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  1. He doesn't. No doubt. That b/s is on their D. Allen id a bonafide star.
  2. Bills choking. Now you see if Allen is for real.
  3. Boy, did you miss a ton of torment. I was at all those home games and it was bad.
  4. Spent lots of time there, too. It's actually a very nice, livable city. Also has Primanti's:
  5. After watching all those debacles against Thermal, Kelly, Smith and Reed I sure as hell do. Would love to see Allen develop chronic vertigo.
  6. No doubt the Giants pull this one out. Not the game. Sexual antics afterwards.
  7. Too busy watching Frozen for the 40th time.
  8. Another Niner score. Go motherfukkers. Embarrass the Giants and the douches who own them.
  9. To drum up support for the team, and to inspire the team's offensive output Chris Johnson has just offered a free bottle of their 22oz. sized baby powder.
  10. It's difficult to quantify. But Burrow has something special about him. It's a swagger/confidence Darnold lacks.
  11. I would give five years off my life for Giants' HC Joe Douglas to get fired mid-point into the season. Please, Dearest of Lords, make it happen.
  12. Sick. But still hilarious. Everyone feel free to goof on me if I'm ever at death's door. Seriously. I want gallows humor that would make Sata cringe,

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