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  1. It's official: I despise Ian Eagle and his announcing style. Douche.
  2. What does it take for Saleh to get that incredible sheen on his pate? What glint! I must know.
  3. If it helps, my wife has graciously offered to provide Jimmy GQ with certain sexual inducements.
  4. I was with you on this last year, too. He was right there for the taking.
  5. Wonder if Saleh will let fly with his "It doesn't look like a big deal" pronouncement when asked later about Zach?
  6. Not sure if he's a fraud. I just think he sucks as an NFL HC. No worries, Saleh will be gone either this iyear or next. Problem for us is that we'll need to watch this mess.
  7. Said it last year: Didn't we bring in Saleh to install his defense? We looked like shyte last year and looks the same so far.
  8. Sadly, we should had the porn star mustache guy Minshew last year before the Eagles.
  9. Any chance we can get the NFL to let us do last year's draft over?
  10. I wasn't online earlier. But that first Zach pick is inexcusable. Rookie throw in Canada. You don't see the friggin' LB standing there?
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