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  1. "Ran out of hair gel, huh?"
  2. munchmemory

    Bad Coaching At It's Finest

    Bowles: We got any film on Brady? White? Edelman? Gronk? Ah forget it. They won't impact the game anyway.
  3. 10-1 Mcc screws this up. That or Bell signs with the Jets and has a career-ending injury falling from the chair after inking the deal.
  4. munchmemory

    Man Cites Jets Sucking As Reason for DUI

    So he says/you think. 😏
  5. Jamal, embrace the ethic of the SOJs. It will free you.
  6. munchmemory

    Bills Sign (then release) Terrelle Pryor

    He'll now do a walk of shame home as a dirty slut.
  7. munchmemory

    Man Cites Jets Sucking As Reason for DUI

    If only for the lolz he just provided.
  8. munchmemory

    Rapoport: Jets not Expected to Fire Todd Bowles

    More idiocy/ineptitude by the Brothers Johnson.
  9. munchmemory

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    And let's not omit cutie-boy Brooks Bollinger.
  10. munchmemory

    Hue Jackson back to Bengals

    Does that guy have donkey shots of important NFL folks or what?
  11. munchmemory

    R.I.P Stan Lee

    An immortal presence/creative genius. Always loved identifying him in cameos from his various movies.
  12. Just keep working. Correct the mistakes. Get set for the next game. STFU.

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