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  1. You just brought back memories. Man, did my wife and I despise changing our little one's schedule. Took a few days or more to get him back in sleep & nap rhythm. Good luck, derp. lol
  2. You got me thinking about Chinese food in NYC. We'd always wind up at Wo Hop at like 4-5 AM after drinking all night. But the best food I ever recall was at some little, hole in the wall place on Doyers Street. Jiu Sang? Can't remember. as it was the late 70s/early 80s. Had the best dumplings and won-ton soup with the most complex, dark-colored broth. Not the dish water you'd get in most places. Every other dish in place was incredible, too. I miss those days.
  3. Why is Warfish not in the locker room with the rest of the O linemen?
  4. In order to give him time to process the defensive alignment, think I heard they might experiment with Zach being 15-20 yards back of center. They'll have our long snapper snap it.
  5. I would have lost my mind meeting them, especially Aykroyd who's one of my comedy writing idols. What a great memory, man.
  6. Yeah, CSNY, I recall watching the first show in my college's TV lounge. As a fan of National Lampoon Magazine, I was happy to see that the insane Michael O'Donoghue was the show's head writer. Back then, the more risky and dark the comedy, the better for me. WTF were average viewers thinking as this sketch opened the show, especially with Mr. Mike's appearance? My friends and I were falling over. Different era. Damn, I would have killed to be backstage with those two. Just for the opportunity to say hello and thanks for all the laughs. I remember Belushi from the National Lampoon Radio Hour. I wound up backstage in the mid-80s when the show sucked. Also went to the cast party where I met Larry Bud Mellman.
  7. No question SNL has had incredibly talented cast members throughout its history. I think Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon were hysterical and must be included as the top tier of gifted comedians the show has ever had. Also that great sketches have emerged throughout the years. My problem is with Lorne Michael's formulaic approach. Mostly gone are the edgier bits in favor of a boring political opening, then a game show, the.....The show loses me after about five minutes. And if anything controversial or odd shows up, it's at the end of the show.
  8. "Meanwhile #Jets coach Robert Saleh told his defensive players of Allen, “He’s a runner. Hit him as hard as you can.” Motivating words never uttered before by an NFL HC. Definitely worthy of inclusion in Garafalo's tweet. lol
  9. I agree. As a dinosaur who hates just about everything now, I still find incredibly creative comedy moments in film and TV. One of the best I've seen recently is from SNL alum Bill Hader's series Barry. It's a very dark comedy which has me laughing out loud at some of the most disturbing material. NoHo Hank's character is a scream.
  10. As I said earlier in the week, Von Miller scares the crap out of me. It's like at his age Miller has found another gear. He's still destroying O linemen and QBs.
  11. That would be a disaster. If we give Buffalo the ball all day after three and outs? They might put up 45. BTW, great new avatar image. lol
  12. Watched Causeway last night on Apple+. An intimate, slow burn of a flick, which I thought was very well done. Felt more like a play. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Brian Tyree Henry, of Atlanta fame, were excellent in their roles.
  13. He won't. Zach is just not wired that way. His first impulse after pressure is to right right. And that home crowd is going to go off on him if he starts giving the ball back to Buffalo. Only shot we have today is to sustain long drives for scores. Can't keep putting our D on the field all day.
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