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  1. To be fair, Steven Hawking could run (or roll) for 200 yards against Rex's D.
  2. Patriots dynasty after today
  3. jackhuntr

    What a joke the nfl is

    At that moment, I knew the game was over.
  4. From Chucky cheese training camp to Marine basic training.
  5. He setting up Bowles to take the team over in 2 years.
  6. jackhuntr

    Defensive Coordinator

    The anti- bowles/rodgers
  7. jackhuntr

    Poll Adam Gase vs Matt Rhule

    So Gase bringing Dowell Loggain (Patton Oswalt) as our OC?
  8. jackhuntr

    The Adam Gase Negativity Thread

    Hitler not to happy either
  9. jackhuntr

    Wildcard Weekend Thread ( Game threads)

    Jackson playing like RG IV
  10. Sounds like a Tanny move, too bad he's getting canned
  11. Macc : Heads or tails Eric. Eric : Tails Chris (flips coin) Macc : Heads, OK Eric thanks for coming.
  12. jackhuntr

    NFL Head Coaching News and Rumors

    With 25% of the teams looks for a new HC it's going to be a dog fight for a top coach.

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