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  1. Agrred on all counts.


    Glad we havent done the knee jerk signings.


    let the process play out, interview everybdoy, then make the solid gm choice first, hopefully, then bring in the candidates for HC for the GM to assess and see if they are a fit.


    Im anxious to get a guy in here, but it's for the best if we can let the process play out fully...

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  2. Marrone is a local guy with jets roots, born and schooled in the Bronx, what's not to like? He can give it out to the ny beat writers like a Born and bred New Yorker, maybe they are afraid of that?

    He seems like he could be a very steady choice. His teams look very prepared

    We could do a lot worse...

  3. My concern was the egg he laid vs oak with everything in the line, against a less talented team.

    Did marrone have any say in personell moves? Who's idea was it to trade that extra pick for Watkins with obj on the board?

    The flip side, what I read he is a tough dude, who takes no crap, I think we could use some of that.

    His record was very so so, but is he just a guy or a coach on the rise? Can he work with qbs? He didn't have much success with ej that's for sure, and geno looks like another challenging guy similar to ej, so...

    Don't love the fact that the bills fans are trashing him, but I would too if a guy left my team.

    I would live with this hire, but would probably feel a lot better with Quinn or bowls, or Kubiak.

    I still don't know why we aren't hiring a gm first....

  4. His is great news, I don't mind moving down two places as long as we have a fresh start

    We are also already have a better coach in no one than Miami who gets to keep philbin, so there's that...

    Looks like woody has started off on the right foot this time.

    Having cleaned house, and now can bring him a football guy with his football consultants, so far so good!

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