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  1. munchmemory

    The GAS (Music Gear) Thread

    Jimmy Page has unveiled the Sundragon amp, a collaboration between the Led Zeppelin guitarist, Perry Margouleff and Mitch Colby. The Sundragon is touted as a faithful recreation of the amp he used on the Led Zeppelin album and the solo to “Stairway to Heaven,” among other recordings. According to the Sundragon website, Page’s original amp “started out life as a Supro Coronado. After falling out of the back of the band’s van during an early pre-Zeppelin tour, the amp was restored and modified in significant ways. Jimmy realized that the sonic palette of his amp had changed to something new and unique. After being shrouded in mystery for more than 50 years, Jimmy has decided to share this extraordinary amplifier with the world.” Said Page, “I had been impressed with the forensic analysis both Mitch and Perry had put into the research of the sonic reproduction of the original Supro amp to arrive at the Sundragon.” A limited edition run of 50 Sundragon amps will be hand-built by Mitch Colby and signed by Jimmy Page throughout 2019, with a standard production run available later in the year. For more information, head over to sundragonamp.com. https://www.guitarworld.com/news/namm-2019-jimmy-page-unveils-the-sundragon-amp
  2. munchmemory

    Would you support Replay on PI?

    Don't need replay for this. Just put an official upstairs who now has access to all the camera angles. Next, they communicate down to the field to get the cal/mistake corrected.
  3. munchmemory

    Imagine being a Boston sports fan

    Who cares about Boston? We here in the NY Metro Area have had unparalleled success with our Knicks and Jets.
  4. munchmemory

    How does the NFL deal with that no call?

    I've been on the soapbox about this for years when watching games with my family. Problem is solved when the NFL puts a lead official upstairs. They now have the ability to communicate down to the field ref when a key penalty like the one yesterday is missed.
  5. Is it me? Or has JN turned into a place for the most blindly servile? Good lord it's like all is just peachy keen perfect with this team. Good friggin' luck.
  6. munchmemory

    Press Conference

    And one of the biggest a-holes in recorded history.
  7. munchmemory

    Mel Stottlemeyer: Dead at 77

    Remember him when I was a kid. Damn I'm getting old. RIP to a great Yankee and person.
  8. munchmemory

    Press Conference

    I read Gase insisted that the Miami coaching staff communicate on field via a specially designed in-stadium telegraph system.
  9. munchmemory

    Robby Anderson

  10. munchmemory

    Press Conference

    Only press conference worse than that train wreck was the half-season progress report given by Idzik. That was a LOL fest.
  11. munchmemory

    Press Conference

    Maybe it's just Exophthalmos associated with Graves Disease.
  12. munchmemory

    Press Conference

    And that he sucked as well as players hating his guts factors in it for me too.
  13. munchmemory

    Press Conference

    godlike (note small "g"). Criminal that he's not in HOF. Awesome remembrance BTW.
  14. munchmemory

    Press Conference


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