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  1. That's freaking funny man. Maybe we can donate our proceeds to this? Lol
  2. There are so many trolls and paid jets employees on this thread trying to steer the conversation. It's too late. The billboard is going up!
  3. Huh? Hater? Paid employee of the NY Jets?
  4. Thanks again to everyone who has donated. We are all in this together.
  5. We are not in this to make a buck. It is all for a good cause, getting Idzik fired or charity. With the way things are going, we should hit $10000. We just passed $5000 a half hour ago! That's $4000 in just the last 5 hours!
  6. We thought about doing a flying banners around MetLife but we are pretty sure a plane wouldn't get clearance to do that.
  7. We found we can possibly get 2 for $10000 for the month of December. We are looking into other billboard type space as well, such as the trucks with billboards on the back to drive around MetLife on game day. There are many options. $10000 will give us the cash to possibly do a few different things. Donate and let's go!
  8. We are raising money to put up a billboard, not so we can have a website. Go to the website, donate $25, get a T-Shirt and get us closer to putting up the billboard. We have raised close to $500 in the last few hours alone! People are just as fed up as we are. Let's go!
  9. Just want to thank all that have supported the cause thus far. We just passed the $1000 mark on our way to $10000. We are all on our way to getting this Idzik canned! Let's get it done!
  10. And for the sake of complete transparency we have moved the funding of this idea to a third party site called fundly.com which keeps track of all donations made. This is completely legit. You think the shirt is dumb, fine. We won't send you one. We just want this freaking guy out of here!
  11. I love everyone that criticizes an idea, complains about how terrible the jets are and then offer up zero tangible solutions or ideas that us as fans can put in place to bring about change. Go root for the Giants or something.
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