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  1. If they keep playing like this? I'm hard pressed to see any wins, getting out played by a severely depleted 49er team doesn't get any lower.
  2. He really hasn't been relevant for 2 years and 1 game.
  3. Do you know if I can put this on a firestick or Nvida Shield?
  4. I've been lucky with Directv, I live outside the Atlanta market so I was able to get the East and West coast feeds for years for NBC, CBS,ABC, and FOX. It was basically like getting the Sunday Ticket, until this year, however, Congress this year did not renew the law.
  5. He needs some dawgs to cut his strawberries for him.
  6. With the Giants defensive line lead by Leo I don't think it's too much of a risk of him getting hit.
  7. Isn't that about average for a Dolphin home game anyway?
  8. In the Wild Card round, they were defeated by the Houston Texans 22–19 in overtime after giving up a 16–0 lead............. Karma Bills fans
  9. Getting the QB the Patriots wanted with the pick we got from them.

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