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  1. I will be there with my family (8 of us - all Jets fans) in section 129 and tailgating in L11 - should be quite a few Jets fans over there. The group I am tailgating with has a bus, a flat screen, tons of food, beer pong, Jets cornhole boards, etc. Max, Sar, Flagman & anyone else going... If you are in that area of the lot, definitely stop by! I will post a pic of the exact location when I get to the lot in a few hours.
  2. It was a great night... Got to meet a ton of Jets fans! JoeWilly - I probably got some pics of you over there (without knowing it was you)...
  3. thanks Phil...it was a lot of fun! I am going to be posting some awesome pics and videos later today - just trying to get caught up with some work that piled up while I was away....
  4. awesome!!! if you find me while you are out there, you have a birthday pint waiting for you!
  5. thanks for the info Scot.. that sounds like a plan to me!
  6. i will take the opposite approach.. my grill will be fired up and I will be cooking up a storm at L7.. come on over and throw some steaks on the grill.. I will have a bottle of Captain Morgan waiting for you.
  7. lol Billboardway Joe.. that is awesome.. i have come a long way since some posters were calling me a turncoat last year and nicknamed me "Billboard Belichick"… at least I am back on our team now
  8. i mean... Sar might like me again if I did that campaign... So...
  9. lol… not gonna take the bait… enjoy your weekend Sar.
  10. Yea but I am not allowed to post links to his blog :) - you know the site... Lol.. Give it a read in his "Ladder 42"
  11. lol I am here and I fully support Jumbo Boobs on the JumboTron….
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