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  1. "He’s intellectual, you know..." He lost me here.
  2. If you have the strength, go grab a couple Sydney Sweeney gifs. Sorry you're not feeling well.
  3. Not much to laugh about in this situation. (Okay, maybe how the Browns continue to be a laughing stock.) But that's a clever observation, jgb. Nicely done.
  4. Next, Celebrity Card Sharks or a stint as Jon Taffer's recon for an episode of Bar Rescue.
  5. Friends? We should be celebrating our Diamond Jubilee Wedding Anniversary. Although by now, the sexual intercourse has become a tad mundane.
  6. 'As a 40+ year fan of this team, the team has never been built like this and therefor has no basis in their history." Said by a bunch of Jets fans in bars along Queens Blvd. in Long Island City circa 1979.
  7. I think Skep was neg repping me and Jet Nut because we were hijacking his thread. I'll give the guy the benefit of the doubt that he would not have a problem with anyone who looks like Diana Rigg. Oh, I pulled a lot on Seka. lol Let's meet at ShowWorld. I'll bring the quarters. lol
  8. The "secret word" is bangable. lol They were a cool match. Sad when he passed.
  9. Good Lord. Never saw that shot before. If that's truly a young Betty White? She's absolutely stunning. Wow.
  10. Done. And unlike Tony, I can right off the top of my head think of a bunch of interesting wishes.
  11. I'm also giving The Avengers' Diana Rigg a huge...er.. thumbs up. I could give two s*its about the forthcoming neg rep.
  12. Hmmm...I've been watching some Match Game reruns lately. Gotta tell ya, Betty White was pretty hot for an older lady.
  13. For me, it means that this will mark the 11,000th time I have been told of an upcoming "transformative" season. God speed.
  14. Excellent choices. Thinking on it now, I should have thrown Ona Zee in there just for her specialized, doctoral level, skills.
  15. To coincide with our miraculous W-L record, I am planning to finally perfect a time machine which transports me immediately into a threesome with Christy Canyon and Seka.
  16. I'm picturing you like the scene in Brainstorm when the guy is lost in the orgasm loop. lol
  17. Watching the pick that day? My jaw dropped, then my testicles re-ascended.
  18. I still have it but would have no idea what to ask for it.
  19. Literally, back in the 80s, I was shocked the first time seeing The Pogues and Shane MacGowan. Friggin' teeth just rotting out of his mouth.
  20. I fell asleep last night. So, just watched episode three. Absolute GOLD. So many new and incredible developments. Mazel Tov to the new happy couple Homelander and Starlight. Major laughs/cringes with Timothy's demise and Little Lisa's line to Frenchie, "I guess he's still upset that you ate his wife's anus". LMFAO. Maury, I can't wait to see what new levels of depravity Homelander achieves. Maybe the most despicable character ever in film, literature, TV, comics.....
  21. Criminal that Cillian Murphy's work as Tommy Shelby has not received more universal attention and praise.
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