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  1. I guess when you're slow you don't need brakes.....
  2. At least we have an adult in the room now, and he older than our OC.
  3. At least the Lions play competitive games......Jets games are over before the National Anthem is finished..
  4. You mean be up by 35 at the half.
  5. Just another Sunday of can't stop a nosebleed on defense and can't get drive on offense. Also, can't kick a field goal on special teams.
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thespun.com/nfl/afc-east/new-england-patriots/nfl-world-reacts-to-darrelle-revis-patriots-admission/amp Darrelle Revis: I did not enjoy my time with Patriots Play Video By Jordan Cohn, Audacy Sports October 12, 20219:18 am
  7. It seems to me that other team's rookies look like they belong, but Jet rookies look like they never played a down of football.
  8. The amount of non-competitive games this team has played in the last 5 years is just sickening.
  9. Same song, different continent, offense can't move, defense can't stop anyone.
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