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  1. #Jets sign Josh Johnson, waive UDFA Jake Heaps. Details here: http://t.co/u0DJBHlHex http://t.co/7DGh3lRbYa

  2. Went with Jennings strictly for versatility. Ivory better runner, Jennings better receiver https://t.co/wMUt6k0PIl

  3. Ok, so I guess if you’re a linebacker, getting catfished in college only has a 50% chance of working to your advantage.

  4. Minor note: Sunday will be a nice little preview of the Revis/Cromartie vs. Beckham battle.

  5. Expect the same order that’s been on display last four weeks. If Owusu full go/Shaq out: 15, 87, 17, 82, 11. https://t.co/uej0IcpgZU

  6. Madden is coming out in a couple hours, Jordan. Gotta expect a few more of these https://t.co/nNHtkgY0UG

  7. Tough to recall a player plagued more by injuries in recent memory. Every year.. https://t.co/4vBtN5jVat

  8. “It was weird, but I’m gonna take it” - Leonard Williams weighs in on monster MetLife debut: http://t.co/4TXSRCz46Y http://t.co/YzEHCt8njU

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