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  1. Does anybody know any good local Jets bars in the NYC area? Was planning on going to the game but I would much rather watch it at a bar with some fans.
  2. I’m done with Bowles. They need to fire this guy immediately. Use your fooking timeouts!
  3. #vapelife #joker #shocktop #lemonshandy #enjoyingtheweekend https://t.co/EJ1wP2hnsh

  4. #TheNewToronto is fire! #ToryLanez

  5. I'm just sayin! #helpme ? https://t.co/PnyCYFSsM7

  6. Daddy's big boys! https://t.co/N7KwvbI2rH

  7. RT @BleacherReport: David Blatt has been sniped! https://t.co/hwYkhwomHS

  8. At grandmas @ Longwood Avenue https://t.co/xT9Jogsr9N

  9. RT @ABC7NY: So sad: Emergency responder dies after helping teen daughter in crash in New Jersey -- https://t.co/ag3QtcSbOy https://t.co/lMt…

  10. @MissJuliaKelly ?

  11. Can the #nfl hire a professional coin flipper??? Lol @NFL #GBvsAZ

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