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  1. At least it's not Lupus, it's never Lupus.
  2. Maybe they moved Jimmy Hoffa under the new stadium
  3. Well when you have 9 men in the box and defenders playing 8 yards off the line, it's no wonder our receivers are open for 2.5 seconds.
  4. For those looking for Joe Douglas in the other thread, I think I found him.
  5. Gase has 1 good play called all year, it was the 19 yard end around for the TD. It's the only imagaitive play I've seen.
  6. To be fair. he is being taught by that QB guru Doug Marrone.
  7. sorry I don't have time to read 9 pages to see if something has been posted before, I appreciate you looking out for me though........
  8. Not sticking up for our kicker by any means, but on the FG attempt it was a bad snap and hold that contributed to the miss.
  9. Add salt to wound, Lamar Jackson threw 5 TD'S and for 324 yards.

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