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  1. Rosen is going to be good. No doubt. Allen on the other hand? Will be dog excrement.
  2. munchmemory

    Someone got married?

    Unless I do it. Which is always. 😂
  3. munchmemory

    What are u listening to right now?

    I can relate. No matter what, once I hear the opening synth of 2112 in my shuffle mode I'm in for the duration. Even if it makes me late for something. The "suite" blew me away back in the day and still knocks me out.
  4. munchmemory

    I need a new hobby. Any suggestions???

    Guess we could use a few more vivisection enthusiasts.
  5. munchmemory

    What are u listening to right now?

    Whether or not you like Rush or Peanuts characters, this concept/video is absolutely brilliant. It uses the actual 2112, btw. Seeing Schroeder singing the Priests of Syrinx part (approx. 11:32) had me on the floor laughing.
  6. munchmemory

    Official Sam Darnold Nickname Thread

    Delilah's Dude
  7. munchmemory

    Get Well Soon Tailgate Joe

    Joe, stop dicking around the hospital and get your ass to the smoker/grill where you belong. Always with the sympathy angle this guy. Seriously, hope all continues to go well with your recovery, my friend.
  8. In college, I had a double major in ceramics and proctology.
  9. Don't forget the amyl nitrites. Will help your sphincter to recover quicker. Congratulations on your modship. Congratulations, CB.
  10. If by changing his throwing motion Hack means that he'll take his "skills" to the CFL or a pro league in Uzbekistan, then I am all in favor of the move.
  11. munchmemory

    Petty Cut

    Fantastic news for us. Just another reason the Dolphins will continue to suck harder than a twink at the annual Castro District invasion of "Bears".
  12. munchmemory

    Petty > Hack

    Rotting corpse of Gary Moore>Petty>Hack
  13. Wait until this jerkoff implodes during the season. That's going to be a huge laugh. For everyone but us Jet fans. Tick...tick...tick..
  14. Yet folks continue to defend this idiot. Please cut this tool. There's perfect harmony In the rising and the falling of the sea And as we sail along I never fail to be astounded by the things we'll do for promises And a song We are the innocent We are the damned We were caught in the middle of the madness Hunted by the lion and the lamb oh, oh We bring you fantasy We bring you pain It's your one great chance for a miracle Or we will disappear Never to be seen again And all the fools sailed away All the fools sailed away Sailed away We bring you beautiful We teach you sin We can give you a piece of the universe Or we will disappear Never to return again And all the fools sailed away All the fools sailed away All the fools sailed away They sailed away Sailed away And as we drift along I never…
  15. munchmemory

    The other great thing about having Darnold

    You tell me. lol I gave up associating logic with this team.
  16. munchmemory

    The trade up by Macc was genius!

    Right now, they are. Darrold still needs to prove himself at least to the level of the two boobs (no offense to boobs) who preceded him from USC.
  17. munchmemory

    Is Bates The Right Coach?

  18. munchmemory

    So does Darnold start in game 1

    But especially with Darnold's penchant for all things turnover. He needs to be coached up before setting foot on an NFL field. Defensive players will be poring over film of his 22 turnovers in 13 games. That's friggin' scary.
  19. munchmemory

    So does Darnold start in game 1

    If Darnold starts, prepare yourself for a barrage of picks and assorted other turnovers.
  20. munchmemory


    Two "steals" I see are the Giants with Barkley and Denver in Chubb. Both guys will be MAJOR day one impact players.