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  1. Did not know they were still together. New stuff sounds pretty good and rockin'. Always love Aldrich's playing. Adding Blas Elias is a stellar move.
  2. Not talking about your comment and "inaction" in those threads. I'm suggesting you eliminate the Lounge because it's a shell of its former self with very few people participating. Why give yourself all that angst anticipating a thread or post which costs you financial support needed to run the site? Makes more sense just to 86 the whole thing as with the Hot Chicks thread.
  3. Thanks for the response, Max. I understand that you rely on the ad revenue which can be jeopardized through certain content. Not being flip or with any rancor towards you, I would suggest that you stop dancing around the issue and just eliminate this forum. As I said in my post thanking NY Mick for injecting some much needed humor/interest in the Lounge, it's a wasteland anyway.
  4. Nothing in those threads was explicit. They were all movie titles. Not porn movies.
  5. lol Was just about to post the same thing. Good job, man.
  6. Awesome news. Maybe Brunell is still in shape?
  7. Though of this as I was driving home just now. LOL!
  8. Variation on "the little man in the boat" perhaps?
  9. Yeah, I saw that and busted out laughing. Might be the most perfect, unintended, example.
  10. Great signing. Now sign Bell and keep Carr.
  11. Finally streamed The Favourite. Enjoyed it, but not as good as I expected. Overall 8/10 for me whilst I was anticipating a solid 10. Think the TV commercials portrayed it badly. Seemed more light hearted and humorous in the ads than the actual film. Also a real dead spot toward the end of dreaded second act. Although I thought Olivia Colman was very good in the role of the queen. Best performance in the flick belonged to Rachel Weisz.

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