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  1. I have decided that there are enough Jet fans who like having Woody J here. I have decided to stay and grace you all with my magnificent presence.
  2. Winning out the rest of the way will be tough. But I do think we will win more games than we will lose the rest of the way. Rex and Idzik are a great duo, and they will take the NY Jets to the top.
  3. This is a valid point. My sincerest apologies. I hope you will accept and buy some PSL's, 2 would be great.
  4. Character? Nothing personal with you, you said I suck, I think you are mean. What are these rufees you speak of?
  5. Was Jack Tatum, Jack Tatum, 10 games into his NFL career?
  6. You are not a very nice poster, kind of like the Bill Bellicheck of posters. You do OK if you cheat, but you are quite grump and just so so without cheating.
  7. How about a poll to determine my fait?
  8. This poster may be the most intelligent poster in the history of intelligent posters. Mark Sanchez humiliated me on Thanksgiving, I have not been able to even look at a turkey ever since. Mark Sanchez ruined thanksgiving, I did not even know that was possible, but he did it.
  9. There is no act, no comedy. I am pretty sure most message boards have ignore functionality. If you don't like what I have to say, I am quite certain you can ignore me.
  10. I am not sure how many different ways I can say this before someone starts listening, Rex will absolutely not be fired at the end of the season.
  11. I am not here to amuse you, I am here to take the pulse of the fan base. Are you a PSL owner?
  12. When you own a football team, or become GM, you will get to make whatever decisions you want. Until then, enjoy the victories we are about to get, buy some PSL's and some Jets gear.
  13. Yesterday was a victory that very few Head Coaches in the history of the NFL could have pulled off. The team was far undermanned, down, beaten, bruised, and Rex pulled the group together and got a huge win. This is why he is the best and will be the NY Jets Head Coach for as long as he would like. He is truly a football savant, a defensive mastermind, and a master motivator beyond what any other Head Coach in football is capable of. My thanks to Rex, you are truly a leader.
  14. The Jets are ahead of the curve. These things always come full circle, and with us having the defense first mentality, the league will come back to us, and we will be ahead of the curve.
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