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  1. Word Association

    DeLarge* *For fellow Burgess/Kubrick fans.
  2. Happy 13th Year Anniversary JN

    Max, where is the party inviting all the old regulars back for a celebratory visit? Couple a kegs, a case or two of whiskey, Joe Baby catering. Easy.
  3. Word Association

  4. Jets to release Mo Wilkerson per SNY

    Awesome. Wilk, grab a corn muffin or lemon scone from the craft services table on your way out.
  5. I heard open up a Jersey Mike's franchise.
  6. Goal: 200,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    Grazie mille.
  7. Goal: 200,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    Come si chiama questa bella signorina?
  8. Will Bengals cut Dalton?

    Easy nickname too: The Ginger Jet.
  9. Joe Namath Shady Connections Back In The Day?

    His work with pelvic floor-bolstering exercises were/are revolutionary, as well as beneficial for post-birth vaginal wall tightening.
  10. Joe Namath Shady Connections Back In The Day?

    Or smell worthy.
  11. Joe Namath Shady Connections Back In The Day?

    I read that Hoover never forgave Joe for saying the FBI director did not have the legs for high heels or pumps. One of the reasons historians believe Hoover wore flats or saddle shoes during his cross dressing forays.
  12. What are u listening to right now?

  13. Patsferential treatment

    About the Jets? Totally. Fixated on the Patriots and whatever the fuk it is they do (some of it bordering on pathologically obsessed)? Nope.
  14. Who else thinks Luck's career is over? What a shame to have all that talent and heart and to have it all end so soon in your career.
  15. Pauline Notes

    "Austin Seferian-Jenkins will be one of the hotter names at the tight end position in the free-agent market". WTF? Mr. Invisible/Ball Dropper is a hot commodity? Please just go.
  16. McDaniels Leaves Colts at the Altar

    Heard he wrote a note declining Indy's offer on an airport bar coaster. Smart move by McDaniels. Working for Irsay is a disaster waiting to happen. Plus, Kraft just anointed him the next NE HC once Bellicheat splits. That's a much better deal.
  17. Patsferential treatment

    As a franchise, we need to stop focusing on what New England does. Please end this bizarre preoccupation with every last detail of their existence. I stopped giving a sh*t years ago.
  18. I'll throw in a year's worth of calzones.
  19. Caption this pic...

  20. Christian Hackenberg's QB Guru says....

    These are the off season fluff pieces which we'll read until the start of next season, when Hack will be employed in an occupation other than NFL QB.
  21. What are u listening to right now?