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  1. Don't know if it had anything to do with the pass, but Spencer Long was pushed into Sam as he threw the ball. Possibly he could have been trying to throw over the 2 defenders?
  2. jackhuntr

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    As soon as Mayfield came in I knew the game was over. He was playing on adrenaline just like Darnold on Monday night. Also that's how the jets roll when another QB comes in against them.
  3. The sad thing is Dorsey was there for the taking, but we stuck with Macc, I think the Browns are a underrated team, but have the same problem as us, bad coaching. But at least he has a couple of competent coordinators.
  4. jackhuntr

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    Picture of Macc looking for o-line help
  5. The Fake Spike, Buttfumble, Losing to a Team who hasn't won in 635 days with a 1st time playing rookie QB is another chapter in the Jets long storied history.
  6. Brown out! Sam and the Jets pulls plug on Cleveland.
  7. But, Buster SKreen-door always gets beat in coverage.
  8. jackhuntr

    Antonio Brown MIA?

    Saw the title of the thread, for a second I thought the Dolphins just acquired him.
  9. jackhuntr

    What are the Maras thinking?

    And without 2 incredible lucky catches the outcome would have been different.
  10. jackhuntr

    What are the Maras thinking?

    Reminded me of the run Crowell had, but without taking him with the 2nd pick of the draft.
  11. and Nick Saban 15-17 with the Dolphins, Weis record between Notre Dame and Kansas was 41-49
  12. It's hard to be successful when you don't have the refs in your pocket and can't cheat
  13. jackhuntr

    Helmet to helmet

    I'm surprised they didn't call lowering the helmet on Leo's hit to Stafford.
  14. jackhuntr

    Doris Burke- MNF are you Kinding me?

    She sounds like Pat from SNL
  15. Candidate for coach of the year

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