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  1. McDaniels might have been a disaster as a HC in Denver. But he's a great OC. He has Jones playing in a very supportive system, which they expand as the game slows down for him. Jones' last TD pass was a kick ass call and play.
  2. With all their holding calls every week destroying drives/plays, Cadigan and Criswell took five years off my life.
  3. You're not wrong. And if Mitchell, through hypnosis or psychiatric medication(s), could just play within himself, he might be as good as Kelce, Kittle or Ertz. Guy had all the friggin' talent in the world. A prototypical TE in this era playing back in the early 90s. So disappointing.
  4. I want to say "The Scarlet J". But it should really be the "Kelly Green J", no?
  5. If that were true? I don't think I'd ever stop laughing. My life would be complete. lol
  6. TE's TE1: Kyle Brady TE2: Johnny Mitchell TE3: Jace Amaro TE4: Anthony Becht Wow, that's some stellar group. Combined they have half a clubfoot for hands.
  7. Max, I really don't fully know how to respond. I am overjoyed that overall things are going in a positive direction. But man, what your brave wife is having to endure. And you, keeping the family and everything else running smoothly while she undergoes treatment. Kudos. Obviously, she has the heart and strength of a lion. Please wish her well.
  8. Me and my buddies picnicking Sunday whilst looking back at Foxboro on the horizon.
  9. Undeniably. Since childhood, the ability to identify arcane, and otherwise seldom used words has been both my gift and torment.
  10. I ordered one with "Schmuck since 1965" on the back.
  11. Biggest bust is Leon Hess who bought out the great mastermind Sonny Werblin. Then "led" the team into never ending calamity.
  12. I draw the line at consent. As long as a snort, whinny or bark is evident and provable, the law is most likely in your favor.
  13. Tidying up the peep show booth.
  14. I took the J&J vaccine as it was the one offered back in April. A booster has been approved (second J&J,) but I would rather get an mRNA vaccine, specifically Moderna. Supposedly, the immune response is better when combining them. I'm about to ask various medical people for their recommendations. Any experts out here around for some additional advice?
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