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  1. No problem, I knew they'd probably make the playoffs, but was hoping the Rams would win the west (at that time) but the Jets screwed that up for the Rams too. Lol. They could get hot, but hoping the Rams pull off an upset, if not the way the Packers, Saints, and Bucs are playing they hopefully won't get far.
  2. You are right though, Trevor is the "Golden Child" big ticket name, Fields is more of the lunch pail type.
  3. Fields is also from Georgia, grew up about 19 miles from Trevor.......
  4. It seems like every off season is more exciting than the regular season.
  5. Who would he bring in as DC/OC? Bob Barker and Pat Sajak of course.
  6. GOOD NEWS: Johnson's fire Gase BAD NEWS: Johnson's hire Gase to be Director of Football Operations.
  7. His decisions he made today reminded me of Darnold.
  8. If the Titans win and Colts lose they will have nothing to gain or lose with a week 17 win. BUT the Titans have to beat GB and Colts lose to the Steelers. We can dream though
  9. If the Colts have a playoff spot locked up and nothing to play for week 17, will they rest their starters? And do you think they want to see Trevor Lawrence in their division for the next 15 years?
  10. Media bustin' our balls about being pissed we won, but meanwhile in Jacksonville

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