutler to cut down on his ints, but other than that I see no evidence of this genius.
  5. Buffalo has one of the best defenses in the league and make a lot of QB's look that way. Got to have some blocking to be effective and Sam got very little.
  6. Darnold had little or no time to pass and the Jets offensive line kept NOT blocking the end and Gase made no adjustment like roll outs and screen passes to slow them down. Everybody needs to take a little blame here.
  7. I would have tried it. I can't explain why the Jets do or don't do anything. They are just the Jets....the Same Old Jets. Enunwa was invisible if he even played at all. I think I saw him being taken off the field but it didn't look bad, but never saw him again. Mosley left and took the heart out of the defense.
  8. With his record, scout is the highest job he is ever going to get. Especially when it came out that he didn't feel the need to confer with his HC about draft selections or free agent signings. How stupid is that?
  9. Bosa is going to be an injury problem his entire career.
  10. Who did the Jets send Darren Lee to? I heard they only got a sixth round pick.
  11. 1986 until all the injuries hit. Jets were dominant that year and if healthy would have beaten the Giants in SB.
  12. Any injury to WR will be devastating because there is no one behind the starters. Also OL injuries will be bad as well for the same reason. Mac left us with a good group of starters but no depth to speak of.
  13. Jets got royally screwed by the refs in GB regular season game. Twice a Jets WR was ON THE GROUND when a Packer defender fell on them rolled over and took the ball away and they were called interceptions. Incredible!!! When a defender touches a player with the ball who is on the ground it is called a tackle.
  14. I agree, but I don't see 11-5. More like squeezing in at 9-7. Tough schedule. Should sweep Miami and hopefully Buffalo as Darnold proves a greater QB than Josh Allen. Wins over Oakland, Washington, NYG, Jacksonville and an upset of NE. Looks about right.
  15. Only the Yankees give NY a reason to cheer and be optimistic. Sometimes the NY football Giants do but I can't stand the G-Men with Elroy Jetson at QB. The Knicks blow, the Rangers are riding a see saw, up and down. The Nets - are they still in NY? - stink and so do the Mets. With all that said, all I can say is Let's Go Yankees!!!

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