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  1. With all I've been reading about looking for a new head coach, which seems to be the ass backward way of doing things, could Casserlyalready be the GM?
  2. That's why I didn't post I was afraid I might win the hat. Lol
  3. I had two, one was Kyle Clifton and the other was a reciever who's name I can't recall, but he said he graduated from Texaco Tech. lol
  4. But yet I see Payton and Luck on the sidelines with a coach going over pictures of the defense and they are superior to anyone we have had.
  5. Not that the QB's have been the greatest, but it seems they get worse as time goes by. It seems to me there is a lack of coaching to make them improve instead of regress. I see no coaching during the game, no coach seems to focus on the QB.
  6. I believe the league recommended George Young to the Giants years ago, that worked out pretty good.
  7. I was watching the Colts Steelers game and Luck threw a touchdown pass and immediately went to the sidelines looking at pictures of the defense. Geno throws a pick goes to the sidelines and is sitting there alone. Not that it would do any good, but shouldn't there be a coach doing the same. I haven't seen that yet.
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