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  1. ? https://t.co/0j5ScvEQUE

  2. ? https://t.co/fnhuguq8BL

  3. "He's a guy I've looked up to since I walked in here Day 1" - Wilkerson on David Harris

  4. “It was weird, but I’m gonna take it” - Leonard Williams weighs in on monster MetLife debut: http://t.co/4TXSRCz46Y http://t.co/YzEHCt8njU

  5. “Uh, It’s NJAM now” “What?” “NJA.. ah, never mind” https://t.co/4MvuF898kg

  6. @allansauce I picked Jets to win in all three pieces this week

  7. @art_stapleton @ebenezersamuel Pre-workout, of course.

  8. @biggestofcheese The Marshall TD

  9. @BMarshall’s been around some good RBs. Now, he’s teamed up w/ “the best in the league” http://t.co/maxA1VmcnG http://t.co/WvNb19kFUK

  10. @Cnimbley and I talk #Jets who need a big game vs Philly, Amaro and more. WATCH: http://t.co/uVkbWENNwv http://t.co/6LknQOo0ye

  11. @CoachMcCartan Making it through one of my greatest accomplishments

  12. @ConnieScouts Thanks, Connie

  13. @CoreyGriffinNBC Nice read, Corey.

  14. @DTJets Appreciate that, Darrin.

  15. @MikeNash15 @CLoprestiWFAN @DarrylSlater @KMart_LI @domcosentino Thanks, Mike. I appreciate that

  16. @pgchris1234 Thanks, Chris. I appreciate that

  17. @RR_jetlife By that logic, Andy Dalton is better than Andrew Luck.

  18. @VictorG_103 I appreciate that, Vic. Thanks.

  19. @yesthejets IMO, I thought Jets had a solid draft. Just fun seeing where others fell a year later

  20. #FlyHawks https://t.co/yCoEiasQT5

  21. #Halloween2015 @ Morristown, New Jersey https://t.co/9C4ynniOWN

  22. #Jets #KeepOrDump: Should #NYJ re-sign Erin Henderson? https://t.co/Zk1tkkhRst https://t.co/Xpf6W5Eaeo

  23. #Jets activate Stevan Ridley, waive/injured WR Chris Owusu (concussion). The deets —> https://t.co/5NP5m3YoA8 https://t.co/Tf0lo5hCYk

  24. #Jets add three more. Adrien* Robinson was once called the “JPP of Tight Ends” by #Giants GM Jerry Reese https://t.co/kijg4eMNhe

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