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  1. From a historical perspective, maybe Robert "Wounded Knee" Saleh might work. Some could argue Saleh massacred the media opportunity.
  2. Right now, an old POS like me is more durable than Becton.
  3. Henceforth, Saleh should be known as Mr. “It’s stable … it doesn’t seem like a big deal.”
  4. Just saw this scrolled on NFL Network. Thanks for the more complete information, DH.
  5. "Statement" I just saw on NFL Network is that Becton is "likely out for the year".
  6. Right? The first girlfriend is Josh Brolin's daughter. Both Jimmy's gals are cute.
  7. lol It's from the series Yellowstone. He's just a goofy cowboy.
  8. Don't bother. There are a couple guys on the board who relish downvoting. Some bizarre pseudo-power move.
  9. Even though it was a train wreck and commercial failure, I actually enjoyed parts of the film Xanadu. Some great ELO songs and seeing the great Gene Kelly, on roller skates no less. These two clips highlight the best part of the movie, Olivia Newton John's beauty and singing ability. She had great vocal chops. Song in the first one starts at approx. 3:17.
  10. Exactly. Because Saleh isn't a doctor, he should never have made that statement. Just say that we'll know more after the MRI. I'm not going to kill Saleh for this. It just bothers me a bit. He's starting to sound like another "company man"/huckster.
  11. Bex went down like two pounds of pasta in a one pound bag.
  12. It was once referred to as "The gift of the behemoth". Now? Fat fuk disease.
  13. "The year" announcement should be coming soon. I hope they ask Saleh what he meant by “It’s stable … it doesn’t seem like a big deal" yesterday. This guy is looking more and more like another dope. Starting to really bother me.
  14. Okay, off to bed. I hope to dream of a gargantuan black man with rubber knees.
  15. Just unbelievable. Leave it to the Jets to draft a guy who gets injuries that warrant updating medical texts. What a fukkin' team.
  16. Woke up on the couch and saw that Bex will miss "significant time" on ESPN. I was wrong earlier. I said we'd find out that he'll be out for the year in a day or two. Nice work by the medical staff confirming it sooner. Done. See ya, big guy.
  17. Back then, we all immediately swooned over Olivia after hearing those songs and seeing her on TV and magazines. She was just so beautiful with that incredible smile. RIP.
  18. My son is in his 20s. But as a Jet fan since birth (yes, Jets onesies, etc.), he is 106 in mental/emotional years.
  19. The mush is done. Saleh cries at the podium in a few days.
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