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  1. In the Wild Card round, they were defeated by the Houston Texans 22–19 in overtime after giving up a 16–0 lead............. Karma Bills fans
  2. Getting the QB the Patriots wanted with the pick we got from them.
  3. I gave a B+ for the simple fact we didn't draft Defence
  4. You have the division winner must win a minimum amount of games to qualify as a division winner, like 10 games. If not then they fall in line as if they were in the wildcard race.
  5. He went to school with a guy I work with daughter, he was picking on her and she beat him up, so there's that......
  6. I agree he off to a great start, League MVP and Super Bowl Champ and MVP and only 24 years old all within a 36 games career.
  7. This is what we get when you have the 2 worst GM's back to back.
  8. You could do that with any position and the Jets would come out on the bottom of drafting talent in the last few years.
  9. My wife works for Progressive and when she went up to Cleveland this past summer they previewed all of the commercials to the employees ( this was before the season and found out he sucked).

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