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  1. Bailed? Catastrophic decompression at 45 thousand feet is more like it.
  2. But infinitely more adorable. Oh, that punim.
  3. Good post. I can live with your appraisal of Saleh as lazy rather than coasting.
  4. I loved Leon. One of my favorite Jets ever. But he was not a #1 RB. More of a top flight kick/punt returner and great at catching the ball in space. Thanks for reminding me of Leon. I hated when he had that catastrophic injury and we let him go. Should have retired as a Jet.
  5. Saleh is coasting. More interested in running steps, or predicting player injury times, than holding his DC and team to account.
  6. Last great RB we drafted? Freeman McNeil in '81. I had hopes for Blair Thomas in '90. But then the game in Chicago happened. The Jets are a historical dearth at RB and QB.
  7. Impact so far: Zero. Let's see his stats in a few years to see if he's indeed a star. It's the only real indicator.
  8. Going back decades, every draft the team promotes "can't miss" players on both sides of the ball. Problem is that they always miss.
  9. I have no idea. But the provocative posts are not indicative of a newbie.
  10. Not saying you're wrong. But I've been hearing about the talent level of Jet RBs for decades. I'm not holding my breath.
  11. Any guess on the former identity of this "poster"?
  12. Fantastic third post. Exemplary trolling. What was your old username again?
  13. I can't wait to see the meltdown when Saleh and JD get canned. I won't even broach the subject of Zach busting as that would result in a suicide watch situation for Max.
  14. Every week, there are defensive breakdowns all over the field. They just showed highlights from yesterday's game. The blown blitz for a TD and Chase wide open in the endzone for another are completely crazy.
  15. Dr. Now has called it his most challenging case to date.
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