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  1. jackhuntr

    Jet fan Gameday experience reply

    I wish I was the author, it came across my twitter, he said was everybody feels including the crap dripping on his head all game.
  2. jackhuntr

    If the JETS win against the PATS.

    There's a better chance I poop a gold brick.
  3. Better question....was there ever a time they were both good at the same time?
  4. Totally forgot he was on the team.
  5. jackhuntr

    Darnold in a walking boot. Not practicing.

    So what you're saying is Sam kicked Bowles in the nuts Tuesday for not taking Long out of the game sooner?
  6. As screwed up as the Browns have been, they at least have hope and better weapons for Mayfield then the Jets have for Sam, let that sink in...........
  7. jackhuntr

    Lions cut Ameer Abdullah

    You could field a team of all the players cut and they would still beat the Jets.
  8. jackhuntr

    Osweiler and Peterman

    So will we see the second coming of Marino and Kelly?
  9. jackhuntr

    Hue Jackson & Todd Haley fired

    They got a Baker and Kitchens, all they need is a Cooks and they'll be set
  10. I remember his 1 year at U of Georgia, their offense was bad, they fired him, didn't take them long to figure it out he sucked.
  11. Just think, at 1 time he was a hot up coming future head coach candidate, and we were afraid of losing him to the Bills.
  12. He was drafted the year before Sheldon, 2012, the year we drafted Q. Coples just ahead of him.
  13. jackhuntr

    Powell to IR, Jets sign Safety

    Sounds like ALL of our safeties clones.

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