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  1. As the thread is locked, just wanted to say I'm sad to see it go. Thanks for all the awesome images and overall delight the thread provided. Really appreciate the efforts put forth by so many great posters. You know who you are. 2. Nudity \ Lewd Images: The thread in the Lounge with all the pictures has to go. There are photos in there that contain nudity. We have looked the other way on it but we can't do that anymore. I know a bunch of people worked really hard on that but we have no choice.
  2. munchmemory

    Introduce Yourself

    I'm sure you despise your father as much as my son does me. Why, God, did I buy him that Jets onesie and bib? So many other teams. Welcome to JN. Have a blast posting. Feel free to curse and post images of hot naked chicks. The site founder/director loves that stuff.* *J/K
  3. munchmemory

    The Giants are 1 and 5

    Eff it. Anyone else having trouble posting gifs? Lately, they show up fine in preview but don't load onto the posted post. Max, any words?
  4. munchmemory

    Word Association

  5. munchmemory

    Word Association

    knob (remember the "suicide knob" those things had?)
  6. munchmemory

    Word Association

  7. munchmemory

    Word Association

  8. munchmemory

    Word Association

    I'm a dope. Don't know what this means. lol Azure
  9. munchmemory

    Word Association

    Tetons* * Don't worry, Max. I mean the mountain range. 😉
  10. munchmemory

    What are u listening to right now?

    I've posted the live cut of this classic somewhere in here or on another site. One of my favorite pieces by Genesis. So powerful and haunting, especially the "Now..now..now..now...now" section. Here's the live version I mentioned in case you don't know it. You forget sometimes what gifted players Tony Banks and Steve Hackett are.
  11. munchmemory

    Lets play a game.

    Barkley without question. You just watch how that kid play and it's clear what a powerful tool he is to an offense.
  12. munchmemory

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    Have seen the first two versions (other than the gorgeous Technicolor, did not dig the original; and the Streisand one from the 70s is goofy/hokey) so guess I'll need to check this one out too. Not in theaters though.
  13. munchmemory

    Congrats Drew Brees

    I remember watching the game Brees got hurt. Same year lots of Chargers fans wanted to see "the kid" Rivers play. Even though his shoulder injury was very serious (especially for a QB), I was still shocked when San Diego parted ways with Brees. Certain guys you can see that they are gifted playres. Guaranteed, every second of his rehab and success since was/is driven by Brees' desire to show the folks who got rid of him just how huge a mistake they made. Incredible QB. Congrats on your monumental achievement.
  14. munchmemory

    JetNation Site Rules

    With the new regulations, I'm stunned you're still allowed to use your screen name. 😅
  15. munchmemory

    What are u listening to right now?

    Love the sound of that Rik with Rotosounds. And you're right, slung down a la Jimmy Page with his guitar is the right way to sport a bass.
  16. munchmemory

    Solicitor phone calls home and cell phone.

    Yeah, I get these too. As Rutgers mentioned, they are very clever to use your area code or that of someone you may have called recently. Very annoying. After Max' dictum relating to cursing, don't think I can post them. But go check out on YouTube Jim Florentine's crank calls to telemarketers. They deserve every bit of his inspired insanity.
  17. munchmemory

    What are u listening to right now?

  18. munchmemory


    Quick suggestion: If you are making a bunch, leave the cheese out and add it later to whatever dish you're making. Lasts longer/tastes fresher IMO.
  19. Totally not. Your post seemed to indicate that you were okay with how this season is going. Almost chastising folks for complaining.
  20. munchmemory

    If We Lose to Denver

    Someone needs to "answer for Santino" on this one. Why did they put so much faith in this guy?
  21. munchmemory

    What are u listening to right now?

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