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  1. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Great choice using "Hocus Pocus" for the scene. Ebb and flow of this classic rocker adds so much to the intensity. Not sure how the director even did it. But virtually every arm movement, or any other move (falls, gun shots, etc.), is on the beat.
  2. Movies We've Seen Thread

    The "rhythm" of how the flick was written, shot and edited is visionary. Loved it from the first frame to the last.
  3. "Perennial Wanking Since 1968"
  4. "Semper...Ah Fuk It"
  5. Revis signing still paying dividends I see. Hey, maybe Revis didn't get in on that tackle because--like the time in training camp when he again wanted more money--he was having dizzy spells.
  6. Do we really want Kirk Cousins?

    Cousins=Neil O'Donnell 2.0
  7. Can't wait until someone creates another of these gems about the Bowles/Mccagnan extensions.
  8. Thank you Chris Johnson

    Winning and looking like a big man in the media are two different things.
  9. Thank you Chris Johnson

    Media splash. That's about it.
  10. Thank you Chris Johnson

    I'm not sure what he means either. See, every year Woody gets a hefty check from the TV rights. The franchise is worth a billion? More? In reality, he could give two bananas if the team wins or loses. Or what the fans think. It's all the same regardless (irregardless for those so inclined). He could have an empty stadium each week and it would not effect him getting that check from the NFL.
  11. Thank you Chris Johnson

    I, too blame us for the Jet zeitgeist. If I knew what it meant.
  12. Here, I'll make it easy for the idiots who comprise our ownership/management: Cut Petty and Hack (Mcc admits he fukked up on the pick), announce McCown as next season's backup QB, sign Bridgewater or Cousins and announce he's your opening day starter, draft the best QB available in the upcoming draft.