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  1. When can we Fire the Offensive Line?

    All you need to know is TB came in with 8 sacks all year and had 6 just yesterday. Yeah the Jet o-line sucks.
  2. Why do you still watch the NFL?

    Out of habit mostly, it wouldn't be fall without it, and keeps me from doing Sunday honey-do stuff.
  3. No worries.....we got Rashard Robinson.
  4. How bad are Bowles & Rogers?

    I think it's because we game plan and practice all week for the starting QB.
  5. Only The Jets

    As soon as Cutler was knocked out I knew we just lost the game, Moore is way better and has kicked our asses before.
  6. Cutler can hike the ball to himself and still have plenty of time to pass.
  7. I like them with butter, cheese and salt.
  8. Richardson, Wilkerson jerseys are just out of frame.
  9. They're looking good, plus a boat load of draft picks coming.
  10. And people thought the Bills were tanking........
  11. Game Observations (JAX)

    He's on IR for the Jags.
  12. Actually it's the opposite, the announcer during yesterday's game said Bowels has let go some of his defense responsibilities so he can be more involved in the whole team.
  13. This guy has 18 million excuses on why he sucks.
  14. Jermaine Kearse didn't do too bad for himself.