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  1. Quinn is supposedly the hottest candidate in the league right now. Even if he's the favorite, how confident are we that he's going to choose the Jets if offered multiple jobs?


    raiders - it's the raiders

    niners - might want to make a clean break for the division and the close rivals

    bears - the cutler contract and unsettled gm situation is the same, less D talent then NYJ

    falcons - Matt Ryan is a huge draw, but the new power structure in Atl looks very weird

    Bills - great d peices in place, but not that much diff then jets, new onwer, no #1 pick this year, unsettled qb


    nothing jumps off the page, other than Matt Ryan, but Atl is no sure thing with its power structure issues. 


    Who knows, maybe woody is impressing some of these guys :confused0082: :confused0082: :confused0082: :confused0082: :confused0082:


    jets have a high pick, plenty of cap space, a good d-core, and could be a homecoming to some of these guys...

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