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  1. As I type, I am in my wife's never-ending Grace and Frankie marathon. Not awful. But why the fu*k do we need so many seasons?
  2. One from 1968's legendary performance at Canterbury House.
  3. I love those, but don't eat citrus very often due to my GERD. Lately, have been focusing on Summer stone fruits and watermelon, the latter of which is great for reflux.
  4. Watching NFL Network's training camp coverage. Always comforting for us fans when they put up stats which show Zach Wilson last or 29th in every QB category. After that, I went and enjoyed a nectarine.
  5. If NY Jets' history means anything? After signing his big deal, performance wise, Berrios will fall off a cliff.
  6. Stuff like this makes me want to burn all my guitars and possibly sever my hands so i never pick them up again. This reminds me so much of Zappa's work with a bit of Return to Forever, Rush and Led Zeppelin thrown in for good measure (no pun). Just beautifully played. Enjoy the show.
  7. First, HTF did Mikey hide the money in the cans? Went to the factory before canning? Resealed them perfectly after inserting the money without the tomatoes spoiling or leaking? Yeah, I like Jeremy Allen White in Shameless, too. You're right, this is not the vehicle for him and his talent. As I said before, the acting level in this show is awful. "Cousin" (wanted to scream every time they said this and "chef") and Sydney are particularly egregious. And let's not forget the seen-a-thousand-times-before-angry Latina performance from the Tina character. I have no idea who did the casting on this train wreck or WTF the series creator was thinking.
  8. Another of the recommended shows I don't like or get: The Bear. Various family members lauded this thing. I have now disowned them. Horribly overwritten, trite scripts with much screaming and uttering of expletives until your head is about to explode. A bunch of bad acting, too.
  9. Happy Birthday, my friend. Many...many more.
  10. Top 10 best first names in the NFL. I want to see a bunch of opponents getting "Kwon-ed" all season.
  11. Please. Equine-wise, Elway is on a completely different level. If I'm permitted to use the Italian, there was a point during one of NASA's missions where a young Elway's dentatura was used to guide a capsule whose guidance system had malfunctioned. For that, he's a hero.
  12. For once, I was trying to be measured in my description. I could spend a week extolling Ana's sexiness. Her body is fantastic, but it's her face that does it. Just so beautiful. The flick was okay. It's just that it was a tad over the top (especially Evans character) and that I've seen so many of the scenes before. At one point, I felt like I was watching a lower grade Bourne movie.
  13. How many games is Becton's "whole year"? Right. Time to put up a complete season, Mr. Magic.
  14. No worries. It's just day one. I still have faith.
  15. Guess the "Not making playoffs is a failure of a season" comment is an indictment of the players and coaches the last 10 years.
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