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  1. I recall not that many fans hanging out. Small, fun atmosphere with only die hards and their kids. (No one else went to camp or the draft.) The small bleachers just outside the fence to the practice field. I remember it was such a big deal that I bought a white "camp" Jet hat from a vendor at a small table. Now? It's like being at a major carnival.
  2. Shalom, Jehwah. Is that one of the Anunnaki on the coin?
  3. I was once the guy with the megaphone (figuratively) screaming about the team. Now? I mainly shake my head or laugh as I watch games. Even going off here on JN has less allure. I mean, how many years can us fans keep complaining about awful owners, HCs, OCs, DCs, GMs, QBs, etc. and nothing really changes. We're a franchise with fans full of hope in the off-season. Only to have these hopes dashed in a fiery car wreck usually in the pre-season or after the first four or five games.
  4. And yet dopes like us keep showing up for this franchise decade after decade. But folks still like to call us SOJFs because we complain that almost everything about the team is wrong. It is.
  5. "I got nuthin for you, Greenie." Yup, about sums it up for most fans who have watched the Zach Wilson calamity.
  6. Old Monty Python joke: "What's brown and sounds like a bell? Dung". Now it becomes even more apropos. Enjoy the disaster Browns' fans. lol
  7. Never happen in a million years. As difficult as it is for some to accept, Mims is not NFL level and will never be.
  8. Back then, I'd watch some games with a bunch of friends who were all obsessed with the new clipped speech pattern. It was like Mangini's tongue would get stuck on the roof of his mouth pronouncing certain words. It became sort of a drinking game.
  9. A thought which still perplexes me: When Mangini was the HC and he spoke on camera, why did it always look like he had a caramel candy stuck to the roof of his mouth. His speech pattern wasn't always like that. Just sort of suddenly appeared one day.
  10. More fodder for the Mims' apologists. Yay, now I can enjoy my dinner.
  11. We mentioned Jenn the other day. And as a former stutterer, I always liked that the team had such an adorable FC member who was a speech pathologist.
  12. Congrats, Joe. Can't wait to watch your induction ceremony.
  13. You young CCR fans might enjoy some music from the late, great Gene Clark. Clark wrote most of the notable songs by The Byrds. He's one of America's premier songwriters from that era.
  14. I don't claim to know anything. Just ask my wife. I'm going by what I have seen fro Zach Wilson. at least so far, it has not been pretty.
  15. Digging out of that massive ditch with two brand new shovels.
  16. Yeah, I guess. But who truly, in their hearts, believes Zach will make a monumental jump into the realm of a competent NFL QB? Very few. The prospect of watching his play again this season just adds truck loads onto the mountain of my already staggering depression.
  17. I don't. The kid is an INT machine/Short throwin'/mush. Bring in Jimmy GQ.
  18. Yeah. But this is two in a row on the same knee.
  19. I'm going with Vegas odds makers on Non-Specific Urethritis prediction.
  20. I'm gonna stick with my opinion that Bex is NFL history. Too much work and little desire to maintain it all.
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