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  1. I wrote this on the subject of #Jets coaches & trust Geno in November. Still relevant: https://t.co/91OUjwv3Nm https://t.co/oXhsQAWpiU

  2. Updated: LB Bruce Carter leaves #Jets without contract, visiting #Lions today, per source https://t.co/1n5drwxxSr https://t.co/AupRH9jpCd

  3. Offensive line? Pass rusher? What positions do the #Jets still need? WATCH, and find out: https://t.co/jfaBJG8V6D https://t.co/mQdjBE9geY

  4. RT @TheJetsWire: Great piece here by @Connor_J_Hughes about @cotcheryfoundat. https://t.co/6lF2pQAHtm https://t.co/5sUlVfrxaj

  5. #Jets Brandon Marshall told Geno to carry around a Fitz-Notebook this year. Details —> https://t.co/BeidXgVCvu https://t.co/wghpPz90YH

  6. How did Wilson, Vick, Ellis & other #Jets 2014 FA play with new teams last year? https://t.co/xmOWIDHBXz https://t.co/kQRAIF2J40

  7. RT @TheJetsWire: Chris Ivory totals 71 yards, Nick Mangold starts in 2016 Pro Bowl https://t.co/3VslB4K6CU #Jets #ProBowl

  8. After one year, “so far, so good” for #Jets Mike Maccagnan & Todd Bowles. READ: https://t.co/7XyWsqpxVi https://t.co/AY1gbpox2z

  9. Woody Johnson: #Jets “easily” could have beaten #Bills if they completed more passes: https://t.co/PaKVt0JKqK https://t.co/HppMWk0huM

  10. VOTE: What were Brandon Marshall’s best plays of #Jets 2015 season? https://t.co/sN47GSa9j7 https://t.co/dcKj6MS3iv

  11. Get asked this a lot. I stick with the same two answers: Seneca Golden Eagles, Monmouth Hawks https://t.co/MqzbcvjRC6

  12. Cool post here by @jlacalandra: Vote for @BMarshall’s best play of the 2015 season: https://t.co/sN47GRSyrz https://t.co/3ZhaEuZ79g

  13. @CoachMcCartan Making it through one of my greatest accomplishments

  14. #Jets meet w/ @NDSUathletics QB Carson Wentz at #SeniorBowl. @domcosentino first to report. https://t.co/Uij7lP0Q8s https://t.co/A0lZuYdqNJ

  15. Oh? https://t.co/EIaiZfYYWG

  16. I have no idea. They’re not intentional. https://t.co/ve1DCWbP0J

  17. Mike Maccagnan got 50% of his Super Bowl prediction right, and succeeded with his jinx: https://t.co/E98qrW7gC5 https://t.co/YnOwhyPgpU

  18. #Jets #KeepOrDump: Should #NYJ re-sign Erin Henderson? https://t.co/Zk1tkkhRst https://t.co/Xpf6W5Eaeo

  19. Doing a #Jets Q&A. Send over questions now pertaining to the draft, free agency, re-signings and more. Do it.. Do it

  20. ? https://t.co/fnhuguq8BL

  21. Keep your eye on these four players this weekend. They could be #Jets next year: https://t.co/iwtexLbRXY https://t.co/ulbdBe8Sbe

  22. Hey! Look who’s attempting a comeback to play in the NFL again! https://t.co/NlzRmbSaPQ https://t.co/xZ0irx7X9S

  23. Found work quick. April was a riot in press conferences. Best of luck to him. https://t.co/j20DeQlDUj

  24. @DTJets Appreciate that, Darrin.

  25. All because they have likable guys with personalties that people care about. https://t.co/7misLa7MCU

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