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  1. With Skins and Fins winning and Giants losing (3rd round pick for Big cat trade) not looking too bad. Plus the way the team's on our schedule are playing we may not win another game.
  2. To put it in perspective, the Giants are closer to winning their division than we are.
  3. Just keep jelling and playing better.
  4. I'd give him a pass this year due to the talent, but keep him on a short lease, it seems like this has been the Jets problem for years no matter who the o-line coach is, just like the old saying " you can't make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t"
  5. More like Donald Duck and Cindy Brady would be a better comparison. We need less Dawgs like him.
  6. Then asks if anyone has a napkin and a sharpie he can borrow.
  7. This is why one of the Jets biggest mistakes was not bringing McCown back , He was in Sam's ear all the time.
  8. We just need to stop taking 1 year starters in the 1st round ( Q , Sanchez)
  9. Gase making Bowels look like Belichick
  10. At least it's not Lupus, it's never Lupus.
  11. Maybe they moved Jimmy Hoffa under the new stadium

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