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  1. lol Remember those days? Every week, the camera crew must have had a pool going for who would catch Walton on the sidelines two knuckles in.
  2. I called in a few chips and contacted Joe Walton and Rich Kotite to step in as consultants on your case. If anyone can design a treatment plan leading to your full recovery, it's these two. You can thank me when you're better. Seriously, really shocked to read your post and hear of your illness. As others have said, your strength and tenacity will get you through this challenge. Sending you my very best wishes for your full recovery.
  3. Ragu killed my grandfather when they shared a prison cell a while back. So I'm not going over.
  4. Quoting you to give you props for the awesome mask. Am I allowed to, platonically, say that you look fantastic in the new photo?
  5. I hated how the NFL vilified Kaepernick with the false messages about how his kneeling was a show of disrespect to the military, flag, and anything else American they could make stick. Even when they knew--and Kaepernick made clear--that the kneeling was only in protest for police brutality toward the black community. But the owners are a bunch of rich scumbags who fanned these flames ultimately ending Kaepernick's career. And what about Goddell and the Player's Union? They are equally complicit.
  6. Ooooh. That had to be some shot. It's why you never pick a fight with folks you don't know. Next thing you know a former GGs champ is laying you out. Tell your buddy thanks for representing us seniors well.
  7. "Please....lets all do Max, and our great Moderator team (and Crusher)..." LMFAO!
  8. I LOVE the British version of The Office. I dig that it's much more understated than the US version. Gervais and Mackenzie Crook as David and Gareth are constantly making the viewer cringe and absolutely hilarious. And I have seen An Idiot Abroad. Great show. I've been a big fan of British humor since discovering Monty Python and Marty Feldman in the 70s. Although they are both no longer with us, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore as Derek and Clive might be the most insane/hysterical humor Britain ever produced. I saw their Broadway show Good Evening way back in 1974. Guess the Derek and Clive characters came about when Cook and Moore got drunk every night after the show, went to a NYC studio, opened the mics, and just riffed for hours. They lived to make eachother laugh. Peter Cook is a comedy god. I had the Derek and Clive recordings but have no idea where they wound up. Good thing YouTube exists. The clip below is one of my favorite pieces. You can search out more if you find it funny. Tell me they are not completely loaded and out of their friggin' minds. lol NSFW You need the second part to this involving Winston Churchill. Cook destroys Dudley Moore by the end. LMFAO!

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