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  1. And I just ordered a Jets Super Bowl 2023 sweatshirt.
  2. Earlier this year, I called JD getting canned this year, Saleh next. Now, I'm thinking they both get the boot.
  3. Looks like JD is about to start mainlining plutonium.
  4. Any word on how Joe Benigno's new, more positive podcast is coming along?
  5. No one but us understands the depression that accompanies being a Jet fan. I mean, it's the first goddam preseason game and it's already another disastrous year. Eat me, universe.
  6. Mims still flummoxed with formations. Ah, it's only year three.
  7. Special cup? Please, we call that a codpiece.
  8. My son and I did a double take. We thought Mims got hurt. Tired? WTF? You're a young man.
  9. It's official: I despise Ian Eagle and his announcing style. Douche.
  10. What does it take for Saleh to get that incredible sheen on his pate? What glint! I must know.
  11. If it helps, my wife has graciously offered to provide Jimmy GQ with certain sexual inducements.
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