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  1. And with that name, is the guy French? Québécois? Haitian? Or just wistful for a positive afterlife?
  2. Just saw this. Happy Birthday, 80. Many, many more.
  3. I like the sentimentality and imagery in "Love Ain't For Keeping". But could live with your choice.
  4. Relatively unknown ballad from one of my favorite bands, UFO. A bit long. But make sure you at least listen to Schenker's beautiful solo at 6:46. He's another wonderful guitarist. Oh it's been too many times and I can't go back Night bars, guitars, run down motels like shacks What it mounts up to I don't want it at all Lost you and I want you today Misty green and blue Love to love to love you Misty green and blue Love to love to love you To be something, to be with you Don't say that you'll never know Love to love to love you Half the time it coul
  5. Welcome back. Hope you actually catch a ball or otherwise do something this season.
  6. Song begins at :50 after piano interlude. Everyday I try to change my ways Still I find I'm calling your name Try to stop myself right from the very start But to be in love has torn me apart I've made it clear I want you near That constant fear that you might leave me standing here Can't help myself for this torturing inside Possessed by love, is the pain I cannot hide Chorus: Feelings, reach out and hold me Hold me close by your side So you see you've become a part of me A part that helps me to live and breathe Now you've gone I need you more and more each da
  7. Great memory with your daughter. Yeah, this tune does not show the extent of Nuno's talent as a guitarist. The guy is unbelievable. Don't take it from me. Here's Brain May (hang in for the live cut):
  8. Great song, but a shame that Extreme became identified by this tune. Nuno Betancourt is a bad ass guitar player.
  9. What, no Costello dick pix? This thread is disappoint.
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