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  1. I think the Jets can win 7 to 8 games this season if Zack Wilson develops and Corey Davis plays to his potential and stops dropping easy ones. An improved o-line and RB's that can run and catch as well as 3 good TE's Jets offense should be much improved.
  2. JD has done well since arriving here, but this was his BEST draft. Only miss was Becton, but he could rebound.
  3. I think Jets can get Dotson at 35.
  4. True. What I most want to see from Zach is to move in the pocket and out of the pocket throw with accuracy. I want him to use his athletic ability to run for first downs and just not take unnecessary sacks. It seems like when he is pressured he runs from sideline to sideline, losing more yardage instead of throwing the ball away or running for positive yardage. Baby steps for sure but necessary ones.
  5. Get Wilson some weapons to succeed. The defense will benefit when offense isn't three and out all day long.
  6. The fault for that lies with Maccagnan. He let Fitz dangle for months before finally signing him just before the start of the 2016 season which left him with no preseason snaps and had to get up to speed as the season began. No win situation. I agree that Fitz in 2015 was the best Jets QB since Ken O'Brien. Pennington was good but his fastball was slow and every time he threw the ball it seemed to float to his WR.
  7. On his last throw vs Miami he made Cole go to his knees to make the catch one yard shy of first down. I agree that we have just one skill position player - Elijah Moore - and the jury is still out on Wilson. I think he has talent but is being coached by a rookie OC who is being overseen by a rookie HC, so how much coaching can Wilson really be getting? Jets OL has been better since Fant took over at LT, and I don't see Becton as a LT, more of a RT/ RG player. Jets TE's don't block for sh*te and Wilson is being hit by unblocked blitzers. IDK what else the organization can do but ride it out. Maybe all these rookie coaches stay after school in the off season and learn their craft so they can actually be coaches.
  8. I would agree with that. I think Mangini got a bad break when Favre got hurt. Jets were 8-3 at the time and I didn't think he deserved to be fired but I was elated when we got Rex Ryan - who could not STFU - and just be a coach. By year three I despised Rex and his big mouth and over sized ego which is why I carry the moniker Ex-Rex.
  9. I live in Tennessee where Peyton is King and I would punch him in his crooked nose because I think you are exactly right.
  10. Bowles let the players walk all over him. Mental and physical errors were in abundance - as they are now - and there was little to no accountability. Mac just didn't have the chops for the GM job and Idzik was spectacularly bad at drafting. Rex Ryan had a good thing going until he let his ego take over and jettisoned players like Braylon Edwards, Jerricho Cotchery and several offensive linemen which precipitated the fall of Mark Sanchez.
  11. Ashtyn Davis won't tackle anyone. Mosley is the Jets leading tackler although it is mostly five yards beyond the LOS.
  12. Trade both first round picks for the number one pick and a third rounder and then take Aiden Hutchinson of Michigan. I would also draft a hard hitting safety or two and fire Jeff Ulbrich. Saleh would be next on the firing line if the D looked this bad next year also.
  13. Which means that JD can spend a whole lotta money on the wrong guys. Think Corey Davis was a wise move? Moses was a good sign as was Duvernay-Tardif, but Davis was a big reach and a big bust. Carl Lawson we'll never know because an achillies injury will rob him of his burst, so he is a lost cause as well.
  14. So JD and Saleh aren't on the same page is what you are saying. I think you are right.
  15. Get what you can for him because his fat a$$ ain't any damn good.
  16. Making excuses should get you fired. Once again, FIRE Jeff Ulbrich.
  17. I second that. Tackling is want to PERIOD, and these Jets don't want to. If he can't motivate these guys to play 100 percent then he should be fired. Last in the NFL in ANYTHING should get you fired. Fire Jeff Ulbrich.
  18. You lost me at cheerleaders
  19. He throws 100 mph with guys 10 feet away. Has no touch on the ball and his strength was supposed to be his ability to make plays 'off script'. Where is that? Darnold had more escapability than Wilson has shown. No rollouts and throws on the run, no take the ball down and run....I don't see much "progress" and in fact, I think he is a bust.
  20. The answer is to stop buying tickets and attending games until the Johnson bros sell it. Buy no Jets merchandise, tickets and stay away from games. The Johnson's are bottom line guys and if their golden goose stops producing they will sell. I know that wasn't the question but it may be the answer.
  21. The Eagles laugh at the Jets and the Jets cry about it. Show some balls guys and quit crying all the freakin time. I think the refs screw us more than anything the Eagles did. Gave them two extensions to drives the Jets had stopped and allowed six points to be scored against them at a critical time when it was still a game.
  22. Other than Marcus Maye the defense has been relatively healthy. Yes we lost Carl Lawson but who else has 'dropped like flies'? Ulbrich's defense gets gashed up the middle against the run in EVERY game even though we have Q and Fatukasi, how does that happen? They don't want to play for the guy.
  23. Once again - as they have many, many times - the Jets allowed a backup QB to completely dismantle them. Ashton Davis is a p@ssy who doesn't want to tackle and the d-line gets pushed around consistently. Quinnen Williams doesn't get nearly as many reps as Nathan Shepherd who stinks. I have no faith that these coaches can get the best out of these players.
  24. Reminds me of Leonard Williams - another slacker who only moderately improved after leaving the Jets.
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