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  1. "Yes, mistress. I was naughty. So, must now endure naughty things."
  2. Please. Do we really need to talk about Giselle's private area?
  3. Slow on the take today. Second one I missed. Apologies.
  4. Call me late to the party. Guess I did not follow the discussion closely enough. My bad.
  5. Unless a player is drafted or traded for who has a history of this behavior. Look at Brown a few weeks ago in our game. Anyone surprised? They signed him knowing Brown's behavior was erratic at best. Yeah, it's ultimately his fault. But that issue does not arise on Tampa Bay unless the GM and HC signed off on the deal.
  6. Woody, listen to folks. Move the team to the U.K. Please.
  7. No. The quote was intended to show that "working with a nutritionist" is nothing new. And most likely additional spin to a life-long issue. Sort of like folks who are perpetually in the cycle of dieting and gaining the weight back. Personally, I have no issue with Becton's weight. If he can play competitively in the NFL at 500 pounds? Vaya con dios.
  8. Wasn't Becton already working with a nutritionist? From a few years back: The staff set out to rebuild the team from within. That meant new workouts, new diets, new recovery protocols and a new mentality. Becton, who reportedly weighed upwards of 389 pounds when the new staff came aboard, was among the first to buy into the new regime. “So we put a plan together for Mekhi,” Sirignano said. “You know, for a guy that’s 6-foot-7, 300-and-whatever pounds, you know, that’s a little different than everyone else in the room. So you got to modify some things.” First came nutrition, w
  9. "No worries. I re-braced the table yesterday".
  10. My main motivation for watching Dallas play is the hope of seeing Jerry and fans in tears.
  11. Tell me how that D loses an 11 point lead? I agree that Shanahan pulled dunce moves. But I will never absolve Saleh and his unit. They needed to close that one out.
  12. Right now? I'd sacrifice a testicle for Zach to attain Garoppolo level play.
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