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  1. Hey! It looks like #FitzMagic did make its way to the playoffs

  2. The only player in the NFL capable of beating Tom Brady. Because… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ https://t.co/RSHP75VLaB

  3. Cool post here by @jlacalandra: Vote for @BMarshall’s best play of the 2015 season: https://t.co/sN47GRSyrz https://t.co/3ZhaEuZ79g

  4. In 2013 & 2014, opponents brought down #Jets QBs 94 times. This year? Not so much: http://t.co/XGB062zSvA http://t.co/pn2dzytTAa

  5. The Giants offense outside of No. 10 & 13 isn’t very good. https://t.co/MTRSDJvVRv

  6. @MikeNash15 @CLoprestiWFAN @DarrylSlater @KMart_LI @domcosentino Thanks, Mike. I appreciate that

  7. Parcells reached out to Bowles last night. Simple message: “Congrats"

  8. Lol https://t.co/xQke76K8Tx

  9. How did Wilson, Vick, Ellis & other #Jets 2014 FA play with new teams last year? https://t.co/xmOWIDHBXz https://t.co/kQRAIF2J40

  10. If people watched the Jaguars and Chiefs on Hard Knocks, they'd watch Buffalo. https://t.co/CDicaaDs14

  11. For the record, @briegalvin hijacked my phone and added the "bestest" part. https://t.co/CMAGeCnOgl

  12. Brady's balls are gonna be too inflated after tonight

  13. HIDE THE CHILDREN’S EYES https://t.co/fi92UKyxP1

  14. Another example: As soon as Ivory gets the handoff, look how many free defenders are running to the ball: https://t.co/qZ7JOgcwwr

  15. Cromartie sees ball being released and thus tries to undercut a post for what woulda been an easy INT. Guessed wrong. That happens.

  16. #Jets preparing for tough test in #Dolphins surprisingly-sackless DL: http://t.co/8UbheIBlL5 http://t.co/3W3ZXihPYt

  17. If Saxton clears waivers, which is a strong possibility, expect him to be placed back on #Jets practice squad. Team likes him.

  18. With the Dolphins loss, the Patriots have won the AFC East.

  19. RT @RichCimini: Mo Wilkerson has fractured fibula, not a tibia, as Bowles said earlier. Better news for Wilkerson. Fibula is the smaller bo…

  20. Antonio Cromartie is in pads and running on the side with Ivory. Neither usually do anything during specials. #Jets

  21. Mike Maccagnan got 50% of his Super Bowl prediction right, and succeeded with his jinx: https://t.co/E98qrW7gC5 https://t.co/YnOwhyPgpU

  22. Where does the #Jets defense turn with Revis out this Sunday? https://t.co/8HD2H1mX2G https://t.co/XpdMqY1DE1

  23. That Braxton Miller guy is pretty good..

  24. No tight ends caught a pass for the #Jets today. So, that’s weird

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