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  1. Outside of stadium platinum parking after the next home loss:
  2. Some of us call Woody "Ibid".
  3. They even had a Ravens staff member spying Zach up in the luxury suite. Extensive notes were taken on his wardrobe accoutremonts and what, if any, comestibles were consumed by the youngster.
  4. Not for me. I've seen enough. Darnold lite.
  5. I think we should pack every QB on our roster into one of those circus clown cars and run it off a cliff. With those dopes, the season is already a bust. Any hope we have at the QB position is not on the team right now.
  6. Thanks for this clarification, LKT. I wish they had kept the camera on her so we could have appreciated her kindness. I really thought she was excellent. And with a smile that lit up the screen.
  7. The faith in Zach shocks me. No way that kid is a franchise QB. The faster everyone finally comprehends this the better. I don't want to waste another two years like we did with Darnold.
  8. Watching on TV, I thought the mic had cut out. Guess they stopped the policewoman--who had a gorgeous voice, btw--to hear the crowd. I wish they had let her complete the anthem. She was better than most of the hacks they trot out for various sporting events. I checked into the Giant and Titans games yesterday. Both Daboll and Vrable were wearing NYPD or NYFD hats. Any reason our coaches did not? Maybe I missed it?
  9. I'll make us my version of Central Market's muffaletta sandwiches. I'll text you some wine and beer choices for when we stop. Not sure if I want to go with a full pairing, but let's not be heathens.
  10. MILF scoping potential greater in the luxury suite area than the bench.
  11. The questioning of JD and Saleh's drumbeat is getting louder.
  12. The "legacy of Woody Johnson" comes down to this:
  13. Same folks looking to plant a peach orchard in the Canadian Yukon.
  14. Just substitute "proven winner" and Sean Peyton in your post with anyone we've hired over the years. This team's owner just does not get it on any level. Except accepting his portion of the NFL's media money every year.
  15. More incredible spin by the team. Every friggin' guy we sign or draft is all-world. Until they play a down in a regular season NFL game.
  16. Most likely played on a massive sound stage with life-like animatronics. That or 100% virtual.
  17. LOL! I almost spit out my coffee reading "the pubic". Tom, that one in so crazy and funny.
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