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  1. I think it's a good move.
  2. I sent my local glazier's kid through college after that abomination. This gif will give you a watered down version of my reaction.
  3. Max, can you please put back the slight delay in the edit function? This helps when you need to edit because of a spelling error or image/gif/video didn't appear in the post, etc.
  4. Just playing off the idea/post of teams being afraid. That's from one of the "Jackass" movies.
  5. lol Yup, that's true. They still use that for replays?
  6. Oh. My bad. I saw that story on TV earlier (didn't read your link) and assumed they both spoke at the event.
  7. Most shocking to me is that the NFL would have Sapp presenting anything. Unless of course they wanted a personification of all things not to do.
  8. Plus he just never stops pontificating. And God forbid a caller should have a different opinion than his. You can see and hear his anger rising. For me, that's the best.
  9. First guy I thought of was Mirer. He was so lost/inept that it was almost like he forgot how to play even rudimentary football. Right up there with Mirer is Bubby Brister.
  10. I like to give out rep when someone makes me laugh or says something special. I appreciate different opinions, so have a "no neg rep" policy. Personally, I'd like it better if you could "like" a post rather than add "rep". That's really how I approach it anyway.
  11. lol Isn't getting that kind of reaction the best? The idea of those images "making a memory" still has me chuckling. I take absolutely no credit for any of the images or gifs. As Solazzo said, "I'm not that clever". I found all those online.
  12. We should both be locked away for what we did. lol Like you, I actually dig seeing him go off after a bad play. Man, I hope I can see a Jet Super Bowl (ideally a win) with my family before they put me in the box/urn.
  13. Yeah, unfortunately I turned my kids into raving Jet fans, too. lol My son is starting to exhibit some of the same screaming madness that he's watched me exhibit over the years. Once he splinters a chair/coffee table, I'll know he's fully fledged. You're absolutely right about the immediacy of the football season. You only get so many shots.
  14. Easy. Look at the "Insert other media" pull down to the lower right of your reply. From there, you can post a gif either from URL or your files.
  15. Jets and the Yanks for me. Back in the 60s, going to Bat Day at the old stadium for me was the equivalent of a pilgrimage to Mecca. The few times I went to Shea, my head nearly popped off from the excitement. Do you think kids today still feel that magic?
  16. Totally agree with Rexo. We're a very enlightened bunch when it comes to fair play, decorum, and respecting/appreciating the feminine form. I'll even download a special filter which only allows a select few for the viewing and block it from ever showing up on the internet.
  17. For me, this was back in the late 80s/early 90s when I split a season ticket. ($35/ticket (lol) in the mezzanine at about the 15.) I just loved Sunday morning prep before going out to the Meadowlands. We looked forward to it all week. We'd always wind up talking to the same people even the game ended. Didn't hurt that we had smuggled in booze. I look back on those days nostalgically. I don't know why. But any sporting event I attended was a big deal. I love watching pros in any sport play the game. I never wanted the game to end.
  18. If you want to beat traffic, stay the fuk home.
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